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Tuesday, June 14, 2016: The winds came south with a vengeance this afternoon ...

Below: A soccer player has no idea what do now that he has actually been hurt for real. 

While another player doesn't quite get it that wild animals, especially a mongoose, will bite the s*** out of you when grabbed. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016: The winds came south with a vengeance this afternoon, very much heating-of-the-day winds. I don’t think there was a ton of time between the west winds and the SE for smaller vessels to bust out the inlet and onto the bass below the bunker off IBSP.

I’ve gotten photos of 40 and 50 pounders from most any striper boat that has managed to get out. I’ll estimate a 50/50 rate when it comes to kept fish and those photographed and released. That’s a lot lower than usual on the catch-and-release side. I’m including fish from just up north.

I reluctantly admit that it’s now pretty easy to become a member of the once-coveted 50-Pounder Club. I’m proud to say my two 50s – both low 50s -- came from the surf, which seems to hold a tad more merit. Also, I took one on a school bus yellow Bomber; the other on a female bunker chunk. I still swear female bunker are saucier.

Below: One of mine, followed by an historic LBI hookup. 

The 50-Pounder Club is now eclipsed by the 60-Pounder Club, of which I’ve never been close to membership. Actually, outside of Cape Cod stripers and the McReynold’s famed NJ fish, I’ve never seen a 60-pounder come out of the suds.

If I were to nab a 60 – not a great chance since I now fish only jigs and plugs – I would be sorely torn between an official shop weigh-in and a preferable photo-and-release. At the same time, to this very day, I recall hating having kept one of my 50-pounders -- to enter (and win) a contest. I tell myself I would somehow keep a 60 alive and kicking right through a weigh-in and through the release. Hey, George G. has kept some damn big bass alive through weigh-in and release.

Closer to reality, I have to think there are some bunker balls bearing bass just off LBI. But, when captains know right where the bite is at -- Island Beach in the current case -- they’re not big on exploration. I guess I don’t blame them, especially those with fares on-board. At the same time, that leaves our Island’s near-shore waters open to kayak and standup-board anglers, who might want to closely eye tomorrow for favorable paddling conditions -- light winds and small waves. 

Below: Many years back, a young Robert Capri showed us how to do big bass from a small yak. 


This is how rays can roll ... https://www.facebook.com/tampabaynews/videos/10154197536390409/


Hey, as anglers we will likely come across terrapin nests. If they're highly vulnerable, contact nearby terrapin rescues. 

Bette Della Torre to Holgate Update
A busy day at the Holgate turtle nesting site. 8 nests were added today as the Terrapins were very active laying eggs (89 eggs today)! We now have a total of 20 nests giving us 234 eggs.
Bette Della Torre's photo.
Rick Donofrio ... late today. 
Rick Donofrio's photo.
At this fire scene, you have heroic baby catchers and you have stand-around screamers ... in this case, an arms-covered screamer whose poncho would have made a perfect baby catch-net. 


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