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Feb. 25, 09 -- Weekly blog

Bigfoots, Mongeese;

Delta Smelt Stand Up

This is one of those winter ramblings that wades a goodly distance from angling NJ. It’s some fun nonetheless. To write about it, I have to drag you all the way out to Oklahoma, to touch base with the country’s most famed monster-ish creature – Big Foot.

Whodda thunk it? Big Foot prowling a state most famous for grain and corn -- used for making hard liquor and other hallucinatory spirits. Hmmm.

Just kidding. Any… Continue

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Pic speaks for itself

86-pound bass caught -- and released --

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Feb 17, 09 -- Weekly blog

Recent world record carp Oysters With History, Carp in Kid Times I got a goodly amount of feedback on my mentioning of down-south anglers illegally fishing the EEZ for big bass/rockfish. Here’s part of a very insightful letter. I’ll place the entire letter on my website https://jaymanntoday.ning.com/. “I grew up in Virginia and few messed with winter ocean stripers until recently. The fish are there and easy to catch. Most Virginia fishermen fish for… Continue

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Feb. 11, 09 -- Weekly blog ... ready to dine on sea kittens?

Catching some rays down south Big Bass From Beyond; Love Those Kitten and Chips The most apropos fishing news I could find for this weekly go’round has to do with the striped bassing to our south – the land of rockfish rednecks. And some of this is kinda dramatic stuff by my thinking. In recent years, we’ve been both stunned and frustrated by the astounding take of winter monster stripers (over 50 pounds) down Chesapeake Nation way. We’ve been… Continue

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Feb. 4, 09 -- Weekly blog -- flea market info

Needlefish to the Nose, A Famous Ghost Down Below

Wow, is that the downside of the hump I see warming up on the horizon?

I’m mulling over weather computers and think I see an out for what is, to me, a naggingly cold and crummy winter. It might be premature to say we’re over the hoarfrost hump but some maps show temps approaching 60 by as early as this weekend and extending into next week.

While a round of warmth won’t spike the nearshore angling in any… Continue

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