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Sunday, June 30, 2013: Very subdued lighting today ...


Sunday, June 30, 2013: Very subdued lighting today, good for fishing but lousy for the beach – and traffic. Cloudy days get folks doing that impulsive drive to “the other end of the Island.” Breakfast restaurants love it. It does ease the all-at-once Sunday afternoon departure. 


This coming week is gonna be kinda crazy. I know of any folks who are doing a mere two days at work this week, then heading to the shore for a Wednesday through Sunday July 4th weekend. Hey, if you can do it, do it. For Shore laborers, it’s the dead opposite. Maybe a slight reprieve from business for Monday and Tuesday then a full-blown burst of holiday work. And the July 4th weekend is huge for businesses trying to dig out after winter/spring. A good holiday weekend can literally kick-start the summer. This year, it really helps to patronize, heavily, those businesses recovering from the storm. It’s fun on both sides of the counter. 

The ocean remains riled and then some. The ongoing, unpredicted south swell is making for decent waveriding but treacherous bathing, though icy waters are keeping beachgoing folks more sand-based. That upwelling looks to hang around for days to come if we don’t get a shift to east, north or west winds – all of which can quickly usher in summeresque waters.


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Hello All,

It was a busy week despite the sometimes brutal heat and constant threat of thunderstorms, but the back bay continued to provide steady action on the fluke grounds and bags of tasty filets for everyone to take home. Chesterfield's Mike Smith was first up on Monday with buddies Tom and Dave, their catch highlighted by Mike's 24" weakfish and Dave successfully landing an 18-20 pound cownose ray on ultralight tackle that had him down to the spool several times before he was finally subdued. Steve Mastej came out on Wednesday with the family, boxing four fat flatties before switching to blowfish for a little diversity and fun for the kids. Narberth PA's Max Berger was back on Friday with son Andrew and nephew Theo, with Max celebrating his birthday by topping the catch with a fat 27" flattie that fell for one of our custom teasers in four feet of water. Rounding out the week on Saturday was Philadelphian George Graf and his two boys, boxing five to 23" before the wind chased us in late morning.

While the bay is starting to warm up, the ocean is still pretty cold so I think our back bay fluke action should continue to hold for a while. As I said last week, the action isn't red hot but it is steady and there are some quality fish to be had. Add in the occasional weakfish, super abundant blowfish and the opportunity to tangle with a large ray on ultralight tackle and you've got the recipe for some fun fishing within minutes of the dock.

Until next week.
Capt. Jack Shea
Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters
Brighten up this chilly LBI day with lobstah.. that's fancy lobster talk. Pearl Street Market will cook your fish for you so your only worry is pouring the vino. Cheers to Sunday!

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