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Tuesday, July 19, 2016: I fell into a midsummer work hole ... Fish bras bust out ...

"I'm tellin' ya, I never seen no stinkin' fluke!"

Tuesday, July 19, 2016: I fell into a midsummer work hole that I’m just now managing to climb out – and back into here … a place I kinda find comfort within, in a daily-log way.

Back in the paper-and-pen days, I used to write an actual leather-bound daily log, thinking someday it would be a fascinating read. Looking through one recently … it's not so much fascinating and more WTF!?

Back when, I perpetually reverted to using code terms, signs and mere initials for large-as-life people, folks I figured I’d never forget. I often went with double-secret covert coding so anyone finding my logs back then – or a girlfriend in the present -- might not learn a lot more about my daily life than I’d want. Now, I read page after page of those logs and haven’t a friggin’ clue as to what in bloody hell could have possibly been going on in my life. Based purely on the amount of undecipherable code I used, I’m guessing I was living one hell of an existence. Not as much now, as everything I write is all too clear. Of course, fishing and outdooring really should have no pressing need for codification. 

Speaking of which, today's log must first and foremost note an upwelling event along the LBI beachline. I got one official read of 59 degrees today. You read right, 5 ... 9.  And if you were one of the beachgoer who plunged in expecting the weekend’s 75-degree water to embrace you … let’s just say that’s why we keep defibrillators close at hand.

As with any summer upwelling episode, it can recede as quickly as it arrived, as in overnight. Today’s west winds have stopped the cold-blooded bleeding, so to speak. It shouldn't get any colder. Hell, I’ve seen lengthy upwellings that drop summer shoreline waters into the 40s. Gospel truth. Ask then-LBTBP supervisor Don Myers, who once recorded just such an insane plunge at the same time I did.

A short stint of N to NE winds, as early as tomorrow, could increase the speed that 70-degree-plus water returns. However, I’m then seeing another potentially very-lengthy stint of land/sea winds, with hard south winds by late in the day. That's the wind pattern that kicked up this current dose of icy water.

I’m getting some fluke reports, with some of them being stellar. However, I’m always suspicious when the overall number of upbeat reports tails off, as they have over the past week. Maybe now that my mind is freed up from work overload, I can do some of my usual checking around for better angling insights.

Below: One of the stellars.
Brett Taylor 
Good fishing on the Jenny Lynn today!! I had Mike Ipri of Delran, NJ, his two 15yr old sons Michael and John, and their family friend Dave Pedracine of Wisconsin on a 4hr Fluke charter. We started working a few areas that had fish the days prior and found some heavily feeding fish. Michael ended up being the high hook of the trip boating 3 keepers himself. The crew released over 35 fish and kept 9 for the table to 5 pounds. (18, 18, 18.5, 19, 19, 19.5, 20, 22, 23.5). S & S Bucktails tipped with fresh bait were the hot baits for the day. Great day on the water!!
Jerry Postorino
Rich Bizzari
JERSEY JUMBO!!! Another double digit Doormat and personal Best aboard The Fish Monger II Check out 
Rich Bizzari with his 30.5 inch beast just under 11lbs

I seldom go hog-wild with spot-on fluke reports. There is already so much boat pressure, I actually don’t want to add to the mayhem. No, I’m not discouraging fluking one iota! I’m simply saying there is already your annual frenzy fishing out there, I don’t need to fire it up … except maybe in the surf.

Surf fluking hasn’t been nearly what I had hoped it would be by now– and as I had led folks to believe it would be. I’m hoping that swing/miss by me was because the bay actually stayed kinda fluke-comfortable for longer into the season than other summers. Bay waters are now well out of the comfort range for big fluke – and due to get even hotter over the next seven to 10 days. The shoreline fluke population should mushroom. 

I’m getting more word of baitfish “roiling” in west bay areas. Bunker lead the way though one fellow thought there were also mullet. Not so sure about that. Mullet should already be making a move Island-ward, though I can’t rule out a late-arriving batch of mullet larvae from off the Atlantic Bight.

Also, got word of balls of totally mysterious “herring-like” fish. The fellow who netted a couple of the “very thin” dark and silvery fish is very savvy on baitfish. He’s never seen them before. No photos due to a cellphone snafu. My guess is they’re one of dozens of types of herring we might see. Yes, dozens.  



Small blues are in the bayside LBI. Can’t get a better large-fluke bait. However, the bag limit for blues also applies to tiny snappers. I know of a guy who was fined for having too many – as in over 100 too many – of tiny blues he planned on using during a fluking trip.

Hoping bayside mini-snappers get to this size soon:

 I understand the law in the above snapper bluefish case but it’s nothing when compared to kids, teens and even adults I’ve seen pull in seine net after seine net of small fish -- including the likes of baby weakfish, y-o-y flounder, tog, kingfish – and, after taking a handful of spearing for bait, smile in delight as they empty the nets on the sand so gulls can pounce.

I almost got in trouble last year when I was forced to vociferously confront half a dozen teens doing the seining dead-dump, over and over. Ironically, they were looking for a certain few fish for a saltwater aquarium, you know, to appreciate marine life. Cops came. Case dismissed before it began. Nonetheless, I still get pissed thinking back at the way I told them to knock it off -- and they just kept on doing it, right to my face. Then, when I got pissed to the hilt, they told the cop they were afraid of me -- but not afraid enough to stop what they were doing to piss me off.  Oh, there goes my blood pressure again. Save the fishes.

No further word on the Barnegat Bay boat fatality. I have every feeler I know out there. But, understandably, this event has surely moved toward what could be an ugly legal case. Any procedural improprieties, like delicate details reaching the media, could kill any case that might be forming.

Below: I'm not sure about this new "softer" PR approach by the NRA.


A teaser from my weekly blog, coming out tomorrow in The SandPaper;  https://thesandpaper.villagesoup.com.

GOTTA GET THIS OFF MY CHEST: This week I have to take a moment to talk boobs. Oh, calm down! It’s not as bad as it looks. Besides, women have fought long and hard for the right to bare boobs. In fact, it might be time for a Constitutional addendum.  

So get this: There are things called “fish bras” busting out within the fishing realm, WWW-sector.

These kinda fishing-based bras have perked my interest in lady-frontage. And, yes, my interest has been sagging, as I get older. What’s more, I’ve begun to turn a tired eye to gal-chests due to all the insanely jacked up cleavage now running rampant on TV. What are they call “push-ups” or some other dang thing like that? Hell, those ladies on reality TV think that they’re sexily strutting their chesty stuff, the whole time I’m thinkin,’ “Lady, you’re strangling those poor buggers. They’re gonna CPR before the show is even over.”

Yes, I realize all that squishing is meant to make things look, well, bigger than life. I’d love to see the FCC demand a pop-up disclaimer appear on the TV screen when a lady in a push-up bra shows up. “Objects on the screen are smaller than they appear.”

But back to the less dimensionally-challenged realm of fish bras, which have suddenly brought boobs to the angling forefront, through web-based photograph display boards. Those photo boards are where anglers insert pics to show off their catches. Yes, I do see the how fishing display boards are also famed for exaggerating sizes, but not so much in the case of fish bras.   

It was Cabela’s outdoorhub.com website that first alerted me to this new check-it-out phenomena. It was an article entitled “Viral Trend: Fish Bras Bring New Meaning to Having a ‘Fish On.’”

Fish bras are more of an emerging trend than a thing. It’s the photo procedure of capturing gals displaying fish they’ve caught by holding them across/over their unfettered chest.

In a nutshell, the bras are more of a photographic thing than let’s say scaly slimy lingerie.

As might be expected, British tabloids are coming to the points more quickly, one announcing the new craze as “bikini-clad women holding their catch of the day across their cleavage.”

Multi-stacked headlines at www.dailymail.co.uk recently read:

“Rise of the FISH bra!

“Women have been sharing photos of them topless holding fish.

“They're using fish of all sizes and types to cover their bare breasts.

“Thousands of women have been taking part in the fishy craze.”

The www.revelist.com headlined it: “Mermaid wannabes are posing for ‘fish bra’ photos on Instagram.”

Now, I can hear it already: My columnizing upon such a touchy subject is not only perpetuating this unrefined trend but vicariously encouraging it. Au contraire, mon ami. This segment is strictly to clearly and definitively warn anglers not to even consider using the likes of cellphone cameras to get gal friends to stand in an upperly au naturale pose and situate themselves to assume a proper camera angle as to proudly exhibit their just-caught slammer bluefish – or two side-by-side cocktail blues – while adroitly covering censor-box parts of the anatomy. Never do that.

What’s that? I really should mention that the fish are the star attraction with fish bras. Uh, what fish?  

Not that many anglers would be at all interested in the fish bra photos but the pics are still mounting in numbers on Instagram, via the hashtags #fishbra and #fishbraperfection.

You can see far tamer caught-fish pics at my squeaky clean website, jaymanntoday.ning.com … #fishbra. 

Below: Hoping to compete with the fishbra, the bellyflopbra has run into some bumps along the way. 


Finally! Weakies

David DeGennaro
Today 5:20 PM



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