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Sunday July 26, 09 -- Windy and slow

Sunday, July 26, 2009: Waves: 3- to 5-foot south swell. Winds: Cranking south early. Water clarity: fair but worse in some beachline areas. Watch for some significant thunderboomers today.

Wind and waves played the spoiler yesterday. Harder than forecast southerlies kicked in early and waves went from maybe 3 feet at sunrise to up to 5 feet by midday. That same swell we’ve had for over a week is still in place today. It’s very unusual to see waves like this in the summer without some tropical source. Brisk to downright hard south winds today in advance of a wavering cold front that could become static over the coastline and linger through Tuesday bringing iffy weather.

The coming week is going to be very sultry, likely the most hazy/hot/humid week of the summer. Lots of south winds until late in the week.

The offshore forecast shows consistently strong SW winds until the start of the BHM&TC’s White Marlin Invitation tourney start. Then, a potentially complex backdoor cold front could slide down from the north and stall over the area. How far it slides down will determine how hard the winds become, likely from the NE. They could be light if the front doesn’t move that far south. Obviously, a lot can change between now and then but folks in the WMI should watch things closely.

Early day fluking yesterday was a pick at best, per radio chatter. Surfcasting activity has been very light. Kind of a blowout for this weekend.

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