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That storm was a tad meaner than forecasted. It wasn't even remotely ass kicking but it did toss out a few inches of rain, some serious onshore winds and proved utterly stubborn in departing today. Per usual the beaches got bitten off here and there but there remains enough sand in the system to self-repair in nothings flat. That systemized sand is the trickle down effect from the beach fixes in SC and HC -- and in Brant Beach by springtime. 

A few fish were being taken today but the fishing pressure was way down. I'm guessing there is a lot of Thanksgiving prepping going on. In the end, a load of anglers will end up hereabouts, though, per tradition, it'll be an early angling session leading into mandatory early exits from the beach.  It should be mighty nice for surfcasting tomorrow but a real chore for boat action.

Holgate will be closed until maybe Tuesday. Nothing can be done in time for this holiday weekend. No one is sorrier than yours truly. 

Good luck to to those seeking a Thanksgiving bass. I might suggest you use both bunker and clams. With the blow, clams might work best for those just-28-inch bass. 



Hello Fellow Anglers,

Thanks to your letters, the The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC)

took historic action and implemented the first ever coast wide limit of Atlantic menhaden

landings in state waters! 

The ASMFC voted to establish a new fishing mortality threshold and target based on

maximum spawning potential, (MSP) with the goal of increasing abundance, spawning

stock biomass and menhaden availability as a forage species. The new threshold and target

equates to a MSP of 15% and 30% respectively. 

Now, the real work begins. This is an awesome start on ecosystem based management

and to make sure that all of our gamefish have a solid forage base. I was at the meeting in

Boston and it felt great to see the overwhelming majority of coastal states recognize how

important menhaden are to the marine ecosystem and to the thousands of recreational

fisherman and the businesses that cater to them. Voting in favor of aggressive management

measures at this time begins the process of securing a healthy forage base for gamefish in

the future. 

Three representatives from each state sit on the ASMFC commission and collectively

cast a single vote. The final vote tally was 14-3 in favor of 15/30. Unfortunately, the

representatives from New Jersey, Virginia and the Potomac River Commission strongly

supported a lower 20% target. Important to note that NJ Governer Chris Christie, at the

last moment, directed the NJ commissioners to vote and support Virginia and commercial


The Angler’s Conservation Network thanks you for your support on this critical issue

and we look forward to working together on this and other issues that effect anglers

from Maine to Florida. With your help, we can grow together and become a very effective

organization and stand up for the future of our sport. 


Capt. Paul Eidman



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