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July 31, 08 -- Panfishing highly hot

I'M THINKING THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO HAVE AN EMERGENCY ... Thursday, July 31, 2008: Waves: 1-2 feet out of the south. Winds: Light land/sea breezes. Water temps: Mid-60s (real nice); variable from one beach area to another, but some of the warmest of the year. It ain’t half bad out there. The fog has flown the coop and some fair nearshore waters are allowing inlet passages with little or no adventure. The ocean fluking is fun and easy with 10 mph SW… Continue

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JULY 30 ADD-ON -- Stay savvy -- read these fishy news stories

JULY 30 ADD-ON -- Stay savvy -- read these fishy news stories


N.Y. man struck and killed by lead fishing weight

The Associated Press

A man fishing off Long Island is dead after a 3-ounce lead fishing weight attached to his pole struck him in the face and dug into his brain.

Relatives and a physician say Roosevelt resident Jaime Chicas died Tuesday from severe head trauma and herniation.

A neurologist at Nassau… Continue

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July 29, 08 -- Onward to the mother ship

Seabass Beckoned Back – To the Frying Pan

RETURNING TO THE MOTHER SHIP: For my bizarre-o tale of the week, I once again turn to those goofballs that go by the title of scientists.

You have to hear this.

Data-collecting scientists up at Wood’s Hole, Massachusetts, have acquired a juicy $270,000 grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, to test what’ll happen if you teach 5,000 hatchery-based black seabass to learn that old Pavlovian trick where… Continue

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Sunday, July 27, 08 -- T-Storms are the latest spoiler

Sunday, July 27, 2008: waves: Building 2-3 foot southerly short-period swell. Water clarity: Fair. Water temps: 60-ish; varying greatly as cold and warm water mix.

It’s never easy. Anglers enjoying the fairly favorable early-day conditions were rocked by a very slow-moving line of t-storms. It got dangerous just after noon. The crowds using ocean, bay and beaches all cleared out. Roads of LBI got mugged by short-fused leavers. As usual, Ship Bottom was the nasty zone as clueless… Continue

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Saturday July 26, 08 -- Water temps jump; weekend fishing could be interesting

Saturday, July 26, 2008: Waves: Residual 2-3 foot medium period easterly groundswell. Winds: SW and likely swinging SE fairly brisk. Water clarity: Very good this morning, maybe mucking up late. Water temps: Mid-60s.

The water jumped up yesterday to a season high 67 degrees – and even a tad warmer late. That shows how quickly it’ll begin to recover when south winds back off for even a short time. I had noted that eventually even the south winds can’t keep water temps cold – mainly… Continue

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Thursday, July 24, 08 -- Downpour offers a drop of relief

(Above: This trout hatchery was baffled by the unexplained loss of its fish, blaming everything from raptors to poachers. It was this photo taken by a tourist that offered the astounding answer. The trout were jumping into this inflow pipe, fighting the water flow all the way back to a source reservoir , where the fish eventually found freedom. Wow. Give those fish some sorta reward. ) Thursday, July 24, 2008: Waves: Large: push of medium period… Continue

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July 23, 08 -- News wire fishing food for thought

Newfoundland recreational cod fishery opens amid stock concerns, talk of licensing

SEAFOOD.COM NEWS [Copyright 2008 Press News Limited] By Tara Brautigam - July 23, 2008 - ST. JOHN'S, N.L., Throngs of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians will once again venture out to sea Wednesday to reel in cod for the kitchen table, despite concerns that stock levels are too fragile to sustain the largely self-regulated, recreational fishery.

Since 2006, people in the province… Continue

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July 22, 2008 __ Weekly -- Puffer madness; Pedicure via carp

Ferocious Puffer Down Below

PUFFERS WITH BAD INTENT: I’m sorry I’m running a little late getting this news story to you – and hopefully it hasn’t cost any of you guys dearly.

The essence of this you-can’t –be-serious story focuses oo the fact you really don’t want to piss off certain puffer fish.

I’ll begin with the exact lead from a world news wire. It read: “A Cambodian teenager was recovering in the hospital after an angry puffer fish… Continue

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Sun. July 20, 08 -- Winds play the spoiler

Sunday, July 20, 2008: Waves: A mess; 3-foot groundswell out of the east (never-say-die Bertha), 3-foot south wind swell; 2-3 foot building southerly ground swell (TS Cristobal). Water temps: Rock bottom for summer; some 55-degree readings – and some areas of South Jersey Shore in the frickin’ low 50s.

The one natural element that can ruin a fishing day as fast as any other did a double-barrel number on us. Wind moved in midday yesterday and quickly went to ruinous levels, some… Continue

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Saturday July 19, 08 -- Insane fluking; lots of news

Saturday, July 19, 2008: Waves: Confused out there: 3 foot long period easterly ground swell running into a 2-foot southerly wind swell along with loads of water exchange because of near-full moon factors; serious rips continue along beachfront. Water temps: Also confused; stretched of low 60s but seemingly more and more areas of unseasonably chilly upper 50s (from south wind upwelling). Water clarity: fair at best.

As expected, large waves and nasty south wind speeds kept most of… Continue

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July 18, 08: Every once in a orange moon

Friday, July 18, 2008: Waves: Remain large and powerful; 3-5 feet with some clean-up sets. Boaters take note of those clean-up sets since they’re the ones that make spooky near inlets. Winds: South and brisk, they’ll throw even more juice into the inlet breakers. I don’t know if there are SCA today but I’d sure recommend small crafts stay inside. Water clarity: Fair and likely dropping to poor with winds. Water temps: Also likely dropping from low 60 into 50s.

The older one gets the… Continue

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Thursday July 17, 08 -- Surf surge and caterpillar droppings

Thursday, July 17, 2008: Waves: Caution: Midday is seeing a significant push in wave size, building to 3-5 feet with dangerous rips as long-period swells hit and then tons of water rips back out to sea. Water temps: Mid-60s but south winds could cause very rapid upwelling, dropping temps back into the 50s (hypothermia threat). Water clarity: Fair.

Surfcasting will continue to suffer from wave action – just as a very good kingfish bite was showing. Half 5-gallon bucket catches of kingfish… Continue

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July 15, 08 -- Offshore burst; rapid run-down

Tuesday, July 15, 2008: Waves: Dropping, down to residual 3- to 4-foot easterly medium- period hurricane swells. Water temps: All over the board; some beaches had water mid 60s while other mid-50s. Note: Arriving south winds this week will surely stir in cold water; ocean bottom temps off LE Inlet are 45 degrees (!).

RUN-DOWN: That stretch of low-wind weather had many folks zipping to the canyon, mainly the Toms. It paid off in spades for the likes of Captain Billy Dubois. He wrote,… Continue

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Sunday July 13 08 -- Serious swells to content with

Sunday, July 13, 2008: Waves: 5-6 feet with larger sets; long-period hurricane swell. Shoreline water temps: mid 60s. Water clarity: very good. Alert: Dangerous hurricane swells will impact beaches through tomorrow. Inlets will have tricky conditions over unmarked shoal zones, especially near the now totally mis-buoyed Little Egg Inlet region. Waves could crest inside Barnegat Inlet right off the concrete deck. Hug the main inlet channel (north side)… Continue

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A load of news pass-alongs -- read and be informed

Here's a load of angler-interest items to chew on:

SEAFOOD.COM NEWS [PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX] - July 11, 2008 -Lee Crockett, director of Federal Fisheries Policy at the Pew Environment Group, today issued the following statement in response to the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) meeting on proposed rules governing annual catch limits.

'The proposed annual catch limit rule contains a series of steps that could finally end overfishing in U.S. waters.… Continue

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July 9, 08 - weekly column --

(The following is my weekly SandPaper column, per requests. It can be read at www.thesandpaper.net however, that is a pdf file, meaning you can’t cut-and-paste sections or stories. I DO NOT DO THE PAPER’S WEBSITE. Note: Only https://jaymanntoday.ning.com/ has enough space to hold the column in its entirety.)

After J.M. and Talk of Turbines

AFTER J.M.: Did anybody see that National Geographic Channel multi-hour special called “Aftermath: Zero Population”?

That… Continue

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Wed. July 9, 08: Winds play spoiler.

"Finally, a keeper fluke!" - Wednesday, July 09, 2008: Waves: 2-4 foot short-period south swell; potential of swells from H. Bertha. Water temps: Upwelled once again; cold; some surf temps as low as 52 degrees. The winds really kicked in today; south gusts to 25 mph. Cloudy weather did keep a subdued lighting in play as folks worked the bay for flounder. It’s a broken record but the reports say the fish are an easy catch. Also echoing: The fish are… Continue

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Monday July 7, 08 -- Fluke frustration continues; mystery ice


Monday, July 07, 2008: Waves: 1-2 feet out of the south. Water clarity: Excellent. Water tamps: Low 60s, near-beach; mid-70s bay and outgoing inlet; mid-60s nearshore past beachline.

Run-Down: Fluking is torrid in some spots and simply brisk in others. Fluke keeping is slow to bitterly frustrating.

Email-wise, I had near a dozen reports of hot fluke zones with low bagging counts.

Still, there were two 13-pound fluke taken near the Middle… Continue

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Friday July 4, 08 -- Happy America Day -- The fluke await

Friday, July 04, 2008: Waves: 2-2.5 foot south wind swell, short-period. Water clarity: Fair (at best). Water tmeps: Nasty mid-50s along the beach, a tad warmer out a ways. Bay: mid-70s.

Happy America Day. There is a double-load of anglers in-town. It’s 4:30 a.m. and already I see trailered boats moving about and some surfcasters walking beachward. The boat folks are likely in for a lot more action that most surfcasters. In fact, we’ll go to the active side of things first as… Continue

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July 2, 2008 -- Weekly -- a load of stuff, enjoy

Eels a Hot Topic in Tokyo

I don’t know why I’m always stunned by odd fish stories coming out of Japan. Whereas most world residents eat, on annual average, a few ounces of fish per day, each Japanese man, woman and child apparently eats in the ballpark of 1,000 pounds a day – much of that before noon, reserving afternoons for whale blubber and Big Macs. Somehow this relatively small country has managed to single-mouthedly eat most fish species out of house, home and… Continue

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