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Tuesday, April 10, 2012: What’s with this wind, eh? Can’t say I hadn’t noted that mild La Nina winters are oft followed by wildly windy days (weeks and months?).


WAY WARM: As if we needed confirmation, NOAA just reported “Unprecedented March warmth.”

It was a sizzling 8.6 degrees above normal, nationwide -- excluding Alaska, which was still freezing its collective ass off. Only January of 2006 had a higher monthly upward aberration from the norm. Every state in the nation had at least one record warm day in March. In terms of weather stations, that translates into 15,272 warm records broken. 

The northeast just had the warmest weather in 118 years. Averaging 44.4, that’s 9.8 degrees above normal. 

Optimist of the year award goes to my little buddy Harley, 6. Newly into snowboarding, he was talking about this winter/spring and said, “We haven’t had any snow … yet.”


QUICK TURNAROUND: The “Amazing Recovery Effort Award” goes to the fine folks who own the recently blazing-hot Green Gables Bed and Breakfast in Beach Haven. Despite a seeming inferno of a fire on Easter Day, they hope to have the Elizabethan structure reopened by Memorial Day Weekend. Make sure to do a meal or two there this summer season. 

SMALL FLAME: A small wildfire off Barnegat Avenue, Barnegat Township (mainland), which broke out about 1 p.m., is under control but is another indicator that wildlfires and forest fires are a mere smoldering  cigarette butt away. It's dry out there and you know about the winds. 

Alert: When off-roading,  be it via trucks or cycles, it's vital as all get-out to have a fire extinguisher on-board at all times, not just to stymie any small fires ones one might come upon but, way more importantly, to quickly snuff any blazes that can easily start after pulling a vehicle onto a grassy field meadow.  It has happened to me twice. One time, I was about to hike away from my truck when I caught just the lightest whiff of wildfire in the air. I swung my eyes to the sky to see if smoke plumes were showing. Weirdly, nothing. It took me a greased heartbeat to then look beneath my truck. Sure enough, a smoke spew was snaking up from beneath. By the time I unlocked, fired up and pulled away there were flames showing. It was a quick extinguish but to this day I shutter over how easily I could have walked merrily far afield -- we're talking miles -- to surely return to not only the charred remains of a new truck but also a raging forest fire -- my legal responsibility. I always check when I pull off dirt roads to park. Hell, I've heard of fire started that way by vehicles simply pulling off the parkway shoulder and onto the grass.   

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