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Wednesday, March 29, 2017: I’ve decided – after decades of tropical jaunts – that my favorite temperature is 70 degrees ...

It's not the size of the ball in the fight, it's the size of the ... etc.


Remember the one you kept for dinner last week ? Meet his favorite cousin.  


This flounder will be just short under the new NJ fluke regulations going into effect in 2017.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017: No updates: Getting a number of communiques asking about the building of LEI channel. I have feelers out in all the right places but have yet to hear a peepish thing. However, I'll be doing some string-pulling tomorrow to at least find out where things stand in the permission process -- even if they're standing still. And, yes, it is akin to a permission process when the state hands over all the details to the Army Corps and awaits an OK. And, YES (!) again, I realize that time is already running short to have things go out to bid and get the channel dredged and the sand beach-placed in time for boating season. I did get OTR (off the record) hints that anything before July 4 would be acceptable, though not preferable.  


I’ve decided – after decades of tropical jaunts – that my favorite temperature is 70 degrees, give or take. I know: That’s me and trillions  of others. But it matters most for me …for obvious in-my-skin reasons.

It was 70 on the nose in the Outback today and even though I only got late-day time in, I luxuriated in the sunny perfection, doing a goodly amount of metal detecting dig-abouts in the process. I’m closing in on enough olden hard-metal odds-and-ends (brass, copper, bronze -- now in the hundreds of pounds) to make some cool steam punk-type things (See definition below). I won’t claim any of my creations as being artwork. That would be way too presumptuous, considering there’s no guessing what the final look might be ... when left in my hands

I case you’re wondering, the copper/bronze/brass pieces I dig are mostly around 75 to well over 100 years old, including early electrical fixtures, gas lamps parts/pieces, plumbing doohickeys, furniture hardware, lamp things (like finials), clock innards … but, dominating, are metal who-knows-whats. 

Steam punk has been defined as ...a style of design and fashion that combines historical elements with anachronistic technological features inspired by science fiction. "the essence of steampunk is homage to vintage fashion with a modern, sassy twist"

Below: A Steampunk mantel clock (right) by Roger Wood of Ontario is valued at $1,500. It's part of an exhibition titled (with Steampunkish ornament)


Illegally Harvested Lobsters Donated to New England Homeless Veterans

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Associated Press] - March 29, 2017

New Bedford, MA - Environmental authorities in Massachusetts are donating lobsters seized from an illegal harvest to homeless veterans.

Massachusetts Environmental Police say they found the lobsters during an inspection of an offshore trawler in New Bedford on Sunday. Police say they determined the vessel had exceeded the legal limit of 500 for lobsters caught outside state waters. Police say the crustaceans were caught on Georges Bank.

They weren't returned to the ocean because returning lobsters to different water conditions is potentially fatal. Instead, they were donated to the Veterans Transition House in New Bedford.

The Veterans Transition House serves homeless and at-risk veterans and their families in southeastern Massachusetts


Chris Miller




This is freaky fun ... properly called a gag-gift that actually works ... when in the right hands.  See video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5wwtAszKVQ

Google "fishing rod pen" for many purchase sites. 

Blacktip jaws to the drying rack!


Kevin Knutsen 


Capt. Alex (lhsportfishing@comcast.net)

As many of you know I am an avid birder and conservationist. Well I am the Captain of the LBIF Ospreys, a team competing in World Series of Birding and am asking for your support. On May 6, 2017 will be competing against birders from around the world! My team is raising money for the Long Beach Island Foundation for the Arts and Sciences to help promote the sciences, science awareness and conservation while showcasing the diversity of birds in Ocean County. My team is in the Level 1 Division: Limited Geographic Area-Ocean County, NJ. The par of bird species given for OC is 179 species and we are shooting for 84% or 152 species. You can pledge a flat amount or x amount per bird species. You can make the donation through the link provided. When doing so please send "note to seller" that the pledge is for the WSB Team LBIF Ospreys. Also let me know so I can track the total donations. Thank you in advance for your support and wish my team luck!


LBIF Ospreys Donation Page


Capt. Alex


Barnegat Bay, NJ



You Tube Channel: Fishing Barnegat Bay



PlanetBlue Surfboards ... Bugging out ... 


Upcoming Training Courses at SMSC: May-Sept 2017
May 1-12, 2017—NEW COURSE!!
Spaces still available—Apply NOW!!

Graduate/Professional Training at Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation (SMSC)
The Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation offers unique, intensive residential training courses hosted in our sustainably-built Academic Center on the grounds of Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia, USA. Continuing education/graduate credits. May-October 2017 schedule below: visit 
http://SMConservation.gmu.edu for more information about each course.
May 1-12, 2017—NEW COURSE!!
Spaces still available—Apply NOW!!
Acoustic recording and monitoring now are mainstream tools for biological research and conservation, used to explore biology of acoustically active animals in both terrestrial and aquatic environments. Recording equipment and software for analyzing animal sounds are readily available, but few opportunities exist for biologists to learn appropriate use of the equipment and software together. This course fills that training gap. In two-weeks of long field-and-lab days, participants make and document high-quality recordings under varying conditions 
and address research and conservation questions by using acoustic analysis software to visualize/extract recording information. Collaboratively taught by Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Smithsonian, and George Mason researchers, participants learn practical techniques for acquiring and analyzing animal sound recordings under real-world field conditions. This hands-on training focuses on bioacoustics, principally with Raven Pro sound analysis software (course fee includes student license): course modules also discuss soundscape theory, the emerging field of ecological acoustics, and other acoustics software platforms.
June 5-9, 2017
Spaces still available—Apply Now!
GIS, GPS, satellite imagery, and mapping are essentials in the toolboxes of researchers, natural resource managers, and conservationists. However, the use of these technologies is often limited because of a lack of access to expensive and specialized software.  This one-week course focuses on freely available open-source GIS software and tools that can be modified and freely redistributed.  Combining lectures with computer tutorials, the course covers essential concepts, quickly and effectively getting practitioners started with open-source geospatial analysis tools, including QGIS and R. 
September 11-16, 2017—
 Scenario planning approach allows us to imagine how land use decisions we make today could influence the landscape of tomorrow. Storylines developed by stakeholders, scenarios describe potential alternate futures. If linked to land use, socio-economic, and environmental data, scenarios can help identify trade-offs or synergies between environmental health and human well-being. Project-based, this 6-day modeling course provides a conceptual and practical understanding of the intersection of scenario planning and land use modeling in the planning context.
Additional Upcoming Courses:
Practical Zoo Nutrition Management (June 5-9, 2017: Full—no longer accepting 2017 applications)
Ecology and Conservation of Migratory Birds 
(September 18-29, 2017)           
Spatial Ecology, Geospatial Analysis & Remote Sensing for Conse... (October 16-27, 2017)
Check out Smithsonian’s Earth Optimism Summit, April 21-23, 2017: https://earthoptimism.si.edu/

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