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(ABOVE: FROM JINGLES WESITE – A SHOT-DEAD BEAUTIFUL FLUKE – and don’t give me that ”unfair” crap. You try jumping in the water, diving down, seeking and locating a fish to get a one-time shot at it – as opposed to drifting lazily along in a boat wating for a fish to latch. Yes, I was commercial diver for years on end so I’m a tad prejudice, but, hey, you gotta realize spear fishing is as hard as it gets when it comes to bagging a meal.)


Thursday, June 28, 2012: It could get loud. Famed reference to heavy metal rocking but applying to the upcoming weekend, as hot temps, perfect skies and the possibility of an eight-day “weekend” will have near record-breaking crowds converging upon our nonexclusive barrier isle. 

I ask this every year – in sincerity. If you’re boat angling, take it easy, relax, take a deep breath, etc. There’s no escaping the crowd so there’s absolutely no need to get all aggro and belligerent when mixing it up with the masses. And it’s gonna get testy at the public boat launches. Go with the flow – even if the guy ahead of you couldn’t launch a rubber duck much less his new skiff. 

Striped bassing is very much in its summer resident fish mode. Get out early and you can plug or jig the one or two resident stripers per jetty. White plastics work well. If anyone is doing after-dark stripering in the surf, let me know if it's happening. 

The boat fluking IS happening and will continue throughout the weekend. It’s still a question of sorting through smaller fish but the final take-home is a lot better than it has been in recent summers. There is fine fluking in the ocean. Thing in terms of the lumps and in the halo around structures and the Tires. Bay fluking will suffer with the hot weather. Inlets could shine as fluke seeks cooler waters. Find “the break” between tidal change waters, mainly incoming. Loads of flukers using jigs again this summer. However, good old squid strips and minnies helped one boat (report) max out on keepers.

For a fun web read on north part of LBI check out http://exit63.wordpress.com/.

Did you know there is a huge push on squid – by BBQers? Began in Europe where everyone is now throwing the fast cooking “calamari” on the barbie. News report:

Sales of squid triple as calamari becomes barbecue hit of summer

Sales of squid have tripled in recent months due to the growing popularity of Mediterranean food and the rise of the Dukan diet, as calamari looks set to become the barbecue hit of the summer.

Deon Jansen’s barbecued chilli squid, Thai basil watermelon salad and chilli caramel
Waitrose says that sales of squid have increased by 230 per cent so far this year Photo: OXO Tower restaurant

Daily consumption of dark chocolate could reduce heart attacks and strokes, a study has claimed.

Researchers in Australia have looked at data from previous studies and predicted that eating dark chocolate daily could potentially avert 70 non-fatal and 15 fatal cardiovascular events per 10,000 people treated over 10 years.

June Davison, our Senior Cardiac Nurse, said:  “These findings might appeal to those of us with a sweet tooth, but don’t start ripping open that chocolate bar just yet. This study used a statistical model to predict the effect of chocolate on heart health, so it does not conclusively prove that this would translate into real benefits for people.

“There is a wealth of evidence that shows the best thing you can do for your heart is to keep activeand to eat a healthy balanced diet. There’s no harm in having chocolate as a treat, but make sure you also eat lots of fruit and vegetables and get plenty of exercise to keep your heart healthy.”

This study was published online in the British Medical Journal.

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