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Weekly blog -- June 1



DON’T BE BOLT-BRAINED: In case you haven’t figured this out yet, an impending thunderstorm is not the greatest time to putz around in the great outdoors.

A man was recently lightning struck, mid-putz, while chaperoning a Boy Scout outing in Pennsylvania. Thank heavens, he wasn’t killed – though I guess the heavens were kinda to blame to begin with.

It was a bit of mind burp that almost cost the man dearly.

Being a good scout himself, he quickly…


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Sunday May 29 -- best bassin'

Sunday, May 29, 2011:


I’m perpetually under the gun when actually making suggestions in my reports. A suggestion is akin to “burning” a site for way too many cranky casters. So I’ll go very general when I say some amazing bassing is taking place in the surf of LBI, north and south. I won’t say you can’t mss but just this a.m. at church I had four different reports of remarkable bassing, including fish to well over 30 pounds. I then picked up a slew of emails and…


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Friday May 27 -- Bigger fluke; Night bassing

Friday, May 27, 2011:


This is one of the toughest weekends for local anglers to take. In the drop of tide we go from scant and scattered fishing pressure to full-blown summer conditions. The change is radical but is unavoidable. Put on your friendly vest and go with the flow. Despite the crowds, there is plenty of unused fishing real estate. It’s going to be in insane weekend.

One place that will likely be bumper to bumper with boat anglers is Grassy Channel and the…


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Weekly blog --


Rocky Mistakes That Rule;

Fish Meant to Fight the Itch



As nearly as I can tell, the planet didn’t end last Saturday as predicted. At least I hope heaven doesn’t entail me slaving at my work desk.

So take that, Harold Camping – you goofball, prune-brained, false prophet. And I say that in all due respect.

I must admit Harry’s doomsday/rapture prediction did give pause to many folks, who took a moment to ponder what they would do if it…


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Sunday may 22, 2011 -- important rally to save beach access

Sunday, May 22, 2011: The planet didn’t end yesterday, as nearly as I can figure. Hope you hadn’t maxxed out your credit cards thinking doomsday was imminent, per goofball prune-brained false prophet Harold Camping.


How about those stripers off the north end of LBI? We’re talking bass to 45 pounds. One vessel had three over 40, another two over 40. Here’s a related relay from Capt. Bill:

“Hi jay. Had the Morgan charter party out yesterday trolling along the beach. We…


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Friday May 20 --



Friday, May 20, 2011:

What a schizophrenic day. It would go from sunny and mighty mild to instant deluges – astoundingly drenching but not apocalyptic.

There was a goodly amount of fishing being done as many folks are getting back to long weekends, fattened at both ends – off Fridays and Monday. Nice work if you can get away with it.

A buddy fluking the west Barnegat Bay had his first decentish flattie day, with three keepers. He also had a nice fat…


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Weekly blog-about

Bad Times for Pelicans;

Our Jetties Really Rock


PELICAN PROBLEMS: This summer our skies and exposed low-tide sandbars may be missing those quite-cool pelicans that have visited us for quite a few years now. Something bad and decidedly mysterious is happening to these sizeable fliers down in North Carolina, a mere stone’s throw away -- as the pelican flies.

Since last November, hundreds of pelicans have been washing up on Outer Banks…


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Monday May 16 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011:


Boy did I miss the filet mark. I glanced at a bag of dropped off fish fillets over the weekend and over-quickly assumed they were striper meat. Holy pleasant surprise (and not to detract from delicious striped bass) but it turned out it was fresh cod!

I don’t know if any other fishaholics like myself have been noticing that the price of cod is now up there was the planet’s costliest seafood. It was less than 20 years ago cod was literally a bottom…


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May 15, 2011

May 15, 2011:


Sorry I've been sketchy with my updates but I'm readying The SandPaper for summer staffing -- plus working a research job in the outback. It gets hectic -- then it gets crazy. Please don't hesitate to shoot me any updates you might have.

I've gotten a few fluking reports, none of them overly special, though a couple nice flatties were taken inside LE Inlet, toward the Fish Factory. Rapid water temp changes have made it tough to find a bite pattern with…


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May 11 -- Weekly Blog



CIA Shags My Column;

NRA Gets Even Nuttier




OBAMA CIA RESPONSE: Not to overplay the whole Osama been Laden thing but I, expectedly, got a goodly number of responses over my column’s segment on his instantaneous Mecca-fication. The oddest communiqué – in fact, one of the oddest ever, of the daily dozens I get here at The SandPaper -- came from all the way over in Indiana, a…


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Monday May 9 --

Monday, May 09, 2011: Well, we can launch into rave reviews by going to the heated bass battles taking place off Seaside Heights. Firstly, the bunker pods up there are like nothing anyone modern has ever seen. An old-timer I know recently marked his 65th fishing anniversary and he swears up and down that he’s never seen bunker schools like those currently off Ocean and Monmouth counties. I bring up the bait before the bass because nowadays the bunker pods and the showing of big…


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Sunday May 8

Sunday May 8, 2011:  I hope all you folks remembered to take your mom out fishing today. If you did, you had a decent chance of hitting bass and bluefish, especially if you went up off Seaside where the action is epic -- and the bunker is like nobody has ever seen them. 

I lot more secretive is the west double Creek area. it's not a spot, per se, so I'm not burning s*** by highlighting the entire zone. Paul P. was trolling out there -- nearly alone -- and got mugged by blues then got…


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Weekly blog -- May 5


Osama’s SEAL Meat Supper;

Blowfish Bouncing Around





Even an outdoorsy NJ column like this has to take a moment to reflect on the sudden passing of extremist foe and…


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More dead bass down south

[The Capital] by Pamela Wood - May 5, 2011 

As the saying goes, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

A team from the Department of Natural Resources headed out into the Chesapeake Bay on Tuesday to finish a job it first tried on Monday - hauling in hundreds of yards of illegal fish nets bursting with dead, rotting rockfish.

It took four hours for the crew of the M/V A.V. Sandusky to haul in 1,400 yards of gill nets submerged in the bay between Tilghman… Continue

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Wed. May 4, 2011

Wed. May 4, 2011:

The weather was idffy and drippy not to mention brisk via west winds. Still, bass were taken on the front beach and I belive I'll do some bayside dark Causeway angling -- after watching the Flyers flounder. I was also ionvited to a Brant Beach bayside backyard dock where "big" bass have been taken lately. 


The big news remains the DEP's institution of the NJ Saltwater Registry at …


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Registry in-place tomorrow


Anglers Must Register In NJ Or Face Fines Of Up To $3,000


The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) today announced that New Jersey's new free web-based saltwater fishing registry will go live this Wednesday, May 4.  According to the DEP's official release, the registry will allow the state to comply with a federal mandate to…


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May 2, 2011 --

Monday, May 02, 2011:


The bass are all over the place. That doesn’t mean they’re right where you’re fishing but the odds are mighty good you’ll find some from boat or bank. Chatted with an angler who worked a mid-Island beach with nary a nibble only to walk away, as a newbie arrived – and landed a 34-inch bass. Par for the fishing course.


I haven’t gotten much info on weakfish – though I first-handedly know a few are out there. These fish are…


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