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Wednesday, August 31, 2016: I took this sunny day in from both a beach and woods angle ... Storm for the weekend??

 Wednesday, August 31, 2016: I took this sunny day in from both a beach and woods angle. Mighty decent on both accounts, though my hike over near Warren Grove was a tad toasty. I did have a great time watching my own private air show compliments of the flyboys working the Gunnery Range. 

Then, when looking down, collected a couple dozen insect snapshots, including this lookin'-around tigerbeetle ...

... And a so-called velvet ant, which is actually a wasp, and has one of the nastiest stings I've had the displeasure of feeling as a kid. Hell, they just look like so much fun to grab. The sting of the wingless female (seen here) is so extreme they're colloquially called "cow killers." 

I'm fretting more than ever over the tropics. By now ,st everyone knows a developing cyclonic system will be a coast-hugger, though likely losing tropical characteristics.


The latest data suggests the Hermine will hug close to the Atlantic coast, raising New Jersey's chance for weather and surf impacts over the Labor Day Weekend.

I feared that storm development when it was just a future "Invest," i.e. a disturbed area that will need to be investigated.

If this storm system takes a bah-humbug holiday attitude (path), it could be a multi-day nor'easter, with winds showing as early as Saturday and extending through Tuesday -- worst case scenario at this point. Repeat: Worst case scenario. 

While there is no such thing, I think the storm has the potential to be a Class-A nor-easter, meaning a honker and a half. However, there remains a 40 percent chance it will exit stage-east, over SC/NC -- and bear straight out to sea. Of course, when I first anticipated it, it was a mere "potential," the chances of future impact were a mere 25 percent. It ain't where you were, it's where you're goin'.

A friend asked if there was any chance of an evacuation scenario. I truly don't get involved with any of that since an evacuation -- regardless of the degree -- is actually a legal matter. I did give an over-obvious response in saying, "Hell, three-fourths of the Island would be evacuating by Monday even if there wasn't a storm in sight."

As to what a Class-A nor'easter might wreak, try havoc on replenished beaches. And this time of year, I'm thinking more in terms of future surfcasting and buggying on the the beaches. 


Rick McDonough to Ship Bottom Update
This IS NOT a forecast. Merely, a "be aware" post. Multiple model runs are showing similar output, indicating an increase in the confidence that we will be affected by wind, rain and storm surge Sunday-Tuesday timeframe. There is some model data that shows this sticking around off the Jersey coast for a 24-30 hour period, which would mean multiple high tide cycles. So at this point, be aware—don't panic, and keep your eyes on a reasonable forecast outlet. If you'd like to run the models yourself, here's the link
Rick McDonough's photo.
Rick McDonough's photo.


Our house smells like Old Bay and watermelon - I wish I could bottle it.


It's good to see so many spike weakfish this summer


Wrapping up the month of August on a good note this morning , and with the unofficial end of summer this weekend and Fluke season ending in 25 days I'm not so sure I'll hit my goal / # I set for myself but it's going to be close - will see. Either way it has been fantastic few months fishing for these flatties in the surf but I'm now looking forward to chasing some Albies and kicking off the Fall Run with a couple road trips North soon in search for the striped ones again.



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