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Thursday Oct. 25, 2007 -- Drippy, windy -- and royal scare

Thursday, October 25, 2007: Waves: Approaching 8-foot. Water clarity: Still good for the time being. Fishing potential: Fair for North End, poor for much of the beachfront, good in Holgate; rain and drizzle is very problematic. As you know, many folks love this type of fishing weather. Not me. The wind is no biggy but the wetness, even with my rainsuit on, is a royal pain.…


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Wednesday Oct. 24, 07 -- Storms a-comin' -- and a long Fote read

Wednesday, October 24, 2007: Waves: Rapidly building north swell; astronomical conditions (full moon) combining with a weather system that could build into significant trough – accompanied by SCA-plus winds – will create…


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Tuesday Oct. 23, 07 -- Windy outside and an equally windy weekly report

Tuesday, October 23, 2007: waves: Building 3 to 5 feet, southerly windswell; very choppy. Water clarity: Good, getting churned fully by 30 mph winds, SE. Plugging potential: fair to poor.

This is a full repeat of late last week. Howling south winds making any type of fishing a tough go – unless you’re with Stu D, on the west point…


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Monday Oct. 22, 07 -- Slow as it can go in October

Monday, October 22, 2007: Waves: Choppy 2-4 feet out of the south;…


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Sunday Oct. 21, 07 -- Slow Sunday and striper slower yet

Sunday, October 21, 2007: Waves: Slowly diminishing 2- to 4-foot south swell. Water clarity: Improving from fair to good. Water temps: Uncanny 65 to 67 degrees – and could be getting warmer than that with arriving hot weather.…


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Saturday Oct 20, 07 -- Slow but could pickup by tomorrow.

Saturday, October 20, 2007: Waves: Strong 3-5 foot south wind swell. Water clarity: Fair to poor; winds have stirred in some stained water. Water temps: Bay water chilled by the 3 to 4 inches for rain yesterday. Plugging potential: Low; poor water clarity and large breaking waves making it a tough toss, though popper at high…


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Friday Oct. 19, 07: overlook today and get ready for tomorrow -- another big weekend?

Friday, October 19, 2007: Waves: 1-3 feet early then building out of the south to 3-4 feet and choppy. Winds: Not a factor this a.m. but really honking by late day before going west to make a great fishing weekend. Heavy rain, street flooding. (Bizarre use ofr street flooding: When I’m sure it’s rainwater I do some serious puddle hits, sending water under the chassis to get the…


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Thurs. Oct 18, 07 --- Big bass ae near; strong on weakfish -- Week 2 of fundraiser

Thursday, October 18, 2007: Waves: 2-3 feet out of the south, weak wind swell, light south to north current; Bottom hold: 2 or 3 ounces. Plugging potential: High this morning with light winds but dropping to moderate as SE winds increase. Preferred plugs: Poppers giving way to shallow swimmers (swum slowly) for those wanting to target the very few stripers out there; slow helps avoid the blues (sometimes). Water temps: Ranging from 63 to…


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Wednesday Oct. 17, 2007 -- More blues and more no-bass

Wednesday, October 17, 2007: Waves: Choppy 2-3 foot south wind swells. Water clarity: Very good with some weed (eel grass and lettuce, near the inlets mainly) and lingering jellyfish residue.…


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Oct. 16. 2007 -- a week's worth of wildness

Gonzo Blitzes and Brake Huggers

BRAKE HUGGER: So I’m driving along the Boulevard on my way to Holgate, keyed up for angling action, per usual. I get through Beach Haven and find myself tucked behind a larger sedan, one of those fairly upper-end retireemobiles. The silver-haired gal…


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Monday Oct. 15, 07 -- Non-Blue Monday -- Blitz aftermath

Monday, October 15, 2007: Waves: 2 feet out of the east. Water clarity: Excellent.

By all appearances, we’re having that day of unwanted rest. The buggies are hanging around like gulls waiting for something tasty to drop in. There huge attention being given to high tide just dropping.…


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Sunday Blitz from beyond

Sunday, October 14, 2007:

Special report: It ran from Ship Bottom to BH Terrace.…


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Oct. 13, 07: Mongo blues!

(photo: 67-pound striper taken recently in montauk. Heading our way. Well, maybe not this one, per se ... )

Saturday, October 13,…


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Friday, oct 12, 07 -- Windy but still geared to bust loose

Friday, October 12, 2007: Waves: Down to 2-3 feet, inconsistent and dropping. Water clarity: Fair to poor; sections of heavy weed.

Winds played the total spoiler for boat anglers; gusts to over 40 mph with steady winds to 30, honking…


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ADD On -- Thurs. Oct 11, 2007 -- Big bass, huge blue

Late Thursday, October 11, 2007: Waves were getting blown down to nothing by winds that went from east to south to west in under one hour, never losing speed, gusts to 35 mph. Water clarity: It’s getting stirred up with all these wind…


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Thursday Oct. 11 2007 -- Winds, waves and overturned boat


This is my one fundraiser of the year. I use it to take stock of what folks think of my website(s) and to…


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Wed. Oct. 10, 07 -- Ripe and ready out there -- got line?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007: Waves: Rapidly dropping 2-4 feet; down from 6-8 feet late yesterday afternoon. Water clarity: Fair but quickly cleaning by late afternoon. Water temps: Amazingly, still near 70.…


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Tuesday Oct. 9, 07 -- Wind whips up a storm -- fish get active, too

Tuesday, October 09, 2007: waves: Very large by late day; the swells went from almost totally flat at midday to five feet and larger by dark, all the result of sudden east winds that reached 20 mph and stayed there.

Winds played a bit of a dirty trick on surfcasters and boat anglers alike. Midday, the gusts came on like gangbusters, catching…


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Monday Oct 08, 07 -- Blitz ends but angling brisk even in its wake

Monday, October 08, 2007: Waves: 1-3 feet, north. Water clarity: fair to good.

The below blitz alert played out fairly quickly though many folks got to cash in on blues to 16 pounds –…


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Oct. 8 BLITZ ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 a.m. -- Monday, October 08, 2007

Blitz Alert: Out of the blue(fish) – after a totally dead weigh-in weekend – we have a blitz alert.…


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