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The recent past in pics -- For LBIslander eyes to fix upon ...

I think its easier to nostalgically relate to the recent past -- as opposed to times so far gone they're freakier than they are relatable. 

I was president once -- Maui -- Mauna Olu College. 


Engineer Dorland J. Henderson and wife during a 2000 dedication ceremony when the Manahawkin Bay Bridge was dedicated to him, making it the Dorland J. Henderson Memorial Bridge.

In recognizing Dorland, an African American, the state legislature highlighted his professional achievements included designing “the innovative and now historically-classic lighting system for the State Highway Route No. 72 bridge … It is made of 768 separate light fixtures inserted in the hand railing and creates a night time ‘string of pearls’ visual effect over Manahawkin Bay.”

It was seldomly spoken about but Dorland experienced, during his lifetime, many forms of discrimination, segregation and job denials.

“Mr. Henderson took it upon himself to ensure that all persons who worked for him worked in an environment free of racial distinctions … As Chief Engineer of the Department of Transportation's Electrical Bureau and the Division of Traffic Engineering, Mr. Henderson began a policy of removing references to race, creed, color or national origin from all personnel forms and records so as to create, ‘A wholesome atmosphere in the Division, a feeling that we are all Americans with no adjectives or hyphenation.’ “

When he and I had an amazingly fun chat prior to the 2000 bridge renaming, Dorland told me that during the 1958 ceremonial lighting of the bridge he first had to excuse himself and “go get sick,” -- he was so nervous about throwing the switch with an army of dignitaries around. "I never told anybody about that before," he told me, with his smiling wife listening in, having never been told about it either. 



More archival than modern ... 


Below: The LBI Library in its formative pre-book stages. 



Just finished being built. Ready to post ... Well, almost ready. This site was in the news as it was being readied for demolition. Year: Unknown. 


Who remembers my good buddy, Iggy? Mummers Day Parade, anyone? 


While just a few bars away ... 

Under the watchful eyes of ... 


Then there were partying 1950s folks who chose to do ... whatever this is they're doing. 


Schooling was also important ... at least back then. 


Below: Slanted floors no more ... 


Boat rescue effort during fire at Simmons, Ship Bottom -- Hey, after I took some pics I rushed in to help


Gettin' modern wid it -- Dick's place, Ship Bottom 

Became the hottest show in town. 


Jet attack fire reaches Rte 72 ... 


Martin Senior ... 


First Sandy Day ... as I merrily strolled the town ... 


Odd time for a sunbath: Sandy had just departed ... I thought I would be the first person on the Mid-Island beaches. 


Folks don't realize we had been hit by some beach-kickin' storms before Sandy. This was December, 1992 ... The deck I was standing on began giving way just as I was shooting ... 


When local republicans -- like the late Jim Mancini and Congressman Jim Saxton -- had "The Look" down pat


Below: I somehow feel an era was also washed away with The Shack. That's not a bad thing, as in all things must pass. Though this pic somehow conjures up a Lewis Gizzard book with the sardonic title, "Elvis Is Dead and I Don't Feel So Good Myself."  


At this time, and a product of the "grammar school" era, I wasn't even sure what a "middle school" was ... 


Now that's a drumfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jingles. 

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