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Sept. 30, 09 -- Weekly blog-about

Barnacle Bob Reprieved;

Baitfish to Munch Upon

SORRY FIRST: Last week, in captioning a photo of a boat being hauled of a shoal, I mistakenly reported the boat as Star Fish. My naming was based on some info I got handed me, since I couldn’t see the transom of the boat when I took the photo at the Rip. The boat being pulled off the sands was actually the Sea Horse, out of Tuckerton.

Apologies to boat owner Carl Sheppard for any ribbing he and the various Star Fish captains… Continue

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Monday sept. 28, 09 :: bassing worth a toss or two

Monday, September 28, 2009:

Bassing is good to very good on many LBI beaches. Fish to over 20 pounds have jumped on bait or plugs. Jigs are working also. Right about now, odds are pretty good you’ll attract a striper if you put enough early morning effort in. While Gibb’s and other big name poppers are working well, it often comes down to simply getting a longer cast out there, especially when the surf is sudsing up the place. Bets popperists I know do a much slower retrieve then the… Continue

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Sept. 27, 09 -- Roughwater bass and big-ass blues show

Sunday, September 27, 2009: Waves: Dropping from 5 feet.

There are stripers in the surf. Cobalt blue Gibb’s Polaris are taking. I had a bass roll three distinct times on my large Zara Spook (one that fooled a nice weakie). It was either half blind or simply toying with the snaky swimming plug. Mark J. had a goodly showing of small bass while poppering in rough water, South End.

Here’s an oddish bluefish tale. A fellow I met in Holgate years back dropped by to show me an… Continue

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Sept. 26, 09 -- Winds lay down a bit; mullet move a bit

Saturday, September 26, 2009: Weaves: Large after-swell from yesterday gusts.

Note: The LBI Fishing club World Series is using moist of the beach from Harvey Cedars to Ship Bottom this a.m.

It got pretty cranky out there yesterday, knocking fishing pressure down to near nothing – though those daring storm casters, who wait for just such NE conditions, were out there finding bass. I have two emails for bass to 34 inches and the proverbial near-misses of “big” fish. Part of… Continue

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Additional Sept. 24 --

Thursday, September 24, 2009: Waves: 3 foot swell. Water clarity: Good.

A bit of a burst of mullet. Nothing near where it should be. Still, maybe things will pick up and the bassing will follow suit.

Bluefish are the main bite, all small fish.

Kingfishing very hit or miss – though hitting usually means you’re on fish for quite some time.

Boating and buggy alert: If you’re plying the waters around Little Egg and Beach Haven inlets be alert to loads of… Continue

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Sept. 24, 09: Where have all the mullet gone, long time passing?

Thursday, September 24, 2009:

Imagine a mullet migration where the honored species stays home – or stays wherever? In as disconcerting a development as a baitman could imagine, the mullet showing trickled to a dead nothing yesterday. At what might be epicenter for mullet migration not a single mullet swam the point at Holgate throughout all of dropping and low tides. That’s unheard of. And alarming. You never want to see a prime forage species go entirely AWOL. The alarm has come and… Continue

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Sept. 23, 09 -- Weekly blog-about

Swallows Cycloning About;

Different Manners of Mullet

SIZEABLE SWALLOWS SHOWING: The skies over Holgate are a-swarm with returning swallows. Over the weekend, I saw a couple huge swirling balls of these type-A personality birds, as they cycloned around. This frenetic behavior serves just one purpose: it allows them to act loopy. I sometimes hear folks saying all that soaring and swirling is for collecting insects. Nah. How many insects can each bird get when there are thousands… Continue

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Sun. Sept. 20, 09 -- Gorgeous day; mullet begin to stir

Above: Relics from sunken ship, Holgate beach. Uncertain what boat or if it sunk there or was transported by wave action. Sunday, September 20, 2009: waves: 3- to 4-foot medium period easterly groundswell. Water clarity: Highly improved; very good. Gorgeous day out there. Lots of fishing pressure with some success – not a load though. There are significant stripers all along the front beach, though the North End seems to have the edge, especially near… Continue

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Sat. Sept. 19, 09 -- Water clearing; mullet no-shows

Saturday, September 19, 2009: Waves: dropping 2- to 4-foot north swell. Water clarity: Has been lousy but started cleaning up midday.

Things got better on the weather front but sure didn’t get so bright on the hooking side. A lot of slow-ish fishing with small blues, small bass (some keepers) and some panfish.

On the panfish front, there have been some kingfish hotspots along the beachfront. Bloodworm pieces work best, though fake-o pieces also fool some nicer fish. High… Continue

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Thur. Sept 17, 09 -- Weather Always Wins; Holgate Update

Thursday, September 17, 2009:

We gotta quit meeting like this. Seems all we’re ever in here doing anymore is talking about storms, honking winds or fierce surf. Ditto, again. Yesterday saw an early-day calmness hit the skids – as winds kicked out of the NE to 20 mph by midday and an unpredicted wallop of rain moved in, dropping an inch in an hour.

On that weather note, I keep pretty close tabs on the sky and if you hearken back to last fall, junk weather began with regularity in… Continue

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Sept. 16, 09 -- Weekly Blog-about

Man o’ Wars Drop In; Stuck on Mussel Goo

MAN O MAN O’ WAR: I’ve gotten a few emails about man o’ wars washing up on ocean beaches -- and even getting pushed into the bay. These are very smaller models of the famed clearish blue stinging sea creatures, maybe a few inches across the cap, though sporting much longer tentacles.

Email: “Hi Jay, I found a small Portuguese man o’ war floating in Liberty Tract in front of Mordecai Boat Basin. Have you ever spotted them… Continue

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Sat. Sept. 12, 09 -- Storm is over -- now what?

Saturday, September 12, 2009: Waves: Dropping rapidly but still significant. Water clarity: Not great; could clear fairly fast, though this weekend will be roiled. Water temps: Upper 60s. Sun breaking though midday; winds switch to the south.

The ocean temp has dropped quite a bit even in the face of east winds. With the potential for a prolonged stretch of calmer weather for the coming week, it could get very interesting on the angling front.

I’ve gotten some emails from… Continue

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Friday Sept. 11, 09 -- Tough sleeping -- now to find some fishing

Friday, September 11, 2009: Waves: Large. Water clarity: Stirred but not horrible.

Well, that was a piss-poor sleeping night here on LBI. Not only was the wind bitch-slapping the shutters all night but lightning bolts spaced themselves perfectly so that no sooner did a dose-off kick in than a back-yarder would detonate followed by that cracking close-by thunder that even scares the crap out of the dead. As of midday, weathery things are improving, which could happen fairly rapidly.… Continue

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Thursday, September 10, 2009: Waves: large. Water clarity: Makes no difference; fair. Well, this is not what I had in mind as I waited for the end of tourism summer (Labor Day) to finally free up th…

Thursday, September 10, 2009: Waves: large. Water clarity: Makes no difference; fair.

Well, this is not what I had in mind as I waited for the end of tourism summer (Labor Day) to finally free up the beaches. It’s honkin’ out there; gusts to 30 and goodly gushes of rain. I had mentally scheduled clamming and fishing in Holgate but not only have winds foiled a smooth transition to Holgate time but the tides have been so high that it’s one short low tide and off the beach before water… Continue

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Sept. 9, 09 -- Weekly blog-about

Buggying Ready to Roll;

Kayaking Going Techy

Well, it looks like it’s just us now. The Island heaved a sigh of relief as the weight of summer was lifted off it’s back in a single outpouring of outgoing traffic. Obviously, weekends will remain rowdy for months to come but the abiding sense of easier living is obvious this year, as the seasonal population departure seems a tad more distinct than other years -- likely the result of Labor Day being as late as the… Continue

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Sun. Sept. 6, 09 -- Big sky change; fluke cheats

Sunday, September 06, 2009: Waves: rapidly building north wind swell. Clarity: Good but getting roiled royally.

What a difference a yesterday makes. Saturday was just about as nice as the nicety machine can produce. The bay was insane with boat traffic. The Manahawkin Bay party shoal, roughly off the end of 16th Street in Ship Bottom, was the most loaded I’ve ever seen it – using the word “loaded” to cover a few different meaning bases. There had to have been between 75 and 100… Continue

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Sat. Sept. 5, 09 -- Nicer day but fishing might not take notice

Saturday, September 05, 2009: Waves: 3- to 4-foot easterly groundswell. Water clarity: Good. Water temps: Low 70s. Winds: Light.

Looks like we can pull off a real nice Saturday. A solid week or brisk northerlies has backed off a bit. It’s calm as all get-out this early a.m. and I see a few boats already heading out for blues or bass or weaks or whatever – anything but fluke. It would be nice if the fall fishing began juts like that. poof it’s Labor Day and big bass and blues begin… Continue

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Thur. Sept. 3, 09 -- Sushi chatter on a platter

Thursday, September 03, 2009. Waves: Still kicking up out there as north winds persist. Water clarity: fair to good.

Holgate is easily accessible at low tide. Some small blues and fluke being caught. With the rough surf and tonight’s full moon you MUST exit Holgate during higher tides.


It’s odd in this business of blogging how things you think will create some response and stuff that seems unmoving create a stir. Such it has been with – of… Continue

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Sept. 2, 09 -- Lots of NE wind; sushi stuff

Wednesday, September 02, 2009: Waves; Strong 3- to 5-foot short-period northerly groundswell. Water clarity: Good.

The poke of fall continues. We are stuck in a northeast wind pattern that simply won’t quit any time soon. There will even be some spits thrown in by Thursday. This is not the best thing for Holgate, as high tides will be shutting down the far South End everyday. Those wind-enhanced tides will be pushed along even further by a waxing moon. Very little chance of getting… Continue

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Weekly blog -- Sept. 2, 09 --

See-ya and Hi-there;

Sand Drama Builds

I suppose I should rifle through my bag of profundities to come up with some worthy words to end summer 2009. However, I’m that guy just now walking out of the beach house -- wearing black socks and sandals, holding a hundred-dollar-bill design beach towel in one hand, Coppertone bottle pinned under arm, and a plastic cup with iced herbal tea in the other hand. I’m finally ready for summer to start – as motorists exiting the… Continue

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