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12:00 midnight: The wet snow is coming down by the shovel load. I’m thinking it’s a 2-inch an hour rate. Four inches as of midnight -- and covering everything like shaving cream gone mad. Trees and wires can’t take an overdose of this weighty wet stuff. And odds are it won’t hold this texture much longer, as colder air is ushered in with the first gust out of the northeast – not yet showing.

Oddly, this first bout of snow is not the storm, just yet. This is the northern jet stream contribution, as it adds readies to add its humble energy to the still unformed Hatteras coastal low. The interest meter will go ballistic in the wee hours of the morning with the low pressure hearing the starting gun – and the bust-out point. It then becomes a case of how big?

Despite hyper advances in weather forecasting, there is still no adequate equation to calculate the parameters of a developing Hatteras low. By the same token, there is only so far a low pressure in and of itself can expand. Now, just add in things like other lows and, very significantly, a big high pressure way up north and the storm explosiveness potential becomes exponential. The now trite “perfect storm” was a perfect example of what happens when other major weather elements buddy up with a Hatteras low and say, “Let’s make some history.”

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