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Updated p.m. Friday, November 27, 2015: Talk about of striper-seeking circus.

Caution: A significant groundswell has developed. Many smaller boats are basing inlet passings and near-beach runs as lake-smooth. Au contraire. It can be very tricky. That goes for surfcasters pondering wading out to sandbars. It's far trickier than it has been, especially at tide change. Winds will be the next testy weather element will wets winds followed by brisk to SCA northeast to east winds. 

Black Friday: Shop Local, damnit! Our tackle shops are loaded with goodies ... and they actually back what they sell. 

Late day saw reports of great boat bassing rolling in. Biggest fish seem to be in the 15 to 20 pound range. Like yesterday, schools vary on average size. Loads of schoolie schools. The just-keeper fish go from skinny to footballs. Hard to say why that is. The skinnier ones might have just swum a goodly distance and have to fatten up. Bunker in most kept-bass bellies, though sand eels were packed in the stomach of a larger bass off IBSP. 

I got a very scant spattering of personal reports from surfcasters. There were a load of uds folks fishing just about the entire length of the Island. I guess there's no need to mention it was a very nice, mildish day. I saw a few folks taking bathing-suit-only dips -- very fast dips, though one guy from Latvia was lovin' a longer dip. I chatted with him and he told me about having swum recently in a bitter cold Baltic Sea. 

Friday, November 27, 2015: Talk about of striper-seeking circus. Ship Bottom land and sea were epicenter for slews of folks using a holiday Friday to its full advantage. Once again, it was a family affair for many surfcasters.  Kids, pets, spouses and even a few distant cousins came along for the ride. As for the boast, as you can see they were in close and toying with a sudden 3- to 5-foot groundswell out of the east. 

Check it out ... as Bobby C. as he roughs his way out to the bass ... and forgets his bait:



Cathy Mellilo caught her P.B. Blackfish today on the Mary MIV. A little over 13 lbs.


White is hot this just sent in!!

Dante Soriente's photo.

Heading over to Fishermans Headquarters!! Get em while there hot and fish are here!!!
Dante Soriente's photo.

Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters's photo.
Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters's photo.
Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters's photo.
Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters Back on 'em today!
Stripers from mid 20lbs to bonus "slot fish ".


Ross Gilfillan at Southwick's Marina.
Got em good my kinda Black Friday!
Ross Gilfillan's photo.

Kirby shared a photo to Tom Gordon's Timeline.

this morning....blowing NE Sunday...I'm going
Surf City Bait and Tackle's photo.


I can't describe how happy I am right now, he Hooked he's first bass on daddy's plug fought hard until hit the sand many hours invested and it paid off

Another side of fishing ...

Tracie Lynn Scherer


John Kirby updated his profile picture.

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Amber Groom Molton

Happy Thanksgiving!
Amber Groom Molton's photo.


Valerie Yiaski 

Finally after baiting my trap for 3 weeks. I got two claws!!! Will go good with the bird, surf and turf ! Miss LBI and all my friends! Happy Thanksgiving From Florida !!!! 

Valerie Yiaski's photo.
Valerie Yiaski's photo.

One fish 
Two fish 
November bluefish

Eric Harrison's photo.


John Hille with Michael Hamilton.
Spent thanksgiving going 3for3 on the big legless bastards
John Hille's photo.
John Hille's photo.
John Hille's photo.

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