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Sunday, June 7 -- Fishing is a pick as pick can.

Sunday, June 07, 2009: Waves: 2 foot medium period easterly ground swell. Water clarity: Very good. Currents: Dropped to light, a south tilt developing. Temps: Low 60s, some mid-60s.

It’s pick as pick can on most targeted fronts. For the many flukers, it was easy hooking and fair to terrible keeping. I had reports from folks working near both inlets and it came down to which boats found a batch of better flatties as to who had some meat to show. I had one angler extolling Spro jigs (in white) as being the trick to (slightly) bigger fish. Another said the live-lining route is the way to keepers. The great majority said they found no rhyme or reason to the occasional take-down out of sometimes dozen of undersized models. I did get word that the fluke are fat and healthy. I tried to get some reports on stomach contents – always a trick to finding better fish – but no one had a clue. I have noticed that along with a decline in this year’s crop of minnies there doesn’t (yet) seem to be the usal spring showing of small spearing. That will surely change since that fishery in prone to such swings despite being very plentiful overall. They reproduce in massive numbers, often a few times a season – one of the few species I’ve seen that seem to just keep on spawning.

Bassing has slowed to be sure. It is down to what’s happening out there day to day. Changes have come overnight on a number of occasions, most often erupting off of IBSP and to a lesser degree outside Little Egg Inlet. The surf seems to be down to resident fish, though it should be too early for that. However, Brigantine went wild the past couple days with fish well into the 50-pound range coming to light – including some that were photographed and released. Point of interest: It is far more likely that fish being caught in Brigantine, i.e. the other side of LE Inlet, will cross over to Holgate then move up LBI than the fish being taken off IBSP coming across Barnegat Inlet. No, that’s not just based on migratory directions this time of year. That applies just about all fishing season, with a lower likelihood at the very end of the fishing year. Simply Bassin’ could see a 50 in the next few days, based on those Brigantiners. Overall, though, it’s a tougher go in the suds. Make sure to work jigs and plugs. When jigging, don’t be surprised to get some short hits as fluke take swipes at it.

A spattering of weakfish are showing. These seem to be either smaller fish for the second spawn (after the big fish are done) or non-breeders. They are maybe a couple pounds with a rogue spawned out tiderunner fattening up in the vicinity of The Dike.

Speaking of the Dike, fly fishermen should be working that zone late-day. The flats are warming and those smaller weaks should be drifting onto that skinny water as the sun slides – and boat traffic lessens. Bass are at the far end.

Small blues remain AWOL. Now and again someone comes across a flare of them but absolutely nothing like where they should be. That is very weird, fully unexplainable though it aligns with a not-so-good past fall.

Also barely showing are kingfish and blowfish. Again, unexplainable.

When the bunker gets organized, the schools are massive. The highly odd part is the way they disperse – or maybe just sound – in a heartbeat. That could very well indicate not as many predators down below so they’re more likely to comfortably hang further down in the water table.

Anyone seeing any larger sharks? Usually I’m knee deep in large shark sighting by early June.

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Comment by Joe Handley Jr. on June 7, 2009 at 11:58pm
I was up at IBSP today for a birthday party. Went up to the beach around A-7 and watched a LARGE thresher shark smack some bunker through the air. By the looks of the tail, it was a 400-500lb shark. Cool thing was watching a local osprey flying out to swoop in on some easy pickins of stunned bunker.


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