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Thursday, June 02, 2016: A bit drab but not bad... and fish to be had. TBT Billfish battle.

Below: Inside of a loggerhead turtle's mouth ... Does this mean we now have to worry about Mary Lee the Loggerhead? Nope ... unless you're a jellyfish -- though some people I know are starting to look that way when floating around in the ocean.  

 "Inside they have hundreds of sharp, jagged, stalactites. The stalactites line the inside of the turtle's mouth all the way down to its stomach."  http://www.viralnova.com/leather-back-turtle/

REPLEN UPDATE (Sorry but I keep getting updated info.) Please bear with me – as I’m going crazy with changeable replenishment info.

I’m now told that Holgate will have a multi-dredge start -- as at least two dredges will be pounding sand there soon.

Here’s the latest: Holgate should begin in the next week or so. The Liberty Island will flip and work south from the pipe landing at Nelson and the Dodge and Padre will work north from a pipe landing at Inlet Ave and then flip and work south to the project limit. After about three weeks the Liberty Island will move to North Beach/SC while the other two finish Holgate.

Obviously, this schedule is still subject to change -- but with the Holgate start so near, this final arrangement seems likely, per ACE.

Below: The Liberty Island, Dodge Island, Padre Island and Terrapin Island, of Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, transit offshore to dredge sand and pump it onto ...


Jim Hutchinson
Good day to be on the beach - congrats to Lacey Township & Southern Regional High Schools who tied in the Battle on the Beach and now split a $500 scholarship from the LBI Surf Fishing Classic!

The crew of the "Just Got Reel" with Mike Salah, Brett Glatfelter and Amber Kelly all from Wilmington, DE,…

TBT: Me and a fine marlin, abroad June Bug.

Dante grabs on ... and gets a really cool billfish arm slice for his effort. 

And a clean release ... absolutely no damage done. 

Thursday, June 02, 2016: A bit drab but not bad. The surf has built rapidly, though the clarity is still excellent. Once again, for tougher surfcasters, this is great water for bassing.  

Here’s a vid-look I sent to the Weather Service at 2:30 p.m. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CZmIEyGCGs

I’m getting only a sprinkling of fishing reports due to the tricky winds for boat fishing and a general drop in angling pressure, partially due to many folks having had their fill of big blues.

Below: Not bored at all with gators ...James Allen 

James Allen's photo.
James Allen added a new photo to Captain Mikes Marina (Backbay Marina LLC)'s timeline — with James Allen at Great Bay Blvd.


Obviously, nobody has had their fill of bass – a "fill" that seldom ever happens. While some savvy casters are doing decently with bass, I still think it’s a bit bass-quiet overall – though not bad, mind you. Bass being kept are showing a typical crab presence in-belly, mainly lady crabs.


The bay and inlet fluking will be a tad snotty all afternoon. Those ENE winds are pushing 15 mph (3 p.m.). They shouldn’t get much higher, though. Winds are going around the the SE for the weekend. Cold front(s) on the way. Sunday could see the stronger frontal passage, kicking up harder SE winds. Still looks decent for fishing from tomorrow into Sunday. Mariners will need to feel out the day -- wind-wise. Forecasting winds are always a tricky call this time of year, especially along the immediate coastline. Again Sunday could get very gusty if that front stays intact. If stalls, winds wont be as hard.  

Winds have blown away the nagging fog we've been having. Could be more by tonight, though. 

Below: Uh ...

Ocean temps are still below normal, which isn’t bad for bass and blues but problematic for larger fluke. Water temps are up – upper 50s to low 60s. That’s the onshore flow influence. 

Need I remind folks that reports like this still come in ... 
Rob CraneWell didnt even get a bite today. Pretty much disgusted. Think im going to give up fishing and take up drinking.
While much further north (Conn.) : 
Blaine Anderson
Not sure the striper fishing can get much better around here... I've got 3 more days to see if it can, I'll get back to you. Untill then, Fish Shimano
Blaine Anderson's photo.

Dan Street with his 48.5" , 40lbs 13 oz striper shot Memorial Day with a 29.5" striper in its mouth

It was Monday night, well, Tuesday. It was Tuesday, and the familiar aroma of freshly gigged stingray had overcome the spare fridge. The plan was to wake up for sunrise, the alarm set for 3pm, shou…

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