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2 p.m. Manahakwin. 


I was just on the edge of that severe T-storm that began in Stafford Township and expanded overt to Barnegat, then headed out over B.L. 

The air is so damn unstable we will likely be getting those deadly pop-ups until after dark. Warning have been issued.

The spooky part of the storm I experienced was the killer dry lightning. As the name tells, these are fierce bolts of cloud-to-ground lighting (the most powerful type) when nary a drop of rain is falling. IN this case, not a drop had fallen before or after. It was a pure lightning shooting gallery. 

In Manahawkin, I actually had sunny skies overhead, as I reported to the Mount Holly Weather Service about the building storm, seemingly centered near the Stafford/Barnegat line on Rte 72.

One of those crackling hot dry bolts of lighting hit way to the east of me -- in even brighter sunlight. It knocked out the traffic signal at McKinley and Rte. 9. I could easily smell the hyper-activated ozone in the air, symptomatic of air ready to explode into lightning. 

Per usual, I'm pleading with folks to take sneaky storms like these as if you're suddenly being stalked by a predator -- one intent on climbing into your body and blowing it apart from the inside out.  Take cover. 




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