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Hey Jay, I read your story about tracking, I have to tell you, my family did some tracking last Sunday. We went to Barnegat Light and walked down through the still-deep snow to the jetty and the beach, and I suddenly noticed these tracks crossing the path, in snow about a foot deep. It looked like someone took a lollypop and pressed it lightly into the snow, again and again, forming a series of lollypop impressions, like this :

---O ---O ---O ---O ---O ---O

I had to figure this mystery out, and I got down to examine; the tracks emerged from a mostly snow-covered bush on one side of the trail, and ran down into a snow-covered shrub on the other side.

It was a mouse! He had dealt with the snow by just hopping, and each time he landed, there was the impression of his body, and his tail stringing straight out behind. You could see the little tiny marks of his ( what do mice have, paws?) feet, if you looked close.

I have a picture I will send when I get home.

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