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Tuesday Oct 27, 09 -- Wet and wild issues

Tuesday, October 27, 2009: Waves: 5-foot north swell. Water clarity: Good.
Well, that was a ton wetter than the forecast – which had no rain scheduled. Though it began windily out there, things mellows through the day and some fair bassing and slammering was had, though fishing pressure was down. As noted in recent blogs, many anglers carefully sort through the days when deciding on calling in with angling-related illness, though that gnarly band of all-weather types live for sloshy days like this. And they do offer a far better chance of winning a daily prize to cover entry expenses.
Looks like maybe 10 weigh-ins slogged in today, including a 32-13 by Joe C. of LBT. See www.lbift.com.

Here’s a Joe H. weekend report:
Fished all over this weekend and despite good conditions I didn't fare too well. I stayed down to fish the wind switch on Monday and it paid off. My bunker was barely on the bottom of the BB surf and it was fish on! Landed a 10/14 bluefish. Had another bite off and lost a bass in the wash that was maybe 15lbs. Went for some lunch and returned to the same spot. I fished for about 5 hours and had a BIG bluefish on for a few minutes and after a few jumps he bit me off. Had another striper mash down on a bunker chunk but I pulled him off as well. Watching the Eagles now trying to convince myself to head to the bay side for some plugging. I think I may go to bed and hit the beach before sun up...then to work. All for now.
Joe H

Here’s a hot political issue update:

Hi Jay, Tuesday,

Last night I read all 38 pages of the interim Report.
I rarely get super upset by government actions but this report
took real guts to impose on all US fishermen. In addition under
current federal law and the US Constitution
it appears absolutely illegal.

The Shimano letter pointed out several key problems with this report.
BUT the report itself is beyond awful. Even devastating for all
fishermen is not nearly strong enough.

The entire plan/New Department is designed
to be totally controlled from the White House.

The entire plan is written to divide and conquer.
Everything is based on ecosystem management.
Now where is it acknowledged that there is not enough NMFS
data to manage on an ecosystem basis. Increasing NMFS budget
to make ecosystem management function properly is only a dream.
Every key section mentions climate change. Climate Change and
Ocean acidification in both fresh and salt water are to be managed?

Then thing get really dicey. The plan states they are to follow
practises stated in the ""UN Law of the Sea".
Every key section specifies using the UN Law of the Sea
as the management guiding goal.

This UN law was rejected by 2 previous Presidents.
So it would seem the UN law has real major problems!

Input from the Legislative division of government is totally eliminated.
Their will be TWO cochairmen to run this new agency!!!
One permanent Co-Chair will be from the
White House Council on Environmental Quality!!

Their will be over 20 major federal agencies involved.
NMFS and USF&W direct impact will be reduced to near zero.
The economic impact of their changes is totally ignored as
an important issue to be considered.

Listen to this killer line from Page 32:
"Formal and informal education programs developed and implemented to
target grades K-12 and beyond would create opportunities for enhances
appreciation of coastal and ocean issues, and better prepare the work
force for the future."

The "Nation Policy" is stated as the Task Force's PRIME objective.
BUT the "National Policy" is not stated anywhere.

This entire Task Force is designed for absolute control from the top.

It is written that The Plan should address: " Legislative or regulatory
changes necessary to simplify,
the sharing and TRANSFER of resources among Federal, State, tribal and
local agencies."
No where in the entire 38 pages can I find the word fishing even
It reads as written by the "Pew Foundation".

The RFA just released a position paper on the Interim Task Force.
It is worth reading.

God Help Us!


Pro report:
The captains of the Beach Haven Charter fishing Association managed to catch good numbers of fish in the past week while fishing vastly different locations.
Captain Carl Sheppard of the “Star Fish” had a good day wreck-fishing on a trip with Chris Metric as mate. At one point they had over 60 fish in less than an hour with many sea bass which would have been keepers if not for the ban. They also picked up some nice sized porgies.
Captain John Koegler took the “Pop’s Pride” out to the canyon on his last canyon trip of the year. The night chunking and jigging was slow although the anglers lost two deep jigs which were bitten off after heavy strikes. The troll produced one yellowfin tuna along with 9 small tuna-like fish which were later identified as “bullet mackerel.”
Captain John found some recipes in a Japanese cookbook for bullet mackerel and reports they were delicious. This was his first experience with this species.
Captain Fran Verdi has been doing some striped bass prospecting on his own in preparation for his upcoming bass charters. He reports nice action around the bottom of the tides. He has mostly been fishing the incoming tide with bass from 33-39 inches in length. Most of his fishing has been in the Great Bay area.
Captain Fran says he has some open dates for charters and also spots on his open boat trips still available in November.
For additional information on the Beach Haven Charter fishing Association please go to www.fishbeachhaven.com


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