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Wednesday, October 12, 2011: 
The micro nor’easter has kicked up plenty of surf in short order. Waves are pushing 5- to 7 feet with larger sets. That kinda action made short order for the south end of the access road onto Holgate. Fortunately, the washed away drive-on area was quickly secured by public works. However, it’ll all be repeated tonight and it’s very likely the south end will be closed for part of tomorrow – as it was earlier today. 
The honking winds made the far south end the easiest place to fish. I got there early afternoon hoping to nab some bait. Next to no mullet to be seen. What I did manage was a confirmation that there is at least one larger bluefish cruising our waters. I was popping a smallish silver mirror-finish production popper and damn if it didn’t get inhaled by a major slammer. I saw it swirl then annihilate the four-inch artificial. I set the hooks but knew the inevitable wouldn’t take long. The blue came furiously out of the water, tail-standing and showing one of those gaping mouths common to the big-boy blues. It parted my 12-pound test mono in nothing flat. No contest. In fact, I told Tony C. about the hookup and he noted, “Bluefish 1, Jay 0.” I agreed, adding, “It wasn’t even as close as that.” I threw the arsenal after that and nary a touch.   
Anyway of you manage a Classic-worthy blue with a nice shiny popper in the side of its mouth, think of me. 
Once thing settle down, you might want to set aside some time for large kingfish. Surprisingly, those top-taste panfish are still thick near the beachfront swashes. Randy M. had a load of them just before the blow. 
Look for winds to drop off and go south. While that would usually mark ideal fall surf fishing, the stir is all for naught with water temps today a remarkable 67 degrees. 
There have been some bouts of big bass on the north end but they’ve come in spurts and there’s no rhyme or reason to the action. The best fish have gone for meat (bunker

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