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Thursday, July 21, 2011:

Nearshore fog alert: The upwelling is in place. Brutally cold water hitting hot southerly winds have led to some serious fog from Ocean City up to Barnegat Light. On LBI, lifeguards have limited swimming areas because of the fog. Not that many folks are diving in. I’m hearing water temps as low as the mid-50s. Mariners thinking coean better beware. Also, the fog is gone by the time you hit the bay so fluking therein remains fairly nice, though winds are brisk.

We may be in for some very brisk late-day southerlies, through the weekend. I’m guessing those winds may back off in the early a.m. periods, allowing some comfortable fluke fishing. However, don’t get real far from home base unless you want to rock and roll back in.

By the by, inlet areas remain primed for fluking, again due to due the super-heated water in the bay and the over-chilled water of the ocean. The flatties often hang in that tweener zone.

As for going offshore, I won’t guess at how far out these nearshore winds will be roughing up the seas, but, longer-term, I’m a tad suspicious of the way tropical systems are starting to train in – first TS Bret and TS Cindy. Those two TSs formed on and have followed an old frontal boundary, which has directed them harmlessly out to sea. We will see some swells from them but we are not in a moon phase conducive to swell transport. An approaching full moon creates the optimal swell transport conditions.

Here is some long-term tropical trends that are in the window of the upcoming White Marlin Invitational:

(Thursday July 21) A tropical wave is over the central tropical Atlantic, several hundred miles east of the Windward Islands. Thunderstorm activity remains limited, and significant development of this system appears unlikely before it reaches the Windward and Leeward Islands by Saturday. The wave will enhance shower activity over the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico during the weekend. Some models have suggested that some development could occur from this wave next week, but others still do not, so long-term development prospects from this wave are very uncertain.

Another tropical wave has just departed the west coast of Africa and is near the Cape Verde Islands, with scattered showers and some detectable low-level spin, but models do not indicate much development over the next few days over the tropical eastern Atlantic.


You might want to check out the following website: Google fishspan (one word) or type in http://www.kaltenbachproductions.com/fishspan2.htm. The director/producer is Dave Kaltenbach of Surf City. Dave has been working with Viking Village and has become something of the video-maker of choice for fishing lobby groups.

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