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Lots of folks kayak fishing. Know your limits, please. Above is one kinda reminder: 



Wednesday, July 11, 2012: Weather has been kinda damn nice. The breezes were out there but fare from radical. Oddly, the fishing pressure seems to be down quite a bit, both boat and beach. The folks I’m seeing out there are what b called part-timers – they know a bit about fishing but mainly give it a go when vacationing or a bit bored. Hey, works for me right about now – as I have to squeeze out even a couple drips of angling time.

Fluking remains very good to hot. As noted, the beachfront fluking has taken off again. Low keeper yield but maximal fun-hooking offerings. GULPS, squid strips, and even unflavored plastics (small Fin-S) work, though you really need something with taste if you’re jigging leadheads. Nothing is more frustrating then getting into a short-hit pattern when jigging fluke. Hit after hit and miss after miss – even worse when you get a piece of mouth and can tell it’s a bigger flattie before it swims off. Sharp hooks are mandatory. 


COYWOLF SPOTTING: Had a call today from Lindsey P., a one-time Islander  -- now Port Republican – who spotted an all-black coyote out in a nearby outback region, one I’m profoundly familiar with. It’s still in Ocean County, but just barely.


Lindsey got a great look at the large wild canine and passed on details that have me thinking it might be the same coywolf I had tracked quite a ways further north. Even if it’s not the exact same one, I can assure it’s related – and that it’s not a mere coyote. It is definitely not a dog since, as Lindsey duly noted, every move the Shepard-sized animal made, it held its tail between its legs. A domestic dog, except when being chastised for being “bad!,” keeps it’s tail out and often arched upward. 

By the by, the hidden tail thing is purely a predatory adaptation. Prey can all too easily spot a bushy bouncing tail.


Anyway, I just got me a new “used” camera – a gorgeous Cannon passed down me by photog wiz Jack R. Not only has Jack kept it meticulously maintained, it comes with two totally new lenses, including one with the highest-powered zoom I’ve ever had. Thusly, I have visions of black coyote photographs bouncing in my brain.

But I have to capture those images soon. Lindsey saw the coywolf in daylight – actually the edge of daylight – which tells me it’s hunting overtime to feed a litter – likely older pups by now, though still very dependent on ma and pa. Actually, coyote young can hang around the home front for well over a year.


Unfortunately, I’m not the only one targeting the ‘yotes. There are snares placed in that area – un-tagged snares, meaning they’re illegal. I ****ing hate snares. I’ve been legged by them on a couple occasions. The first snare I find that I can track back to the owner, I’m going to show him a place to hang them – then tighten -- I can guarantee he never thought of before and won’t soon forget. 

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