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Thursday, January 04, 2018: Late afternoon storm update, LBI-style. Sundown: LBI will not get drive-able today ...

Sundown update: LBI will not get drive-able today ... 

Snow stuff ... 

Thursday, January 04, 2018: Sure. Why not? Just totally snowed under for the final days of my vacation. Yes, I’m harping on this frozen solid vacation, ad nauseum, but what else have I got to write about?

Here I figured I’d have a couple weeks of putting up treasure hunting videos – or selfies of me and snowy owls having a quiet brunch together. “Gravy with those mouse filets, Hal?”

Nope. Instead, I offer below the emblematic videos of how I spent my winter vacation, a telling one shot from my blizzardized front door. I then went to check on what was coming in through the bathroom window, as I got bored after days of heavy metal and took a quick nostalgia trip down Abbey Road. Then, back to Anthrax, Slayer and Five Finger Death Punch.

LBI snow videos to rock out to:




As to what’s next for a snowed under LBI, the salvationesque plow trucks are already trying their hardest to get the roads even somewhat passable. It will surely take until tomorrow a.m. (Friday) before even must-get-out folks are free to perform their appointed rounds. I’m talking the likes of nurses, doctors, mail deliverers and reporters … which brings me to why I was out and about in whiteout conditions. 

I’m now well over 35 years into news reporting, having begun in Hawaii. Ahhh, I just said “Hawaii.” I dedicatedly feel there’s a freedomish need for the public to be in the know.

Yes, during the Blizzard of 2018, our superfine police folks were out and about, early on, while emergency responders remained poised, at the ready, near ambulances. However, I’ll be dramatic by noting our nation was founded on always getting the latest word out to the people.

The above-mentioned emergency personnel are really not in a timely position – or in the state of mind – to issue up-dated looks and feels to the public. That’s where myself and other reporters play a fairly important, possibly self-ordained role.

I realize, mainly via Sandy, nothing bugs everyday folks more than not knowing what’s what. That assured, I still have a hard time convincing authorities of that -- many of whom feel that being hush-hush offers a better command of a situation – and, yes, a better control of the public. I beg to strongly disagree. So I plow onward, sometimes literally, to get out and perform reporting duties – in this latest snow event, even when my news offices were officially closed for the holidays. By the way, The SandPaper will be back in print this coming week, so we’ll get a nice rundown of what this blizzard hath wrought.

But I digress from fishiness … surely due, in part, to my continued pissiness over being stuck indoors for so many days in a row. Hey, you should have seen me digging snow this morning. You’d have thought I was a robot, as I loosed all that stored up energy.

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