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Saturday, February 06, 2010:

Well, it snowed last night. It’s a bona fide snowstorm and a nasty nor’easter. It hasn’t gone anywhere near “historical” yet but I see that D.C. is still snowing like all get-out. Weather note: The snow that hits DC is on an exact line toward us. They’re talking three feet down there but we’re nowhere near that hereabout. I’m looking at a foot to 14 inches at 10 a.m. Wind gusts to mid-40 mphs.

The problem seems to be that wet snow concept I noted yesterday. The air temps are not to point of dry snow so things are heavy as hell out there. I’m surprised there have been no major wire-downs at this point. Monitoring the police scanner, I’m hearing of mainly small area electrical loses.

Here in Ship Bottom, the plows are keeping up with things but it’s still pretty much insane to go out driving without the right vehicle. And that is NOT necessarily a 4WD. As 4WD owners know all too well, our vehicles are decent but not great in deep snow. The best bet for 4WD is on snow-covered plowed road. Busting through anything over a foot can get you royally stuck. However, there are some calls now going out for 4WD owners to pitch in if there is a nurse or medical person that needs transport, otherwise, all non-emergency vehicles should keep off the roads.

I have heard no major reports of flooding at this point but it’s very tough getting a read on rising waters with the snow blow and low viz.

Sidebar: My favorite tweets and blogs are over the public reaction to this storm are perfect reflections of my thinking: How much frickin’ food and water do you need for a single storm? The videos of food lines wrapping through stores or the lady buying 5 gallons of milk all seem a tad under-sighted. Hey, I fully realize the catastrophic potential of every storm but you have to be aware that a full-blown catastrophic storm scenario is not going to be fixed with food/ Think in terms of boats, half-tracks, helicopters, surfboards – they’ll help a helluva sight more. In fact, these folks buying tons of food go home to a house that’s electrically heated or the control of gas heat is through an electrical device. Do you know how quickly a house cools to dangerous if power goes out? I’m not a panic-ist by any stretch but I keep a propane heater and six canisters at the ready.

Sidebar-sidebar: Years back, during some survival training, one of the more critical training missions entailed the famed burying of one’s self in the snow to get through an entire night. It was a novelty – and very survivable –but all of us on that mission agreed the killer was the boredom and, very unexpectedly, the overwhelmingly weird dreams, including the lingering fear of, well, dying. I’m pretty sure I didn’t die out there but to this day, decades later, I remember the most minute details of the bizarre dreams I had. Sorry, can’t share those.

I want to do a pass-on regarding driving after the storm. It is unlawful to clear just a peephole on your windshield to drive through, so to speak. All windows, including side windows and mirrors, must be clear. What’s more, you are legally responsible for the snow on your roof and, in the case of trucks, the snow in the bed. Anywhere that un-cleared snow and ice flies, you follow, legally. If a chunk hits another vehicle or even a pedestrian, you can find yourself in trouble like you’ve never seen before. How will anyone know? Lots of eyes out there – and it’s actually very easy to see ice or snow fly off another vehicle.

All coastal mass transit bus service has been discontinued. Check for updates with their website if you’re reliant on that form of transportation.

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