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Sunday, June 14, 2009: Waves: 2to 3 feet out of the north. Water clarity: good.

Reports are, once again, all over the board. Primarily they’re not so good, bass-wise. There were take-homes from north, south and mi8ddle but it was a pick per the folks I talked to. Again, it sure seems like resident fish have assumed the position. This is the final week of Simply Bassin’ 2009. It’s gonna take some amazing skill/luck/divinity to best a 50 but it’s not out of the realm.

Here’s one of the downish reports I got from folks trying for the up-north action.

“ Broke BL inlet around 5:30 this morning and headed south for no reason other than most boats were heading north. Worked bunker pods the length of Loveladies with no results other than lots of crab bait. As I was pulling the boat out another guy was telling me he ran all the way up past Lavalette with one bass to show and seeing only one other fish taken making stops all the way back to the inlet. Back at the house by 8:30 for breakfast. WP”

One of the up-ish ones:

“Fished (near LE Inlet) and had bass at a good clip. Used chunks and eels in rougher water and had no problem finding fish. Just wish other people would leave enough work room around the boat that was there first. Played it cool. No sense getting into a yelling match… “

(Largest fish from above report was pushing 40 inches and was released. Take-home were all close to 28 inches. J-mann)

Summer weakfish are leaking into the bay. A fellow at my antique shop hangout (Two Shore Birds – which has a ton of fishing stuff, new and vintage) said he had (recently) royally banged weakfish, mainly in the “Wreck I” area – though no specific sites were offered. They were jigged fish.

Fluking is very good, including a very respectable keeper rate. Not sure if it’s significant (stock-wise) but flatties right at the 20-inch mark seem more common than those right at 18. Of course, the number of fluke right at 17 inches is off the charts. Minnies and squid still rule the bait roost. GULP! are making a mark among those after larger model flatties. RE-Note: I was told by Fish and Wildlife that fluke bellies are allowed as bait but the exact carcass they came off MUST be on-board. Some folks say they’ve heard you can’t use fluke strips at all and others say you don’t need the carcass. I have to stick what the law enforcers told me. I am not certain but believe that a carcass (and related bait strips) count toward an onboard daily bag limit.

As for where to fluke, the sky is the limit, though sky fishing itself might look a tad odd. There are fluke at every turn -- be it bay, inlets and ocean. You juts have to be willing and able to sort through the undersized models – including careful unhook and release. Sweet setup (per successful fluker): Spro (pure white to white highlights), GULP! paddle tails or the likes and some thin strips of squid. It’s a load but seemingly quite comely to discriminately fluke.

Below are the results of the JCAA fluke tourney. If the alignment is off on the graphics, ther results arte available at the JCAA website.

Press Release
15th Annual JCAA Fluke Tournament
June 13th 2009

The 15th Annual JCAA Tournament took place on June 13th. 2009. The Tournament had 576 boats with only 9 ports instead of 12. With the cut back in the number of ports, the economy, the rainy spring and competing against the great striped bass season, we were happy to have 576 boats. . The largest fish weighed in was 9.26 lbs at Sandy Hook and was caught by James Mathews. It is interesting to compare the total weight for the ports in 2008 with 2009. In 2008 it was hard to get a fish over 5 lbs and a lot of 3 lb fish won prizes in the south. This year the smallest fish was 3.9 lbs and there were a lot of 7, 6 and 5 pound fish. As you can see, the total weight of summer flounder that qualified for port prizes was greater. We also heard there were a lot of keepers caught. It will be interesting to see the JCAA survey returns to see what the throwback ratio was and how many keepers were actually caught.

Name 2008 Total Weight 2009 total Weight

Sandy Hook 62.72lb 73.74lb
Shark River Inlet 71.69lb 66.08lb
Manasquan River 59.41lb 56.40lb
Barnegat Bay 57.26lb 55.05lb
Long Beach Island 43.42lb 54.10lb
Great Bay 55.24lb 53.01lb
Ocean City 42.67lb 52.49lb
Cape May 51.64lb 55.18lb
Fortescue 40.51 lb 41.56lb

Totals 484.56lbs 507.61lbs


1. Sandy Hook
Name Hometown Entry Number Weight Length
1st James Mathews Sommerset, NJ 415 9.26 28.00
2nd Don Wetzel Riverdale, NJ 370 8.72 27.75
3rd Robert McCarter Hollsboro, NJ 318 8.30 29.00
4th Anthony Sickinger Springfield, NJ 320 7.50 27.00
5th Mike Wells Pt Pleasant, NJ 575 7.50 27.00
6th Scott Bienkowski Seacaucus, NJ 334 6.82 26.00
7th John Heiser Easton, PA 33 6.78 26.00
8th Mike Siampi Bloomfield, NJ 242 6.64 26.00
9th Jim Hennessey Atlantic Highlands, NJ 51 6.58 25.00
10th Chester Fabyanski Bayonne, NJ 506 5.64 24.50
73.74 266.25
2. Shark River Inlet
Name Hometown Entry Number Weight Length
1st Art Coakely Wall, NJ 6 7.88 27.00
2nd Mike Fowler Trenton, NJ 367 7.63 27.00
3rd Bob Ogitis Morrisville, PA 91 7.50 26.00
4th Keven Broadbent Lambertville, NJ 493 7.00 25.00
5th Alan Mann Jr Terkiomenville, PA 322 6.75 25.00
6th Henry Landau West Windsor, NJ 474 6.50 23.50
7th Jay Stich Penndel, PA 580 5.94 24.00
8th Mick Katzenberger Oceanport, NJ 133 5.88 24.00
9th Dave Siegel Manchester, NJ 84 5.56 23.00
10th David Temple Wrightstown, NJ 61 5.44 24.00
66.08 248.50
3. Manasquan River
1st Bob Angelini Yardville, NJ 458 8.20 27.25
2nd Ed Zalewski Pt Pleasant, NJ 308 7.00 25.50
3rd Don Parr Brick, NJ 470 6.05 25.00
4th Don Marantz Clarksburg, NJ 74 5.80 24.25
5th Bob Kazawic Brick, NJ 126 5.35 23.00
6th Mike Depascali Brick, NJ 127 5.30 23.25
7th Rich Loparzo Forked River, NJ 544 4.90 23.00
8th Stan North Sea Girt, NJ 290 4.90 22.75
9th Dennis Giro Ridge Field, NJ 165 4.60 22.00
10th Brandon Rottman Jobstown, NJ 161 4.30 22.00
56.40 238.00
4. Barnegat Bay
Name Hometown Entry Number Weight Length
1st Edmond Cassella Forked River, NJ 475 6.15 25.00
2nd Lorenzo Hillman Bordentown, NJ 19 5.85 25.00
3rd Raymond Rolak Forked River, NJ 485 5.75 25.00
4th Mike Berger Forked River, NJ 582 5.70 24.50
5th Richard Egnatuk Bayville, NJ 528 5.50 24.50
6th Louis Wegryn Forked River, NJ 233 5.50 25.00
7th Robert Cashin Brick, NJ 530 5.40 25.00
8th Ed Plichta Howell, NJ 210 5.25 23.25
9th Matt Antolino Verona, NJ 560 5.15 24.00
10th Phil Celmer Atlantic Highlands, NJ 1 4.80 22.25
55.05 243.50
5. Long Beach Island
Name Hometown Entry Number Weight Length
1st Eric Lippincott Pemberton, NJ 132 6.98 25.00
2nd Bob Lefebvre Barnegat, NJ 142 6.12 24.00
3rd Kevin Prichett Sommerdale, NJ 369 5.86 24.50
4th Scott Bush Perkiomenville, PA 142 5.60 24.50
5th Tom Trembula Cookstown, NJ 381 5.58 24.50
6th Bill Thomas South Plainfield, NJ 361 5.40 24.25
7th Dave Elbertson Forked River, NJ 356 5.04 23.00
8th Paul Schell Barnegat, NJ 207 4.78 23.00
9th Clare Gallagher Little Egg Harbor, NJ 125 4.38 23.00
10th Rocco Savino Forked River, NJ 256 4.36 23.00
54.10 238.75
6. Great Bay
Name Hometown Entry Number Weight Length
1st Tim Jankowski Delran, NJ 103 6.68 25.00
2nd Jay Daunoras Shamong, NJ 266 6.38 25.25
3rd Mark Kovack Little Egg Harbor, NJ 484 5.72 24.13
4th David Roesch Egg Harbor City, NJ 188 5.67 24.50
5th Artie Buske Little Egg Harbor, NJ 300 5.24 23.50
6th John Lanzillotti Pittsgrove, NJ 500 5.15 23.13
7th Linda Hubert Little Egg Harbor, NJ 349 4.90 23.50
8th Sebastian DeMeglio Little Egg Harbor, NJ 64 4.52 22.50
9th Mike Bennett Little Egg Harbor, NJ 533 4.50 21.50
10th Hunter Kennedy Barnsville, PA 215 4.25 22.50
53.01 235.51
7. Ocean City
Name Hometown Entry Number Weight Length
1st Richard Burgess Avalon, NJ 144 7.30 26.50
2nd John Dutkiewicz Levittown, PA 185 7.14 26.75
3rd Don Konczyk Clermont, NJ 212 5.74 24.50
4th Darin Chojnacki Woodbridge, NJ 499 5.24 24.25
5th Bob Pelikoski Ocean City, NJ 249 5.07 24.00
6th Bill McCoy Mayslanding, NJ 384 4.95 23.25
7th John Monte Gibbstown, NJ 243 4.49 22.75
8th Bob Whiteside Linwood, NJ 9 4.48 22.50
9th Thomas Iwanicki Delran, NJ 70 4.17 22.00
10th Andrew Micklin Mt Laurel, NJ 569 3.91 21.75
52.49 239.25
8. Cape May
Name Hometown Entry Number Weight Length
1st Mark Christopher Medford, NJ 577 6.33 24.50
2nd Eric McDermot Moorestown, NJ 347 5.92 24.50
3rd Carl Haines Gibbsboro, NJ 307 5.74 24.50
4th Charlie Steinberg Abington, PA 563 5.63 24.50
5th George Slobodjian Twin Oaks, PA 63 5.62 22.50
6th Jeff Glenn Wenonah, NJ 457 5.60 25.00
7th Dow Thorn Gibbstown, NJ 29 5.37 24.25
8th Mike Johnston Rio Grande, NJ 324 5.14 24.00
9th Ed Rust Cherry Hill, NJ 279 5.12 23.00
10th Ken Hornbeck Villas, NJ 46 4.71 22.50
55.18 239.25
9. Fortescue
Name Hometown Entry Number Weight Length
1st Fred Pohlig Bellmawr, NJ 438 5..25 23.69
2nd Mike Benner Honeybrook, PA 513 5.17 24.25
3rd Ralph Robertshaw Westville, NJ 217 5.00 23.75
4th Randy Minix Gibbstown, NJ 54 4.94 23.50
5th Denise Kline Trevose, PA 323 4.63 22.50
6th William Ronn Prince Frederick, MD 169 4.56 22.83
7th Jaci Ravis Valley Forge, PA 358 4.44 23.44
8th Andy Gomeringer FranklinVille, NJ 163 4.38 23.25
9th Robert Strimel Langhorne, PA 326 4.25 23.25
10th Bob Hills Gibbstown, NJ 147 4.19 22.38
41.56 232.84


Pro report:

“Just a brief note this week since I don't have too much to report. The weather, primarily a dense fog that enveloped the bay almost every morning this week, kept us pretty much tied to the dock most of the time. We did make it out in a dense fog on Tuesday, only to find ourselves in the middle of a pretty serious lightning display by mid-morning that sent us scurrying into Barnegat Light to wait it out. With more t-storms on the horizon, we finally took advantage of a break in the lightning and headed in early with our first fishless box of the season.

“With striped bass fishing inevitably winding down over the next few weeks, I took advantage of a cancellation on Friday to do a little scouting around for fluke by myself once the fog burned off. There seems to be plenty of fluke in the bay right now as I was able to land 18 on bucktails in a little over two hours, including three that taped out at 20" plus. We're still picking through four or five shorts for every keeper we get, but that's a lot better than last year's ten-to-one ratio and there seems to be a goodly number of fish available. Keep your fingers crossed.
I'll probably continue bass fishing through most of this week, then start switching over to fluke.

Until next week.--
Capt. Jack Shea
Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters


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