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Sunday, October 21, 2012: Super slow in the sky and the sea ... north, south, in-between


Above: Trying to fight the wave action --- with lighter gear -- near parking lot in Holgate.  

Sunday, October 21, 2012: I’m groggy today from watching for no-show meteorites into the wee hours last night. I’m not sure if it was a minor case of sleep deprivation or just plain weirdness, but when I finally climbed into bed -- after necking with the skies for over an hour – I explicably was lying there and actually began listening for meteorites. WFT!?

Somewhere there’s a photo of me lying out back as a small kid waiting for “shooting stars” – with a baseball mitt. I kinda remember being convinced I just might nab one if it got close enough. It musta been a carryover from going to baseball games – same glove at the ready.  

Anyway, the ocean tried its hardest to clean up today, slowly working its way from brownish to greenish. Greenish is a much better tintedness for those of a plugging ilk – and even those of a bait-chucking persuasion.  However, as I drove a totally gorgeous beachlines in Brant Beach, North Beach and Loveladies with nary a thumb’s up from any of the anglers I passed, looking for a report. I really thought the water looked potential in Loveladies, north sector. However, I threw the farm into deep beachline water and couldn’t milk so much as a tailor blue swirl. I even saw some bait flash up about 50 yards out and landed a large popper right there – zippo.

By the by, there have been some very nice, eating-sized black drum caught on bait. North end. Also thereabouts, folks throwing out small offerings, especially kingfish rigs with bloodworm pieces, are getting large spot . While there is no better striper bait, folks swimming the just-caught spot went hitless, eventually releasing perfectly-fine spot.

Back to those black drum, it sure seems likely some larger models should show soon. And when are we ever going to see red drum again? We had a spurt of them maybe 10 years back.  

There are still small weakfish being caught in the Holgate back cut. Small jigheads and pink plastics worked for one angler.

Interview with Joe C. late this evening in here. Going to first try Holgate till closing.

Above: A late-day Holgate look. 

Below: Relaxed Brant Beach angling. None of them-there stinkin' fish to disturb the peace. 


Hello All,

As we expected, all it took was a couple of cool nights to get the fall striped bass season off to a good start. With the shallower bay waters now in the low fifties, the back bay fishing with live bait and clams should be good for the next month or so. The ocean waters are still a little bit on the warm side, but Maja bunker spoons have started to pick up a few fish on the troll. That's a good sign that the migrating fish have started to move into our area and we should be able to break out the jigs once the water cools another few degrees.

(Inserted MAJA spoon photo -- j.mann

With the big swell coming in from offshore this week, most of our time was spent putting fresh line on reels, tuning drags, and generally getting ready for the next month. I did sneak out on Wednesday for a bit, and landed seven bass from 27" to 32" in a little under two hours drifting live spot. With water temps of 51 degrees, the bluefish that so often make live bait fishing difficult were nowhere to be seen and the bass seemed to be keying in on the bait almost as soon as it was dropped down. I didn't have time to try setting up with clams, but the water was perfect and I've no doubt that they would have produced as well.

The fall schedule has gotten pretty full, but I still have openings on October 31 and November 19 for anyone interested in booking that last trip of the year.

Until next week.

Capt. Jack Shea
Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters


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