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Tuesday, April 11, 2017: See “Dead bat news” below. It’s a decent bet we’ll have some beach bassing on LBI ...

Albert opened a new can of manliness and demanded his wife make Easter dinner ... or else!

Canned chicken

... While Hal, in Greenman character, tactfully opted out of taking the manliness route ...

Reporter ball in the face

Of course, the manliness route also has some bumps of its own ...  

Swat door fail

Tuesday, April 11, 2017: See “Dead bat news” below.

It’s a decent bet we’ll have some beach bassing on LBI this Easter holiday weekend. Think three medium rods: clam, bloodworms and jigging/plugging.

It’s still a long way off but it could be a very mild holiday weekend, though that can also mean harder south winds. If beaching, dress for everything. When that wind comes off the ocean, it is instantly frigid. You’ve been warned.

Don’t forget to try bayside after-dark sassy jigging. You don’t have to do the Causeway bridges, simply find any deeper water close to the banks/bulkheads and give it go. BH could be highly potential.


There will be a flotilla of bassers heading seaward in boats. I know from the rush jobs to get boats back in the water, double-ASAP. I’ll also guess that more than few trailer types will be launching from the BL end. Play nice at the launch area. Water there – just south of the launch -- is still very shallow. Keep an eye on the tide charts.

Wanting to try some winter floundering to round out a fishing day – since floundering alone is barely worth the effort?  Think west Double Creek holes, Oyster Creek and just west of Harvey Cedars (super when the bite is there). A tougher go is Manahawkin Bay, just north of Hochstrasser bridge. Chumming is absolutely mandatory, as always. Small bloodworms rule. 

A BIT OF BATTINESS: A while back I wrote about my kid-time freak-out  when a captured bat crawled up my neck. That surely inspired a slew of folks to email me a world-viral story about a pretty disgusting bat misadventure that befell a salad-loving couple in Florida.

As I read it, the two were merrily munching on a Fresh Express bagged salad kit, a favorite brand of mine, when one of them came across a decomposing bat amid the company’s spring mix.  

I have a steel stomach and highly manly temperament but I could see even me loosing a girlie, “Oh, gross!” – two-syllablizing the “gaaa-rosss!” … maybe even adding, “I’m never eating again.”

Doing what might be called decompositional damage control, Fresh Express folks darted around the country, not unlike bats at night, grabbing all their bags of spring mix off the shelves, while warning one and other, “Don’t look inside! You might barf”

In newsily explaining the bizarre bat-in-bag incident, the company suggested a wayward bat had lit upon in-field lettuces and greens, the essence of spring mix. It had then been swept up by a chopping machine that harvests the tender leaves. After harvesting, the likely-dead bat had apparently been overlooked by, possibly, the tired night-eyes of factory inspectors – passing as a hairy brownish mizuna leaf. In bag, it decomposed. May I reiterate, “Gaaa-rosss!”

By the by, you can’t get rabies from eating a dead bat, just in case this incident hit you in an odd way -- and you’re now pondering adopting a batatarian diet

While Fresh Express sales have dropped faster than a diving bat, I remain a dedicated customer. Hell, I’ve never been all that wild about spring mix anyway. Give me green greens. Of course, the first decapitated green mamba I find in my Fresh Express Caesar salad …  

This bat-in-food is far from a bat first. In Glasgow, Scotland, a young gal poured out some Rice Kripsies and ... Holy, jack Loch Ness!:

"Glasgow teenager tells of her horror after finding a dead bat in her cereal"


(Uh, this gal is quite cool with a close-up shot.)


Plastics solution ... as in a real "solution."

Will this be the end of plastic bottles? Edible water 'balloon' that looks like a breast implant will go on sale within a year

  • The Ooho! algae balloon was created by a trio of London-based engineers
  • Seaweed spheres are created using gelification, a technique used in cooking
  • Inventors are now fundraising to make enough to bring the bottles to customers 

The Ooho! is a squidgy globe filled with water that could change the way we stay hydrated forever.

The bubble-like spheres were first invented by a trio of engineers in 2014 but the inventors are now fundraising to get their edible bottles on the market.

Scroll down for video 

An edible water bottle that wobbles like a breast implant called Ooho! will go on sale within a year
An edible water bottle that wobbles like a breast implant called Ooho! will go on sale within a year

The Ooho sphere has a double gelatinous membrane.

It is made using a mixture of sodium alginate, taken from brown algae, and calcium chloride.

The spheres are created using gelification - a technique used in cooking to turn liquids into gel by adding an edible gelling agent.

The inventors experimented with various spherification techniques, using different ingredients and proportions, before settling on the Ooho final ‘recipe’.

Packaging labels can be added to the Ooho, between the two layers, without adhesive, and are edible too, if they’re made from rice paper, for example.

The engineers said their 'mission is to make packaging waste disappear'. 

'Ooho! is a sustainable packaging alternative to plastic bottles and cups, made from a seaweed extract,' they said on their crowdfunding page.

'It is entirely biodegradable and so natural you can actually eat it.

'Ooho sachets are flexible packets of water, drunk by tearing a hole and pouring into your mouth, or consumed whole.

'Our packaging is cheaper than plastic and can encapsulate any beverage including water, soft drinks, spirits, and even cosmetics.'

The Ooho sphere has a double gelatinous membrane.

It is made using a mixture of sodium alginate, taken from brown algae, and calcium chloride.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4401730/Water-bottle... 

Way back when ... Parker's Garage & Oyster Saloon

Beach Haven's waterfront has always been alive. From the commercial fishermen to the recreational anglers, the Atlantic Ocean and Barnegat Bay always provided. Photo: Courtesy Whitcraft


I laughed when a buddy bought hundreds and hundreds (almost 500) of the old 100 W bulbs, highly discounted, as they were being banned. Guess who's now buying bulbs from him? I just got another 20 of 'em.


Swimbaits headed out !!! — at Mad Scientist Pouring Cave.


Thanks to the team over at Raptorboats, you’ll never have to leave the water thanks to this awesome floating fishing platform.

From taking a quick break while you wait for the next bite to getting some shuteye as you prepare for the next day, this thing has it all. It doesn’t get much better than this! https://outdoors360.com

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