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Thur. oct. 22, 09 -- Nice and soon Not

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Thursday, October 22, 2009: Waves: Small. Water clarity: Excellent.

Another ideal deal after a cloudyish start. Boat and beach anglers alike headed to their respective hot spots. I don’t think the action was overly hot and heavy as all I got were a few weigh-in slips for the Classic. Nothing major but the keepers show there are still rogue fish out there. Oddly, it seems slammer blues are lone-ing it. That is an extreme rarity. Still, blues to 12 pounds are being taken here and there, very much like bass – one fish and done. Again, that’s fully common with bass but blues? No way. It’s not like this hasn’t been a doubly odd year anyway so I guess even solo slammers are par for the weird course.

We have weather moving in. While this bout of badness shouldn’t be overly dramatic, there will still be some goodly gusting, possibly out of direct easterly direction -- for a while. However, south winds will kick in quickly (Saturday) -– and that’s not a bad thing for serious surfcasters. This time of year, hard south winds can lead to serious stripering opportunities. Big chunks of bunker are in order. Obviously, it won’t be overly comfortable out there but this isn’t the time of year for wussiness. By Sunday, hard south winds will start smoothing things out. It is hard to predict beach erosion since we’ll see winds going from north to east to south. The south is scariest. That does long-term damage to the beach – and we could see gusts to over 30 mph for 6 hours or more.

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