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Wednesday, June 14, 2017: So yesterday I mention the unlikeliness of reported 70-degree beach waters and today ...


The latest "Why uncles shouldn't babysit" ... 

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017: So yesterday I mention the unlikeliness of reported 70-degree beach waters and today a northeast wind blows and it was 70.8 when I just took the water temp; up some six or seven degrees in half a day. It could very well be into the 70s by tomorrow.

The surf water is also gorgeous -- clean and even an odd touch of blue to it, a bit of a tropical-water look.

The winds have dropped and swung straight onshore at sunset today. The waves have dropped to a two-foot, weak, short-period, easterly direction. With that in mind, night surfcasting should be great.

Be aware, the onshores will pick up to fairly brisk speed tomorrow, pushing over 15 mph and quickly blowing up a 3-foot swell. Again, that could really jack up the already oddly-mild water temps.

The weekend winds will be light in the a.m., ideal for half-day trips.

Odd observation of the day: Schools of baitfish actively tailing up, roughing the surface of Manahawkin Bay, just south of the Causeway. That nervous water is most easily seen after crossing the first eastbound bridge, heading toward the Big Bridge.

From the glances I got, it’s hard to say if those spooked forage fish have gamefish are on them or the rays in the bay are simply spooking them to the surface – not dining on them. Check for that baitfish action … but don’t be taking your eyes off the road if you’re behind the wheel. That drive over the being-built Causeway remains a constant adventure.

Truck-owner question: How is it the smallest cars take up the most room in those narrow lanes … and most often when in the speedier left lane!? They hug the center line, even drifting out of their lane into the right lane, just to avoid being too close to the concrete barrier. As if bumping into a moving full-sized pickup is somehow a better direction to go. Now that I’ve mentioned it, watch and tell me I’m not right.  

NIGHT ROCKIN’: I mentioned night fishing up above because of a goodly number of after-dark stripers now being taken in Coleman land – for those who recall the yellow-glow bowls of light offered by pumped up fuel.

I also bring up the night to re-announce the now-arrived shark bite.

If you want go after the men in gray suits, make sure to use local tackle shops to get properly set up for some serious hooking.

Jersey Shore Sand Tiger Sharks - On The Water

Sand tiger sharks (Carcharias taurus) grow up to 10.5 feet in length and have a deceivingly ferocious look. Despite their mouthful of sharp teeth.

By the by, if you have typical, heavy-duty, surfcasting equipment, you’re good to go for shark. It all comes down to proper terminal tackle, a well-set drag, and, once hooked up, a huge amount of patience. It should go without saying, there is no horsing in a pure-muscle fish, pushing over 100 pounds.

I must somewhat reluctantly admit, conventional reels are superior to spinning reels during a long, tactical fight against a huge fish.

By the by, this summer some premier shark-fishing guides and captains will be ready for renting, so to speak. What a learning experience.

As a tease, a knowledgeable boat angler recently hooked up with something he didn’t have a prayer of turning, even on heavier gear. Short of a manta type ray, you can bet it was a real cracker of a shark. It’s fun just knowing they’re in the mix.

All that inviting info offered, please know your sharks if you think you might be hooking into some. Safe bet is to release everything sharky, except quite-tasty spiny dogs. And release them post-haste, after reviving with a tail-hold aerating. If it’s a day shark, do not get into a prolonged selfie-taking session with every nearby beachgoer … and they will all want to do just that. I’ve seen it almost every time a daytime gray suit is brought in. Technically, it’s against the law to do anything but rapidly release an off-limits species of shark. 

Of course, I'm not telling this gal no ... 


Saw it coming but it hurts no less.  Proud to say he was a good buddy of mine ... 

Rest in peace, Sir John

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Daniel DiPasquale  with Dylan Fisher 

Gamble paid off big time today! First offshore trip of the year resulted in my first bigeye. The good water we were after unfortunately pushed off last night making it all very difficult. Botched forecast once again worked to our advantage as nobody else was fishing. Took a couple hours but we finally got the right bite at the end on a Sterling Tackle Joe Shute chain. Nice way to kick off the year on the boat, still very early.
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Timothy Hart added 6 new photos to the album: Bergen Amundsen.
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Judge Rules Against Angler in White Marlin Open Trial

Posted: Jun 14, 2017 2:49 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 14, 2017 3:28 PM EDT
Last year's White Marlin Open (Photo: WBOC)
Last year's White Marlin Open (Photo: WBOC)

BALTIMORE- A judge on Wednesday ruled against the winner of last year's White Marlin Open tournament, meaning he has been disqualified and will not receive the $2.8 million prize money. 

Judge Richard D. Bennett's decision against fisherman Phil Heasley of Naples, Fla., came a week and a half after the two-week federal trial wrapped up in Baltimore. 

Heasley reeled in last year's biggest white marlin - weighing in a 76.5 pounds- worth $2.8 million. However, after the tournament, Heasley and his crew aboard the Kallianassa failed the polygraph tests administered to them and were disqualified. 

The polygraph tests were at the center of the trial. While Heasley's attorneys tried to discredit their validity, the White Marlin Open's attorneys called its own polygraph expert to testify in their favor. 

Also during courtroom testimony, tournament officials said they became suspicious of Heasley and his boatmates when the time they claimed they caught their prize winning white marlin was scratched out in the boat's log and replaced with a different one. Heasley said he could not answer questions about specific times on that day because he does not wear a watch, and never has. He also said he did not read over the rules of the tournament thoroughly before it started. 

In his decision Wednesday, Bennett ruled that the White Marlin Open properly applied the rules of the tournament to the 2016 event, including in its administration of the polygraph tests, which were required under the rules of the tournament. The court also found that Heasley and the crew of the Kallianassa violated the tournament rules by deploying fishing lines before 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2016, the date they caught the 76.5 pound white marlin.

In a statement posted on its website, the White Marlin Open wrote, "Throughout the case, the intention of the White Marlin Open directors has been to protect the integrity of the tournament and to ensure that the rules are applied fairly for all participants.  The White Marlin Open, like many other tournaments, has found that the use of polygraphs is an effective method of ensuring compliance with the rules.  The White Marlin Open is pleased that its reputation for integrity, built over its forty-three-year history, has been upheld.

"As the 2017 tournament approaches, the tournament directors are determined to continue the fair and impartial application of the tournament rules so that all participants have confidence in the results of the tournament.  The tournament directors are committed to maintaining the tournament as an open and enjoyable experience for all anglers, whether professional or amateur, who participate in this world recognized event."

Wednesday's decision only determined whether Heasley would receive the prize money. A judge will determine at a later date how the money will be distributed. The money could be divided up by more than a dozen other fishermen.  

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Comment by Gene Geld on June 15, 2017 at 12:07am

John was ubiquitous . It's my honor to know him and to have been his friend.


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