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Sunday Nov. 27, 2011: Congrats to JOHN JASINSKI SR. for a fine late-season 34.38 bass taken on bunker in an area famed for bigger bass when everywhere else starts to go much smaller. However, with water temps still oddly elevated for this time of year the upcoming final week of the LBI Classic could see other cows.

There were other bass being caught with a tad of regularity but the skate were also heavily in the house. 

There was some birdplay near the beach mid-Island but by the time I aired down and got out there the action had flown the coup. I settled for throwing metal/teasers and taking small stuff, real small. 

I spent part of this very fine day in the Pines, setting things up for some hunting patrons wanting a sure-shot chance at bagging a white-tail or two during the muzzle loader two-day event, beginning tomorrow.

I then did some metal detecting. To say there were a lot of folks out readying for tomorrow is an understatement. I ran into hunters in places I seldom see more than wildlife. They obviously weren't hunting (Sunday) but were readying stands for the upcoming muzzle then buck season action. Everyone was real nice once they realized I wasn't there to dog their digs.



Hello All,

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is enjoying this beautiful weather. I can't believe it's late November and we're still in the sixties. Usually this time of year we're dealing with ice on the boat each morning. I have to say this is much better.

As I'm sure pretty much everyone is aware, we've been having an absolutely incredible fall striper seasons in these parts. It's not so much the number of fish being caught, but I can't ever recall seeing this many "keeper sized" fish this late in the year. For weeks now, the boat has been limited out early every day with quality fish gorging on sand eels. Boats are coming from far and wide to get in on our local fishery. One passed by me yesterday from Orient Point, NY! Larry Shotwell from Scranton, PA came in on Monday, and despite some rough conditions filled the box in an hour and a half. George Selph was back yesterday for the finale, and again we had an early limit before catching and releasing enough fish to put an ache in the arms. And there seems to be no end in sight, so this could go on until Christmas.

Sad to say, but this will be my last weekly report for 2011. I'll be using the next few days to do a few minor repairs and some pre-storage cleaning (and maybe sneak out for a fish or two), then pulling the boat out by the end of the week. It seems appropriate that on this Thanksgiving weekend I offer my thanks to all of you for allowing me the privilege of doing what I do. It's not often that a person gets to do something that they love every day, surrounded by good friends both new and old. Thank you very much for giving me that opportunity.

Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and safe holiday season. I'm already looking forward to seeing you next year.

Until then,

Capt. Jack Shea
Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters

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