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Thur. Nov. 3, 2011:

South winds spells stripers. A real decent surge in bass took place for bait anglers today. Boat fishermen were also in on the action, near inlets. The hooking was spread from BL to Holgate. Better bass are in the 20-pound range, i.e. real nice but not at all threatening to the top fish in the Classic.

Look for a windy but high surf fishing potential weekend, with wind switches and a bout of south mixed in. Fishing pressure is already building as of this afternoon. 

It's been a super tough go for boats trying to get at the black seabass as the season reopened. Today had some calmness but I haven't gotten any reports from wreck fishermen. 

Got some beach metal detecting in recently and found my 200th Hopkins -- dating back to circa 1969. Almost all are the old total stainless types. Most are found in amazingly good condition, though often rust stained from the hooked corroding. With the removal of rotted hooks (and sometimes the split ring, if not stainless), a quick dip in the astounding rust removal fluid called Whink and a buff with a hard cotton wheel (with a stainless steel buffing compound) you truthfully can't tell many of them from brand spankin' new Hopkinses. What I'm going to do with them might take an artistic twist. I'm thinking about flash or arc welding them into the shape of a large bass. 

I got an interesting email from a fellow whose wife never lets him throw away unused green crabs. Gospel turth: She makes green crab soup. "It's amazingly good. The more crabs, the better," he told me. I got the recipe so any greenies I get as bycatch when clamming might be in the hot seat -- along with the clams. In fact, the gal's recipe even suggests some clams if green crabs are scarce.

In my weekly blog, I has made a mild suggestion -- almost in passing -- that a power washer might be a nice Christmas gift for the mobile angler who has everything. Don't I go and get not one but two emails asking fro m,ore details on where to get a good power washer. Hey, I was just throwing the concept out there. Now I have to go and actually research the subject. So far, some Troy-Bilt models shine for serious vehicular rinses -- and even a degriming of home siding (one story buildings).  





Hutch report: 

After several weeks of waiting for the arrival of a decent striped bass bite, it appears the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Association are getting their wish. Decent sized stripers have been making their way through Little Egg Inlet and into the sheltered waters of Great Bay and Little Egg Harbor Bay.

            Captain Fran Verdi of the “Drop Off” spends a lot of time in the fall pursuing striped bass, and he feels the recent cooler weather has been doing the trick to get the bass in the bay. In the past few days he has put several nice sized linesiders in the fish box including a pair of 20-pounders on Wednesday.

            Captain Fran says that he is fishing with a combination of techniques from chumming with clam to drifting live baits. His choice depends to a large extent on tide and wind.

            The black sea bass season reopened on Tuesday, but big swells in the ocean have kept the BHCFA captains from getting out on the inshore wrecks and artificial reefs. They are also looking forward to the increased limit on blackfish on November 16 when the limit rises back up to 6 fish daily from the current 1 fish per day.

Additional information on the association can be found at www.BHCFA.com or by calling 1-877-LBI-BHCFA (1-877-524-2423).



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