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Tuesday Nov. 18, 08 -- Big-ass bass caught; blues left and right (mainly south)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008: Waves: Building slightly out of the north; winds won’t be onshore enough for a huge build-up of waves. Water clarity: Should prevail, staying good despite winds.

I got as mess of reports about fierce blues – above and beyond Classic weigh-ins. I can’t count the number of fishing folks who have remarked, “The blues seem stronger than usual.” That’s a combination of well-fed fish, intrinsic toughness of blues in the 10- to 14-pound range, the rough water factor adding current and backwash as a fish is being fought and (in some instances) the angler weariness factor, after having to bring in a slew of no-give-up slammers.

I had a call about a “real big” bass taken in Holgate. It wasn’t until I got the official numbers that I realized that “real” was real. David Smith, Beach Haven, used bunker to best a 47-7. (Dave, Please give me a ring at work – 609-494-5900, ext. 3034 or drop an email so I can get details of your super catch).

And there were bass aplenty from the South End. Nine other stripers came to light – and the Classic scales. Other big bass, not tourney-bound, were also caught. Then there was Horace Anderson, Jr., who had an any-other-time bass of 30-8, caught on clam in Brant Beach-- an area I always consider a striper sleeper zone. That would have been an easy first-placer – and still a fine take.
There were also half a dozen bass over 20 pounds caught during the flare-up of stripers yesterday.
This could surely be a sign that the bass are making a big move – or is that bigger bass are making a move or some size or another? Whichever, I sure would suggest taking a couple sick days off this week, once the north blow blows over (by Wednesday).

Buggy email: “Jay,
Not sure if you saw but i commented on a post a day ago or so. could you warn people that in Brighton Beach between 82 and 84th streets was impassable on Sunday. Ryan.”

Fished the Spray Beach area Monday morning and Holgate in the afternoon. Caught bluefish in the 28" range right away in SB. Saw a few BIG bass taken in the area. They have arrived! Moved down to Holgate and saw fish caught on both sides of me but I caught zero. Striper fishing was really good today from what I saw. I'm still looking for a really big bass this fall. I can't seem to catch huge ones after late June. I'm off Island for a few days. Back at it hopefully Thursday.
Joe H


Hutch’s BH Chart report:

“Striped bass and big bluefish continue to provide red hot action for the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association.
Captain John Koegler of “Pop's Pride” had a busman’s holiday one day last week when he took mates Dante Soriente and Jay Sweeney along with a couple of friends out for some intense jigging just off the coast of Long Beach Island. The final total catch on stripers was 30 with 22 released and over 60 huge bluefish up to 15 pounds with all released. All were caught jigging with 8 different types of jigs. They fished from BH Inlet to Surf City. One of the boats fishing nearby reported by radio they landed a bluefin tuna of about 60 pounds on a Stretch 30 Plug. This was the second tuna reported this week.
Captain Fran Verdi of the “Dropoff” fished with his friend Bob on the “Sea Fevre” recently and started around Little Egg Inlet with little success. They headed up the beach on a tip and found some bait and picked up a couple of shorts. They then located an immense flock of birds working and had nonstop action on bass for the next 2 hours jigging with diamond jigs.
The next day Captain Verdi was back on the “Drop Off” and had the co-owners of his boat, “Cousins.” Despite thick fog and rough seas in the ocean, they decided to set up in the inlet with clams. They had several run offs and boated a nice pair of bass at 32 and 36-inches.
Captain Dave Wittenborn of the “Compass Rose” just returned from a fabulous fishing adventure in the Turks and Caico Islands in the Caribbean. Although the fishing was a bit slow, he said the place was beautiful although the water was churned up from hurricanes. They did manage to catch several wahoo to 35-pounds.”


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