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Thursday, May 07, 2009: The world-class crappy weather continues, though I saw something resembling the sun, late-day, right after a pull-to-the-shoulder frog-chocker made driving momentarily impossi…

Thursday, May 07, 2009:
The world-class crappy weather continues, though I saw something resembling the sun, late-day, right after a pull-to-the-shoulder frog-chocker made driving momentarily impossible over on the mainland. Tomorrow looks decent for angling, with some signs of sun likely and light-ish winds. The ocean is churned but that isn’t the worst thing with so many bass around.

The surf holds stripers but seems to be backing down a bit over some briskness earlier in the week. With the moon going big tonight, it could be time for bigger bass to come into the fold. We have yet to have a single fish in the Simply Bassin’. A bit like the fall tourney, Simply Bassin’ often starts slow, and then builds rapidly. Clams are slightly ahead of meat as best bait while chunks seem to have the keeper edge.

Black drum fishing is looking large. A number of larger drum – up to 70 pounds – are showing from Little Egg Inlet back toward Grassy. There is also a push of drum within the ICW, Holgate toward Mordecai. Deeper water seems the best bet. Flush to the Sheepheads could prove interesting.

Bunker schools are not showing yet -- or if they are there’s no seeing them. Here’s an important bunker news story:


[ASMFC] May 6, 2009 - Alexandria, VA - The Commission's Atlantic Menhaden Management Board approved a draft Addendum to extend the Chesapeake Bay reduction fishery harvest cap for an additional three years (2011 to 2013). The Board will annually review measures in Addendum IV, if approved, to determine if they are appropriate given the most recent information available about the stock and fishery.

The Board's action was initiated by the Commonwealth of Virginia in order to accommodate its legislative process as well as ensure that the current management program is extended while menhaden research efforts continue. Virginia's legislature, which meets January through March each year, is responsible for regulating the menhaden reduction fishery in state waters. With a new Addendum in place this year, Virginia state administrators can work with the legislature in early 2010 to amend Virginia Law to extend the harvest cap without the current cap expiring.

Addendum III established the current annual cap of 109,020 metric tons on reduction fishery harvests in Chesapeake Bay as a precautionary measure while research was conducted to address the question of menhaden abundance in the Bay. The cap has been in place since 2006 and will extend through 2010. Harvest for reduction purposes is prohibited in the Chesapeake Bay when 100 percent of the cap is landed. Over-harvest in any given year would be deducted from the next year's quota. Addendum III also includes a provision allowing under-harvest in one year to be credited only to the following year's cap, not to exceed 122,740 metric tons.

Here’s a world wire story regarding the seal industry and how seal hunters being targeted by green groups are fighting back -- by turning off their hearing.

Norway's fishermen's group boss urges Paul McCartney music boycott over seal trade ban
SEAFOOD.COM NEWS [Copyright 2009 Deutsche Presse-Agentur] - May 6, 2009 - Oslo, The head of the Norwegian fishermen's association has called for a boycott of Paul McCartney's music over the former Beatle's support for a European Union ban against seal products, reports said Wednesday.

Reidar Nilsen called for the boycott in the wake of a European Parliament decision Tuesday to ban the import of seal products, the online edition of the newspaper Fiskeribladet Fiskaren which reports on fishing and related matters reported.

Norway is not a member of the EU, and Nilsen said he was 'disappointed' over the European Parliment decision due to take effect in 2010.

McCartney was one of the most prominent supporters of a ban backed also by environmental and animal rights campaigners, Nilsen said.

'I will not listen to his music or buy his albums until Norway is allowed to sell seal products to the EU,' Nielsen said on Norwegian radio.

Norway has said it was considering asking the World Trade Organization (WTO) to review the EU ban, arguing that humane methods were used in the hunt.

Canada, an even larger seal hunting country, has mulled a similar move.


Speaking of bunker: May 5, 2009 - Omega Protein received a 2009 Friend of the Sea award at Friend of the Sea Day in Brussels, Belgium. The award is as a result of 'the dedicated efforts towards sustainability and environmental stewardship by Omega Protein.' The company was chosen as the leading sustainable organization in the fish meal and oil category from among a group of organizations meeting the Friend of the Sea certification process for fishmeal and oil fisheries.

Friend of the Sea certifies fisheries that meet certain FAO criteria, and do not use bottom trawl fishing methods.

Their criteria require that the target stock not be overfished according to the FAO, that the fishing method used not impact the Seabed, and finally, that the fishing method be selective enough so that it does not exceed an 8% level of bycatch.

In Omega Protein’s case, the U.S. menhaden stock has been healthy and robust for many years, and a time series of over 40 years has shown that bycatch rates for the menhaden fishery are under 1%.

Paolo Bray, director of Friend of the Sea, said “The Friend of the Sea Award encourages and motivates fisheries to reduce their environmental impact and protect fisheries from becoming over-exploited. I have been pleased to work with Omega Protein and know there is no other organization more deserving of this award. Omega Protein is dedicated to the sustainability of the menhaden population.'

'We are honored to receive the Friend of the Sea award for 2009” says Joseph L. von Rosenberg III, President and CEO of Omega Protein. He added, 'Our well managed fishery has operated in a responsible manner for nearly a century and this award is further evidence of its sustainability.'

Omega Protein not only meets the certification standards of Friend of the Sea, but also has an impressive record of cooperating with U.S. state and federal fisheries regulators. Omega has voluntarily partnered with NMFS since 1955 to report landings and biological data, resulting in the longest continuous fisheries database in the country. With the use of this vast library of data, the most recent government-produced stock assessment has concluded (as have all past government assessments) that the menhaden fishery is healthy and is not over-fished, nor is overfishing occurring.]

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