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Saturday Oct. 8, 2011:

Saturday Oct. 8, 2011: 

Some important stuff coming to light today. And the light was sure out there. It was a mighty choice day -- and moving toward a tad too summerish by tomorrow.

On that summerside thing, the beaches were overrun by beachgoers today. I'm talking packed to the gills in some places, especially in town (Beach Haven). There were many areas -- even usually more open beaches -- almost impassible for buggies. Making matters seriously worse were the ways people…


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Fri. Oct 7, 2011:


Holgate's ongoing access headache.  


Fri.  Oct 7, 2011: 


Not a ton to write talk about. The push of mullet during rising tide was pretty impressive but not that many folks want to hear there's tons of bait and virtually nothing chasing them. Chatted with a buncha pluggers, including some serious throwers. Ziltcho. I…


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Thur. Oct. 7, 2011 -- Real nice out there

Thursday, October 06, 2011: It’s surf fishing weather and water out there. With the ongoing west tilt to the winds, plugs fly long and true. Admittedly, it’s mainly blues taking shots at poppers and swimmers but hope springs eternal that bass will suddenly show. I had one massive splash yesterday – on a Tom White popper – that was absolutely not small potatoes. I’d like to think it was a striperish wallop but I got word of a slammer or two starting to show.

Tip: Mid-tide rising to the…


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Wed. Small blues a blast



How about those cocktail/tailor/eatin-size bluefish? When you find them, it's insane hooking of 2-pound fish. These are the blues that have an odd tinge of iridescent purple to the skin. I got into then at the Holgate Rip this a.m. I was getting swipes using plugs, mainly poppers, but Stu and the bait guys got me to throw on a simple hook/sinker set-up, tastied up with a fresh dead mullet. Every cast a fish was on within seconds. I…


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Weekly Oct. 5

Let Fishing Skies Reign;

Small Plugs Looking Big



We’re now into “the” LBI fishing season. Fall is on the payroll and has commenced to de-leafing and trees – and mailing in a chill or two. In fact, easily the coolest air of the fall came in like gangbangers late Monday. In Holgate, it went from toasty to glacial, forewarned by a truly vicious-looking gang of black clouds mustering across the entire southern skyline. At the Holgate Rip, there was actually some…


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Monday Oct. 3, 2011 Baby it's cold outside

Monday, October 03, 2011: It was freezing out there. When’s the last time you heard that? Easily the coolest air of the fall came in like gangbusters late this afternoon. Down at Holgate, this utterly ominous bank of clouds hung to the south; freaky looking clouds. Heavy rain could be seen down A.C. way but, in Holgate, there was a touch of sun and a windless air temp of 74 degrees. Then, around 4 p.m., the winds went from SE to SW and temperatures fell out of the sky. In less than 15…


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