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Sunday, May 08, 2016: A piece of weather perfection. And it’s not like we didn’t earn it.

The Asian resistance to wearing cups occasionally rears its ugly head ...  


When a grouper wants a speared fish ... well ...

Sunday, May 08, 2016: A piece of weather perfection. And it’s not like we didn’t earn it. This one was for you moms. Nice seeing so many M-day celebrators at local eateries. My mom passed many years back but not a day goes by I don’t have a thought or two of her.

Here’s a photo of her and I – with my AD/HD already kicking in. I’m unable to hold still for even the time it takes to snap a Brownie. I still have the exact camera used for this shot. It is a Brownie “Hawkeye Flash” Model.

 "Mom, Thanks for everything you taught me .. starting with not climbing on the top of grandma's fence."

 The fishing future looks very low-winded, through the entire upcoming week. There could be a few short-lived gusty periods now and again but, generally, the winds will be hang very much in the fishing zone, even for boat anglers – many of whom are just getting around to getting their boats in, per the boys at boat storage.

Here is the look at the angling insanity on the New South Jetty, BL. The fishing was not that great, though a few pods passed through. Of course, any blues that got too close to the jetty were doomed.  While the crowd was a bit overwhelming, you should have seen some of the gaffs that were lying around at the ready.

Click here and be amazed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLcYOUH73ec&feature=youtu.be

I was once again asked by the parks folks to please refrain from cleaning fish on the benches. Yep, fishing folks are using the public benches for filleting proposes. One of the volunteers at the park walked up to a guy who had just finished cleaning fish on the bench and said “OK, will you please sit on that bench now.” Obviously, the guy refused … but he got the message. Oh, I told Barnegat Light State Park folks I’d put out word that they’re looking for volunteers for the summer. What a fun way to give back -- and meet a load of fun visitors. If I had time, I’d do it in heartbeat. 

Daniel DiPasquale  YouTube · http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HAGAYgJ6Js

A little recap from yesterday's quick trip before the fog set in. Best part is we had no intentions to go on the boat at all prior, but sometimes you have to with your gut feeling. Huge thanks to Mr. Maja, his products killed it once again. Glad to be apart. Looking forward to some birthday fishing later in the week. Hoping to get some underwater footage of it all going down!


Darrell Keith

One of our underwater dock light customers sent this photo off his dock. I think the lights work.


Nick Clementi With Rob Rommel and Chris Martin.


A number of companies sell SUPs rigged for fishing. It's not that tough to DIY. Go through our local SOP shops. 

Here's a stand-up paddleboard for working the flats of the bay. What a piece of equipment for sight fishing or nature watching. 


Ray Fisk

Pollen nation in Harvey Cedars 

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