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Noteworthy DC angling stuff

[Press-Register] by Jeff Dute - June 29, 2011

@ 2011 Alabama Live LLC.

A bill introduced in the U.S. House this week seeks to ensure that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Marine Fisheries Service is required to set catch limits based on sound science, the bill's proponents say.

Rep. Rob Wittman, R-Virginia, introduced the bi-partisan legislation (H.R. 2304), known as the Fishery Science Improvement Act. The Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus as well… Continue

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Weekly blog June 29, 2011

We Were Mosquito Soldiers Then;

Striper Cows Deserve More Leeway





There is the year of the pig, cow, horse, and, likely, wooly mammoth. That’s all fine and good. However, the one year you don’t want to contend with is the one we’re now experiencing: The year of the mosquito.

My editor’s desk has been the landing zone for a slew of calls and emails from folks angrily buzzing about how hideous the mosquitoes have…


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June 27 -- a few reports for now

Below is just a few reports now rolling in.  Getting my weekly blog together. Thanks much, folks. 


Hi Jay.  The Reel Trouble caught 8 nice yellowfins yesterday in the canyon.  Local old timers Tom Hamilton and Bill DuBois sr, caught the first and second place heaviest tuna in the BHMTC tuna tourn yesterday. Tom's yellowfin weighed 93.5# and Bill DuBois sr. fish weighed 84.5#.  Old guys rule!  The canyon was alive…


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Take Storm warnings Seriously!


2 p.m. Manahakwin. 


I was just on the edge of that severe T-storm that began in Stafford Township and expanded overt to Barnegat, then headed out over B.L. 

The air is so damn unstable we will likely be getting those deadly pop-ups until after dark. Warning have been issued.

The spooky part of the storm I experienced was the killer dry lightning. As the name tells, these are fierce bolts of cloud-to-ground lighting (the most powerful type) when nary a…


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June 24, 2011 -- Sharking decent, Big Bass taken by blog regular


The ocean is all over the temperature scale/.  Ranges have been from 67 to 53, based on hpw an area is impacted by southwind upwelling. 

Boat angling has been fluke-based, with fair to poor action. If there is any up side to next to no take-home fish, the smaller (near 18-inch) fish are back to voraciously eating, when you're atop them.


I have had three emails regarding shark fishing, nearshore and even around LE Inlet. Getting better shark is a bit of…


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Weekly blog June 22

Let’s Give a Presidential Hoot;

Unappreciative Rattler Bites





I have to go political on your butts this week -- so stand tall and take it.

Just kidding. I simply have to begin the column by answering a fairly significant presidential-y question I was thrown by a respected boat captain.

I should preface my answer by noting the skipper was, at the time, less than seaworthy – a victim of a power-picnic, so-named because it was…


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Sunday June 19

Sunday, June 19, 2011:


Winds were kind today and fishing folks tried to take advantage. “Tried” is the key word. While the north winds had the water clean and mild, it was too hit-or-miss for many dads, who went in early for meals and such.

The main biomass of fluke is definitely to the south, Middle Grounds down to Grassy. The Double Creek/Oyster Creek channels are not putting out anywhere near as well as in recent years. The folks doing decently on fluke in Barnegat…


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Rattlesnake report

Friday, June 17, 2011:

I did some woods time today, after factoring in the wind factor for surf fishing. It was nice, though a tad hot-ish when the sun broke free from borderline threatening clouds. No-see-ems got so bad I shortened my stay.

I got an email forwarding a news story about an Ocean County motorist was bitten by a timber rattlesnake on Stage Road, Tuckerton.

Per reports, the snake was in the roadway and the man was trying to help it along to the other side.…


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Friday June 17, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011:


The winds, which had been kinda kind of late – and will be forgiving through much of the blistering upcoming summer – have kicked it up a big notch. It’s honkin’ out of the south and stirring up a small south wind swell. This could get some bass closer in. It’s not helping the bunker pods searching.


The fluking will be inside the bay -- and even in the surf. After writing about some folks having luck with better fluke in the surf, a…


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Weekly blog -- June 15, 2011

Riding the Wild Surf Striper;

Don’t Suffer Sushi Blindness






As I shop around for that seasonal pair of high-end sunglasses for angling and outdoorsing, I just have to go with Oakleys -- in a blazing gesture of Americanism. 

You’re going to love this absolutely honest tale.

In Iraq and other turbulent zones of the Middle East, virtually all U.S. Marines and American soldiers faithfully wear Oakleys. And its actually…


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June 12, 2011:

June 12, 2011:
Weather has been real decent for fishing, providing you keep track of Doppler radar. 
I got in some ocean plugging time and had three small bass on selection of vintage plugs, mainly Red Fins. Went to small jigs and had some fluke hits and landed one. Had cocktail blue swallow jig. Kept it. 
Small blues also scattered bay, inlet and ocean front. Per usual, jigs and plastic surest way to find them. 
Snag-and-drop begins at first…

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Thursday June 9, 2011 -- Big Bass and Pre-fab Ship Bottom "Circle"

Thursday, June 09, 2011:


I just got word of the near 50-pound striper taken from a paddleboard off mid-Island LBI, bested by J. Demelia of AC. Couple his heifer catch with Bobby C’s kayak catches (40-pound realm) off Surf City and it shows huge bass are very close in, often just past the sandbar drop-off. That might be a sign that those big gals are also coming into the surfline at night, as bunker flee toward the beach, when corralled. Unfortunately, to date, the many folks…


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Weekly blog -- June 8

Never Run Short of Crawfish;

Getting Intimate With Squid


From my secret seafood news source, I got this strange crawfish tale. 

Down Pensacola way, a fellow named Larry Wayne Kelly went ballistic when his favorite hometown seafood center, L&T Seafood Market, ran out of crawfish. And when I say ballistic, I mean that literally.

After ragingly phoning the store 11 times in short succession, and repeatedly being told “Still no crawfish,” Kelly…


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Simply Bassin' June 7, 2011


The big bass are still near the beach. A 40-plus-pounder was taken from a kayak yesterday, very close in.  Also, a likely 40-pounder was all but beached by a North End angler – still furious. 


Entrant              Date        Weight    Length     Site                Bait          Date          Shop

Standing           Time          lbs/oz       Girth                                          …


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Saturday June 4 -- the 40s flood in


Saturday June 4, 2011: Check out the Simply Bassin' leaderboard down below. There's no fudging these facts. Forty-pound stripers are fully in the surf mix. The trick to cow-dom sure seems to be live bunker. 

I've oft swum live bunker -- be they snagged/dropped or netted and kept alive -- and can attest to the fact that any bass in the vicinity will be on them in nothing flat.

As to the tricks to swimming them, it's pretty obvious what snag-and-drop is all about.…


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Friday, June 3 -- Beach fluking and rays return

Congrats to Kurt Horensky for parlaying a live bunker into a 45-5 surf striper, taking the lead in the 2011 Simply Bassin' tournament. 

Friday June 3, 2011:

I'm going to begin with an interesting sand-based angle on fluking over the weekend, via this email: "Had some killies left over and an hour to kill midday on Monday. Figured I'd try for fluke in the surf at a hole I know of while the family…

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There' still time to sign-up Hurry. Great event.

8th Annual Berkeley Striper Club Spring Tournament         

         Surf and Shore only - No Boats

To Benefit our Fisheries Defense Fund

6/3/11 – 6/12/11Merchandise

PrizesValued at over $7500.

Entrance Fee - $25.

Entrance Fee includes collectible buttons to 1st 150 entrants, hats, door prizesand refreshments at our awards ceremony 

Striped Bass 1st – 18th place 

Bluefish 1st – 18th place

Cash Categories  

New format with…


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