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April 30 -- Weekly Madness -- All over subject the matter board (opinions invited)

SIPHON CLEANING THE BAY: Imagine having a canary in a coalmine that not only indicates the presence of invading toxins but then essentially sucks them up?

Well, it’s not that long a stretch to label good old mussels as just such indicators and eradicators, wrapped in a fairly fragile shell.

Such is appropriate world-class praise for a marine creature that seldom gets a second look from most of us. In fact, mussels might be labeled as overly obvious, particularly when packed onto… Continue

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Sunday April 27, 08 -- Weather muscles in

(Don't you hate when this happens? Check the guy in the far right corner of the boat!) ) Sunday, April 27, 2008: The weather remains testy – not to mention less-than-toasty. It was just plain chilled out there today. The winds also have the ocean, bay and inlets churned into unfriendliness. There were a number of surfcasters finding blues and an occasional bluefish. Weakfish are spreading slowly though the system – as they’re inclined to do. Sparklers… Continue

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Saturday, April 26. 08 --- More blues and some keepable bass

Saturday, April 26, 2008: Bluefish remain the talk of the walk – whether you’re walking the beach, the banks (Graveling and even up river a ways) or on-water. The inlet and bay fish are blasting noisy surface plugs, especially those with some metal shot (bearings) inside making a rattle racket. The beach blues are very bait oriented, though a few guys talked of good action on plastics jigged toward bottom. Inlet boats are also finding the plastics the… Continue

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Thursday April 24 -- Blues and more blues

Thursday, April 24, 2008: Bluefish are along the beach in goodly numbers. These are the smaller cocktails. It’s not tough nabbing a half dozen if you’re throwing thawed mullet out. I heard someone say the blues this time of year don’t fight as heard. Profoundly untrue. Just because they’re running thin this time of year, that doesn’t mean they aren’t muscular – a bit like the famed “fighting weight.”

As for coaxing blues with plugs, that is highly doable inside the bay, especially near the… Continue

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April 23, 08 -- Entire weekly blog

Lost Rod and Missing Teeth; Ordinance Stripped Down

LOST ROD LOOK-AROUND: Maybe some of you weekday surfcasters can keep a helping eye out for this fellow’s choice plugging rod (see email below this blog), lost in the Peahala Park suds.

Hey, we’ve all been there when it comes to unpleasantly parting with a prized possession during a fishing session. Weirdest lose I’ve heard of occurred years back when an angler – I’ll leave unnamed but will chuckle as he reads this – who took… Continue

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Monday April 21, 08 -- Plenty O Stripers, black drum

Monday, April 21, 2008: I’m getting word on just how decent the bass bite was over the weekend, mainly Saturday, South End. In a small zone (a couple jetty lengths) over 60 bass were taken on clams. As nearly as I can figure, only one keeper came out of the sudsy mix, though I also heard of a weakie or two. That push is nearly 10 days earlier than last year’s first serious surf action. Boy, I’m hoping this’ll usher in the monster bass.

Along those weigh-in lines, the 2008 Simply Bassin’… Continue

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Add-on -- April 20, 08 -- Blues punishing baits of all sorts

Sunday, April 20, 2008: The tale of the fishing day is being spoken in chopperese. For south to north, big-ass blues are grabbing everything from clam baits meant for bass to live herring totally meant for bass. The South jetty had the rip-ready blues grabbing the helpless herring. The blues were cruising the frontbeach(heading northward) along much of LBI, though that didn’t mean that everyone had them. They are big in the head though the bodies are not as slender as we sometimes see them this… Continue

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Saturday April 19 -- Tough call out there

Saturday, April 19, 2008: I know it helps no one when I write this but reports were all over the board. I’m getting reports from folks heavily winning over small bass up the Mullica (on small plugs, plasticized jigheads and also on bait) while LBI surfcasters are finding a mixed bag of hit-or-miss blues, weaks and bass while others (possibly a majority) didn’t have a touch – nor did they see any surrounding casters bring in anything. Still, there were photos and even a couple shop weigh-ins to… Continue

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Check out this flea market







(next to Morrisons Marina)


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April 16 -- A Bouncing Weekly Blog

Sick Sands and Herptile Hunting

SICKLY SANDS DOWN SOUTH: The following email got my sand thinking flowing.

“I am wondering if you can answer something for me. Is the renourished beach sand, the stuff that is pulled in from the bottom of the ocean, toxic? I have a good friend who spent two months in Boca Grande, FL. The day before she left she swam in the Gulf and walked across the sand of course.

… She is supposedly one of a few who has developed some sort of a… Continue

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Monday April 14, 08 -- Mixed messages ... early tuna

Monday, April 14, 2008:

Vastly mixed reports regarding localized stripering. A few reports (mainly from just to our south) had sharpies finding hectic bassing (mainly smaller fish). However, I’ve had nearby casters having empty days and (especially) nights. One fellow sat beneath a Causeway bridge using every method known and didn’t get a touch for hours of effort.

I had a striper spurt a few night back but haven’t been knocking ‘em dead by any stretch, often due to… Continue

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Saturday April 12 -- Signs that things are seriously stirring

Saturday, April 12, 2008: I ended up testing the south end night waters (bayside) to only a mild response from the fish, though one bass sorely tested the take-home in me. I had no tape but have all my rods marked for a 28-inch point and my one bring-in was near the mar, tail pursed (which is allowed). No go, though. In case there is any doubt, there are some very scattered bluefish in the mix. I had no landings but one telltale bite. The air was so heavy last night that is was soaking despite… Continue

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Thursday April 12 -- Loads of fish -- conceptually

Thursday, April 10, 2008:

Odd things are happening – wonderfully odd. The initial push of bass moving in from the Delmarva is borderline stunning. For the second week in April, when factoring in the chilly weather, we could be on the brink of something big. Bass worthy of a Boca are all over the Rips up the Delaware and (apparently) on our doorstep. The largest fish may be inching toward 25 pounds but some whispered reports indicate really big cows are all but on-scene – starting Cape May… Continue

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April 8, 2008: Warmth Needed to Spark Spring

Warmth Needed to Spark Spring

For those of you of-Island, this week began with exactly what we didn’t need: Wicked NE winds and a wind-chill that put a real sting into spring. Throw in an oil slick and you’ll get a feel for just how crappy it was out there.

(I realize that by the time many folks are reading this a large bubble of very mild air arriving from the middle of the country will be in place and this’ll be one of those “What you missed” things.)

From… Continue

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April 5, 08 -- Flatfish and crab invasions

Saturday, April 05, 2008: It sure seems not many folks are taking advantage of winter flounder season. I stopped at a couple sites where I check out flukers but saw very few folks at a number of prime bayside locales. Maybe there’s a hot bite elsewhere. A lot of buggies were zipping around LBI with rods on-board. I got some minor report-age about those surf stripers. Weather conditions are decent. To be expected, there is more than a little chatter… Continue

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Friday April 4, 08 -- LBT meeting -- a committee to be formed

Friday, April 04, 2008: Quite a few folks went to the Long Beach Township commissioners’ meeting, even though the subject of the toe-of-the-dune was tabled, meaning it was not even going to be talked about. However, there was a load of behind-the-scenes communications between anglers and the commissioners. A committee will soon be formed to address the issue of safety and beach buggy use. As for the proposed two week earlier-than-usual closure of LBT beaches, even that is now back-burnered and… Continue

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Wed. April 2, 08 -- Toe-of-dune stubbed -- won't even be heard

Wednesday, April 02, 2008: I had a busy day – one unruly thing after another. However, I had a couple high-point phone calls via two of the LBT commissioners, including Mayor Gove and Commissioner Palmer. They were both emphatic (and very affable) about pulling this proposed ordinance in response to public feedback. The entire commission responded very quickly to angler concerns.

The toe-of-the-dune ordinance was, as I had noted, primarily an effort to display an ongoing concern for… Continue

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