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Wed. Nov. 18, 09 --- Slight pick-up in action

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009:

Fish are slowly returning to the beach, inlets and bay. Today the Classic saw the largest number of weigh-ins since last week. It’s mainly bluefish, which persist in that very atypical (for fall) one-and-done showing. Also, the autumnal slammers are running small, mainly that 9- to 12-pound range. I put that about three or four pounds behind what we usually see right about now. It’s also getting past the height of the blitz season with very little in the way of classical blitzing, when upwards of 100 fish can get weighed in just one day. Still, the big blues are a-cruise and have really leveled the playing field via their willingness to show up just about anywhere. I even had one bite me off at night under the bridges. That’s a tad odd for this late in the year, though the bay is still way warmer than usual.

By the by, there are some very decent bass hotspots for boat fishermen. I know of a couple boats all but bailing fish using spot. It’s south. That’s all I’m allowed to say. That in no way implies that anywhere you stop is striper-able but it might be enough to get you out there exploring a bit.

Here’s an important read. Please check it out.
The Baltimore Sun] By Candus Thomson - November 19, 2009 -
The comment period is open on a state proposal to restrict recreational striped bass fishing in the Chesapeake Bay in the early spring when the fish are spawning.

At a meeting Monday evening in Annapolis, recreational anglers overwhelmingly opposed the measures, saying there was no scientific evidence to support the need to restrict fishing.

'There's hardly anything to get your teeth into,' complained recreational angler Ken Hastings. 'If you can't find any lower-hanging fruit to save these fish, I'll help you find some.'

Charter boat captains, who instigated the state's action, applauded the effort as a way to protect the fish.

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