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Thursday, May 24, 2012: It seems fishy out there. You can smell it – helped along by light directly onshore winds. That said, where the hell are the frickin’ bass? Yes, there have been a scattering of beachfront bass taken, mainly shorts and a few just keepers, going for clams and bunker.


Yesterday, I had my first full-skunk plugging session in weeks. I had a workload on my mind and wasn’t overly immersed in my casting. I swear there’s some cosmic thing where you have to be in the right state of mind to catch fish when plugging. I wasn’t.


I’m guessing we’ll be seeing Memorial Day influxing by late today. Not doubt, it’s going to be a typically packed “first big weekend.” Face it: It an only get so crowded before room runs out.


If you’re heading down this way, you want to avoid driving down between, roughly, 10 am to 1 pm, both Saturday and Sunday.


It’s almost impossible to predict when the Island will de-people on a three-day weekend. The exodus – and it’s largest for this holiday weekend -- is very weather driven, though I’m betting late Sunday afternoon won’t be a bargain getting off.


Why does this weekend have a larger exodus than others? A huge percentage of Memorial Day Weekend celebrators still have to return home to finish out winter/spring obligations, be it at work, school, whatever. By July 4th, a massive number of arrivers simply stay on for week, two-week, month and even summer stays/vacations. End of summer, the Labor Day Weekend departure from LBI (for winter) has actually been taking place for weeks prior, mainly via the back to college crowd. 


Driving warning: As you’re traveling westbound on Rte. 72, from the hospital (SOCH/SOMC) westward, the shoulder of the road has been milled almost all the way to Rte. 539, making it a couple inches lower than the highway’s driving surface. Should your tires slip over the sharp edge between the roadway and the roughed-out shoulder lane, it throws your vehicle into a bit of steering fit. I drive a big truck that can handle stuff like that pretty well and when I’ve slipped onto the shoulder precipice, I definitely have to tighten my grip on the steering wheel. A smaller sedan traveling at higher speeds? Could get spooky. Not long ago we had a bus go out of control on Rte. 9 (Barnegat) due to a similar milling thing.


The Captain’s Meeting for the BHM&TC’s LBI Cup Striper Invitational (all invited) is Friday, 7 pm, at the clubhouse, far north end of Pennsylvania Avenue, Beach Haven. If you’ve never been to the clubhouse, it’s essentially at the northeast corner of the Morison’s Marina property. For info on the tourney, call Phil Hiller (ASAP) at 609-685-3399. 

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