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Sunday, May 20, 2012: Winds and waves are conspiring to squelch any hopes of slow and easy angling, be it boat or beach. While high rip current warnings are in effect, it’s closer to just crappy surf conditions.

With the way everything has been early-ized this spring, yesterday-formed Tropical Storm Alberto shouldn’t be overly surprising – and really not as much as indicator of things to come as many folks might think.


What I call the Southeast US Gulf, where Alberto formed, was temporarily unoccupied by ruling weather systems. Come summer, that zone will be under the strict rule of Bermuda high pressure systems, highly nonconducive to tropical development, or, at very least, a formidable deterrent to tropical storms thinking about tracking northward through that area – and essentially toward us.


That said, Alberto has disturbingly proven the water temps in the tropics and extra-tropical zones are already hot-and-heavy when it comes to gassing up tropical storms and hurricanes. I sure wouldn’t want to live in a Gulf Coast state this hurricane season. Florida to South Caroline won’t be a bargain either. Charleston is overdue.


I got a slew of minor angling reports at church this a.m. Mainly tales of a couple/few very nice fluke inside the bay. It is a slow go, in general. If you found a honeyhole, consider yourself lucky.


By the by, despite the ultra-mild winter, spring has been not just normal but there have been some seriously chilly nights, including frost in the Pines late last week. That’s vitally important to bayside fluking. The cooler water has those better flatties not only inside inlets but even on the west sides of the bays, which heat quickly under a steady sun. I can’t burn spots but some mainland-side buoys (Barnegat Bay) have been prime drift zones.  


Bassing remains interestingly slow. Waters off IBSP have offered some classic cows but the overall look and feel of stripering from Sandy Hook all the way down to Cape May isn’t quite right for may. No easy answer. 

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