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Wednesday, June 07, 2017: The sun just busted out, midday. The fishing potential is huge for surf and jetty fishing ...

Public service announcement: 

TRENTON -- The State Police and state transportation agencies will conduct a drill Thursday to rehearse a traffic pattern that would be used on some segments of highways in the event of a hurricane, the state Department of Transportation said.

Officials will practice a so-called "contra flow" pattern, in which traffic would be reversed on highways that would be used as evacuation routes.

None of the highways will be closed during the drill. Workers will stage cones, barrels and other equipment along roadways but will not erect them. The DOT reminded motorists that it is illegal to pull over on a freeway unless in the event of an emergency.

Local involvement: 

  •         Route 72 (mile post 13.8 in Barnegat to approximately mile post 29 in Ship Bottom)


A "Now what?" cat moment ... 

Cat jumps on door


A"He seemed so much smarter as a baby" moment 

Little girl guesses brother's shell game

Wednesday, June 07, 2017: The sun just busted out, midday. The fishing potential is huge for surf and jetty fishing. Boat angler still have deal with some 15 mph NE winds.

The weather is looking up -- and ever further up by the weekend. Winds will be fishable/workable, with some testiness now and again. Per always, it’s timing trips with an understanding of wind tendencies on and around LBI. By the weekend, a.m. sessions will shine. Late-day could see summer-like sideshore winds.

Sunscreen will be mandatory, daily -- possibly through all of next week. Hey, we just paid the dismal, drippy bill, now we cash in on the swing of the sun pendulum.

Water temps have been a tough call. The NE winds have blown in mid-60s. However, cooler water is at the ready when the winds swing west and south in coming days.

Fishing is fair on the bass front. The surf is offering keepers and near keepers to jiggers. I can confirm this. Bait fishing for bass still offers the best chance of big meat. A clam-tosser had three fish to 32 inches in the suds; kept one, 28.5-incher.

Despite that insane, weakie-loaded bass caught by Paulie, many stripers are running sorta thin. Nothing alarming, it might simply mean they’ve made a long, low-food run up this way from down south. Migration urges can override hunger urges.  

I just read this post from Daniel DiPasquale “Botched forecast doesn't matter fluke practically beaching themselves and the birds are about to move in.”

While I haven’t had anything short of a couple fluke-like short hits jigging the surf – I’m jumping higher up and harder for bass – I can see where the water temps and bait presence are right for sudsy flatties. I might even try an old favorite, dating back to my dad: squid strips, split ends, on white-haired jigs. They cast great in rougher surf conditions. The tough part this method is reading a pickup quickly, deciding if a fluke has grabbed just the squid, and needs time to suck in the jig hook, or if a flattie has gone the total inhale route, sucking in the whole shebang, requiring one of those famed full-bore hook sets.

Below: Jared Esley Got em

Bluefish takes are falling, unexpectedly. Nonetheless, this spring’s run has been coming in well-marked surges. There could easily be a surge or two yet to come. This weekend will tell. It’s going to be heavily fished. Play nice, especially if you use public boat ramps.

I ran into a fan of black drumfishing and he said it has been a very down spring. He’s caught some nice ones but still recalls those excellent drumfish springs not that many years back. He has a lagoon home and fishes the drum all summer. His wife make supreme black drum fishcakes, though he’s a stickler on using only smaller “spring” drumfish. I won’t pass on what he has to say about summer drum, edibility-wise.

Quick local note: Kmart on Rte. 72 Manahawkin is closing. Bummer. They had a very fine tough-clothing line, including Carhartt and such. I’m waiting for world on any going-out-of-business sale, eyeing clothing and plants. I do ALL my tackle buying in local bait and tackle shops. And so should you. 

Below: Yet another reason to always take the upper bunk ...

 Bunk beds fail


Below: Turkeys circling dead cat. Weird looking at first blush but this is a common type of prey/predator behavior, roughly based on the old human premise of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. Wild turkeys are notorious for ganging up on cats, seen in the photo below. In this circling video, they sense they have the upper hand, though they're not overly sure why. At the same time, they're also loving their domination.

Image result for turkeys circle dead cat gif

... And sometimes the turkeys are making a big mistake ...



Attention bay anglers.Please commit the look of this tiny jellyfish to memory. It's the hard-stinging clinging jellyfish. This invasive nasty has mainly been found in north Barnegat Bay but I've seen a couple down this way. Researchers are trying to follow any expansion of its range. If seen, try to safely remove from water ... and get a pic. For now, dispose of any clinging jellies. If I hear the researchers want to get a gander at captured specimens, I'll find the best way to hold and transport them. 



Contact: Camille Gallo
202.225.4765 (office)


MacArthur Applauds EPA Grants for Barnegat Bay

Washington, D.C. –The Environment Protection Agency announced that Ocean County College will receive a grant of $101,352 to implement the strategic plan for the Barnegat Bay Partnership. The partnership works to improve water quality, protect the natural habitat and living resources, and support sustainable human uses of the Barnegat Bay estuary.

“As an Ocean County resident and active boater, I’ve seen firsthand the value that the bay provides to Ocean County and I understand the issues Barnegat Bay faces,” said Congressman MacArthur. “Since taking office, I’ve been a strong protector of the bay and have consistently supported fully funding the National Estuaries Program, as well as reauthorizing the program.  I’m thankful that the EPA has provided these grants that will help preserve the bay for future generations.”


George Gilbert with Laura Fredrickson Gilbert.

Good morning! Need some help trying to identify this fishing lure. It was in a tackle box that I bought at a yard sale and the gentleman couldn't give me any history on it. Anyone??


(Talk about walking a fish to the beach ... Virginia)
75lbs / 56" Cobia caught by Andrew from Hampton

23 hrs · Beach Haven, NJ · 

Photos from saturday. I will never forget that day. Great trip with even greater people!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, sky and outdoor
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, sky and outdoor
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor
Earlier today caught 10 fluke two keepers 22inch 4lbs ,20.5inch 3.8 pounds they were delicious. Rain bite was great. Dad caught 6 fluke one keeper 19.5 inches 3.0lbs.
Image may contain: food
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Image may contain: shoes

75lbs / 56" Cobia caught by Andrew from Hampton


Beautiful Beaches On Long Beach Island - 18 Miles Of Smiling

  Public Restrooms & Showers On LBI, NJ

There are At Least 23 Public Restrooms & 5 Public Showers On LBI as follows:

Barnegat Light

* Barnegat Lighthouse State Park at Broadway & The Bay has restrooms
   during open hours. Click here info on Barnegat Lighthouse State Park

To climb Barnegat Lighthouse is only $1 from Memorial Day to Labor Day
(kids under 12 free). All other times of the year are free for everyone.

* West 10th Street at the Bay near the boat ramp has restrooms 

* Barnegat Light Municipal Building at 10 East 7th Street has restrooms
   during open hours

Beach Haven 

* Boro Hall, 300 Engleside & South Bay Avenue

* Taylor Ave. Bay Beach

* Centre Street at the Beach - has both restrooms and a shower

* Dock Road at the Bay

* Marine Street

* Nelson Avenue playground

Beach Haven Inlet / Holgate (Long Beach Twp.) 

* Wildlife Preserve Parking Lot at the southern LBI tip has both restrooms
   and 2 outside enclosed showers

Brant Beach (Long Beach Twp.)

* St. Francis Community Center, 4700 Long Beach Blvd.

* Bayview Park at 68th Street & Long Beach Blvd. has both restrooms
   and shower (shower is near the volleyball court)

* Long Beach Twp. Municipal Building, 6805 Long Beach Blvd. 
   (behind the baseball field)

* Wawa Food Market, 13115 Long Beach Boulevard, restrooms open
   7 days a week 24 hours a day

Harvey Cedars - 3

* Sunset Park (Salem Ave. Recreational Area)

* 75th Street Bay Beach (portable facility)

* Boro Hall at 76th street

Loveladies - 1

* Tract # 53 (Harbor South at the tennis courts)

Ship Bottom - 4

* Beach Arlington Bay Beach & Park between 13th - 16th streets
   and the bay has both restrooms and a shower

* Municipal Building, 17th Street & Long Beach Boulevard - 1 outside
   handicap accessible bathroom

*  Wawa Food Market, Central Avenue, restrooms open 7 days a week
    24 hours a day

* 10th Street at the boat ramp

Surf City
 - 1

* Municipal Building at 813 Long Beach Blvd. has restrooms open in the
   off season Monday - Friday from 9 am - 4:30 pm and during June, July
   and August restrooms are open 7 days a week 9 am - 4:30 pm.

Please Note

All LBI businesses let you use their restroom if you purchase something.

Some LBI businesses will let you use their restroom without buying anything.
Rainy Day Women ...

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