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Thurs. Feb 25, 10 -- Serious whip-age out there

Thursday, February 25, 2010: Now these are some winds. I’m thankin’ the lucky snow-covered stars they’re out of the west. The snow (11 pm) is nothing special (a few inches) but it’s traveling perfectly parallel to the ground, pushing well past 50 mph. Had the winds been NE or even east things would be epically ugly. And it seems the honking will go on through tomorrow and even into Saturday. With a full moon and the bay totally unfrozen, the blowout tides are going to be monumental.

Congrats to those who put together the March on DC. The Million Angler march (my terminology) opened some political eyes, which is (to me) as important as the issue at hand – the remediation of the Magnuson Act. Of course, the green groups will respond, not with marches but with threats of marches. Regardless of the final actions in D.C., the politicos will surely think twice before making any rash moves that discriminate against anglers. Being a child of the Sixties I thought the march could have used a good draft-card type burning of the Saltwater Angler Registry cards. Maybe not.

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