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Sunday, March 13, 2016: I seldom give shout outs

Sunday, March 13, 2016: I seldom give shout outs to businesses in here because it would seem I’m sneaking in ads … which I do not do!  That said, I simply want to note I always have such good service over at the Manahawkin Lube Dr. I want to offer them a blogish thumb’s up. They’re located at 595 E Bay Ave. (597-7900) near the new Manahawkin Acme, formerly Superfresh. The outstanding thing is this Lube Dr does a load of extra on-the-spot services, ranging from AC tweaks to tune-ups to tire rotations … and lots more. They’re amped up servicing is a fit for my insane schedule – and ADHD tendencies. Thanks much, folks.

I got out metal detecting quite a bit, with very little to show. Anyone who uses a detector or digs old bottles will surely confirm it’s always a hit-or-miss proposition; you can “miss” for many a jaunt and then “Bam!” Right about now, though, I’m in desperate need of a big “Bam!” moment.

Below is an infamous "Bam!" moment I'd like to avoid -- except for the what might follow, profit-wise.

Here are a couple photos of Ann Hodges, the only know human to get hit by a meteorite. The extraterrestrial space rock fell to earth on November 30, 1954, in Oak Grove, Alabama, near Sylacauga. Per Ann's published recollections, she was napping under a cover on her couch when she was startled awake by a huge crash and a horrible hip pain. A meteorite -- her meteorite - had busted through both the roof and ceiling, ricocheted off a beloved wooden radio and made a left-hip landing. 

When the dust cleared, Ann limped to the phone and called the local cops. Oh, why couldn't they have had tape-recorded call-ins back then? "Whats' that, Ann. Ya say ya got ya-self smashed one-good by some sorta sky rock or sumpthin? I see." 

So, the cops rushed to Ann's outback home. We're talkin' Alabama law enforcement here ... in the 1950s, responding to a gal says she just got hit by something falling from the sky. Again, that's one crime-scene arrival one can only imagine. Anyway, the good-old local PD boys could only imagine the bombarding chunk of whatever must have something to do with them-there Commie-bastards, with the Cold War all around, and all. They dutifully confiscated the invasive item and obediently turned it over to the US of A. Air Force, which immediately denied any knowledge of said item. 

As reality slowly won out over the possibility of Cold War hostilities being loosed upon rural Alabama, the rock was recognized as a meteorite. It was dubbed both the "Hodges Meteorite" and the "Sylacauga Meteorite."

bizarre train of events followed the meteorite hip-hit. The follow-up created a worldwide stir.  

Here's a partial account in Wiki, via media sources:  

"Both the Hodges and their landlord, Bertie Guy, claimed the rock, Guy's claim being that it had fallen on her property. There were offers of up to $5,000 for the meteorite. The Hodges and Bertie Guy settled, with the Hodges paying $500 for the rock. However, by the time it was returned to the Hodges, over a year later, public attention had diminished, and they were unable to then find a buyer.

... The Hodges donated it to the Alabama Museum of Natural History in 1956."

Now, let me reflect on the "$500" angle. Since that 1956 donation to the museum, space rocks have gone gonzo on the value front. Leading the way for insane values is any falling star that has provenance. Nowadays, if someone so much as sees a meteorite fall to earth, and it is later located, its value soars, meteorically. The value of one that hits someone? Katy bar the auction doors. A meteorite that has a history second to none, i.e. Ann's Meteorite, has got to be in the six figures -- and well beyond -- realm in today's market. The sky's the limit. 

Not that Ann had been in the market of holding onto the roof-bustin' rock. Per accounts, "Ann Hodges was uncomfortable with the public attention and the stress of the dispute over ownership of the meteorite." 

For some reason, that story hits me when I think of suddenly coming across treasure -- or vice-versa. 

Oh, one other related thing. I heard of a very nice meteorite being found in a "stone" front yard in Jersey. The homeowner had gotten a new metal detector and was "practicing" with it on the gravel yard. It wasn't a tax-bracket changer but a solid $2,000 find.  

No, I've never found one, though they are here in goodly numbers. To learn much more read 

Rocks from Space: Meteorites and Meteorite Hunters

by O. Richard NortonDorothy Sigler Norton


Below: Stony/iron meteorites ... that would signal on a metal detector; via geology.com.

WHERE NEXT??? I’m in dire need of new digging grounds. After doing this area for a solid 50 years, I know local woods, field, lake, river and stream on a first-name basis. And, yes, “lake, river and stream.” I often go detecting into the water, both wade hunting and underwater diving … though the diving has taken a back seat, except maybe in summer. Years back, my partner and I – Mark Campbell – would wade-detect in NJ conditions unfit for man or beast; mainly rivers. Great finds, though … as in gold items galore.

Know of any cool hotspot for treasure hunting? I take directions very well. If you know of old dump areas or overgrown zones where buildings once flourished, please clue me in. I’m highly open to sharing scores.  

Below: Here I am amber hunting; not afraid to get filthy. 

GAS GOUGING: Driving home along Rte. 9, I noticed a real jump in gas prices in just the past few days. I’m into watching the stock market and this sudden 15- to 20-cent hike should NOT be happening, based on crude oil prices.

I suspect there is an organized effort by the so-called “supermajors, i.e. those at the top of the oil profits ladder, to underhandedly hike prices. Such a coordinated behind-the-scene effort to control pricing is totally illegal under our nation’s Antitrust Laws. Those laws were on shaky ground when our nation was being presided over by presidents with oil baron ties. 

I’m not looking for any political debate here but one thing that Obama did while in office was freeing us from the crippling clutches of fuel overlords, who drained us of income at every gas stop and oil tank refill. And, no, it is not just coincidental that gas prices plummeted under him. It’s also not coincidental that world oil prices collapsed when the USA quit catering to crude.  

It’ll be interesting to see what the public does if Big Oil carries on with its effort to create a pricing monopoly in America, with the intent of fully counteracting failing profits. Much like diamonds, the cost of fuel has always been absurdly and surreptitiously manipulated, at the top, to ludicrously maximize profits.  

I’d rather see our state add a couple/few pennies onto fuel prices to benefit in-state causes and quality-of-life improvement. Such gas tax hikes are being debated in Trenton.

Don’t get me wrong, I prefer NO unwarranted fuel price increases. I’m just saying, if push comes to price-hike shove, I’d rather gas price hikes translate into more revenues coming our NJ way – instead of it going to a fat-cat cartel that has too-long luxuriated in fleecing the fuel-users of the entire world.

Along those lines, I’ll bet our nation’s oil-producers are currently trying to hike gas prices knowing many states – not just NJ -- are looking to cash in on the lower fuel prices by adding gas taxes. By quickly hiking gas prices, the oil barons know states would be far less inclined to think about enhanced gas taxes.

If we learned anything from the great fuel price hikes of just a few years back, it’s the hitherto unconsidered power of the consumer to cut back on fuel usage, in a quiet and powerful show of force. There is also the power of the people in electing government officials who, when eyeing Big Oil, Who-ishly echo, “We won’t be fooled again.” 


Response to yesterday's baby-eats-lemon video: 

Comment by skunked yesterday
"The video at top is horrible and the person who committed this brutal act on the child - and took and posted a video of it - belongs in an institution. Better yet, his crime and identity should be revealed online along with the video.
And, Jay, Your ironic "Very funny, dad!"
before it may not clear enough to represent your evaluation of the video." 

I hear ya "skunked." I couldn't agree more that this is an A-hole thing to do. There is no attribution to the video, i.e. who it is. However, this lemon-test is a hugely common "fun thing" to pull on babies. Maybe by showing this awful response, parents won't be as inclined to ask "What happens if I give Boo-boo a slice of lemon? Grab the video camera, Chrissy.

Countless more pics on Google. Like I said, it's a weird form of baby taunting.  


Greg O'Connell 
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