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Sunday June 21: Summer is upon us -- as is more rain

Sunday, June 21, 2009: Waves: Solid 2-4 foot north swell. Water clarity: Fair to good. Weather: General suckiness with some squalls thrown in.

The most I can offer are some recent hooking tales of bass in the surf, Surf City to be exact. Per usual, patience paid off for a couple folks who went to the leeward side of jetties, accepted undetectable skate hookups and barely discernable dogfish takes, finally meeting up with meat material via bass to 35 inches. Bunker worked best.

Here’s a realtime report:
“J,First of a few reports to come. Fished the surf last night using bunnker in the BH area from 6:30 until i ran out of bait around 10;00pm. Caught 5 sharks and two skates. The sharks (smooth doggies), an are running big this year. Today I went a little further south and fished from 10:30-1:30 and caught one bass, pic attached, around 16-18 pounds. Had some red areas on the skin, but not too bad. I was fishing bunker but could not keep anything but the head on the hook, something was eating it. Out again for high tide and hopefully several more times in the coming week. Paul.”

(Keep the details coming, Paul.)

Pro reports:
Hello All,

Things were a bit slow around here this week. Maybe it's all the rain we've had, maybe it's the runoff from roads carrying undesirable stuff into the bay, maybe it was caused by UFO's, but even the crabbing was off this week. Back bay striper fishing usually starts to decline around now, but our Monday and Tuesday trips netted only a couple of shorts which may be a sign that we're already done for this spring. Along the beach, the bunkers schools were a little hard to find on Friday after the mid-week storms of last week, but by Saturday morning they were starting to get reorganized and we should still be bass fishing outside for another week or two. One of the bunker schools we found yesterday out in deeper water stretched several miles in length, so it's just a matter of time until the jumbo bass and blues find them again. It's supposed to blow again for the next couple of days, but we may see some spectacular bass fishing out there later in the week if things settle down and the stripers' dinner bell rings.

The good news is that the bay seems to be loaded right now with 1-3 pound bluefish to provide some fast light tackle fun, and there plenty of fluke in both the main channels and along some of the deeper water edges. A lot of the fluke this week were shorts (if you call 17" short for a fluke), but there are some nice fat keepers mixed in. And each year around Father's Day we generally start to see some of our summer finned visitors arrive, so there should soon be reports of weakfish and kingfish showing up with some regularity.

Until next week.
Capt. Jack Shea
Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters

Let me start by wishing the dads out there a happy Fathers Day. Weather was a big factor this week keeping most in port. Yesterday I stayed inside starting off with 1 – 3 pound blues on top water plugs. These fish were spread over a large area of the bay and a lot of fun on light tackle. If you stayed with them you could have easily got your limit and then some. After tired arms we went fluking. Staying in the channels the action was constant; however, keepers were hard to come by. Did manage to invite two keepers to dinner. Capt. Alex F. Majewski Lighthouse Sportfishing Barnegat Bay, NJ 609-548-2511

Here’s an interesting e-report I got via an up-north website:
Location: New Jersey > Barnegat Inlet > Lighthouse & Island State Park
Date: June 20, 2009 4:41 PM
Posted by: FishingFool
Method: Boat

I finally got my Hobie Kayak with mirage-drive (SWEET)last Sunday down Harvey Cedars Marine on LBI. I got it back to my new home in Toms River to set it up. The cooler I purchase was perfect. It has soft cover with some pockets and inner hard shell plus the top flips up to throw in your fish. I went on Monday to island state park and purchase a permit for $50 for the year. They charge even if you are going to fishing. I knew where I had to go to launch the kayak. I had to get to the other side of the islands to get to the channel which was about 400 yards away. I didn't know that it was low tide and the water was less then 12 inches in many spots. So I peddle near the shore just to get the feel for the kayak. So I didn't get to fish but I try again at the lighthouse on Friday. I launch the kayak on the other side of the bay where you rent boats. It was a perfect day overcast with slight wind. I fish in the channel I was all over the bay! No action at all but I had a blast anyway! I was told at the bait shop that they were catching the fluke at double creek but that was to far for me. I feel the water to cold will get better in couple weeks. I have to try sandy hook bay soon that's where the action is now. Just want to tell you there is real gentleman on the boats that pass by me. They all slow down so they wouldn't make big waves to hit my kayak I THANK YOU!

Already readying for this year’s Beach Haven Marlin and Tuna Club White Marlin Invitational tournament, here is an important read on the event’s treasure chest rules:
WMIT: Rule Clarification for the Treasure Chest

To be eligible for Treasure Chest prize money all fish must meet the minimum weights set by the tournament.
If no third place qualifying White Marlin is caught, that money will be split equally between the first and second place White Marlin. If no second place qualifying White Marlin is caught, all money in the White Marlin Category will go to the first place White Marlin.
If no third place qualifying Tuna is caught, that money will be split equally between the first and second place Tuna. If no second place qualifying Tuna is caught, all money in the Tuna Category will go to the first place Tuna.
If no minimum size White Marlin is caught, that money will go to the Tuna winners (example: 1st to 1st , 2nd to 2nd, 3rd to 3rd ).
If no minimum weight Tuna is caught, that money will go to the White Marlin winners (example: 1st to 1st , 2nd to 2nd, 3rd to 3rd ).
In the event that there is no qualifying White Marlin or Tuna caught, the Treasure Chest prize money would be equally refunded to all entrants.
In the event no qualifying Dolphin are caught, this award will not be paid out.
In the event no qualifying Wahoo are caught, this award will not be paid out.
In the event no qualifying Blue Marlin are caught, this award will not be paid out.
If you have any questions please contact me at: jmfitzjr@comcat.net

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