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Sunday, July 12, 2015: Shark fishing has exploded nearshore and off

All this talk about shark bites. There's more to bite-life. 

PORTUGUESE  MoW: Touch me in the morning ... What a jellyfish stinging regimen looks like up close. No hiding ... no denying. 

Info on aircraft emergency landing on 72 down below: 

Sunday, July 12, 2015: Shark fishing has exploded nearshore and off. Below is a great white caught, on boat, amid the threshers and such.
I seldom say this about fishing but sharking after dark is absolutely can’t miss. The nighttime beachline is totally alive with big browns and some toothy sand tigers, one of the most amazingly toothed creatures on the planet. It is one of the few sharks you can tell by teeth alone. Yes, it seems overkill, quite literally but nature doesn’t make many mistakes like that so every one of those every-whichaway teeth have a sure-kill purposes.

As to a sand tiger’s temperament regarding humans -- and I am not suggesting this -- they are close to being one of those pet-them-as they-pass sharks. Your luck and it’ll be the one sand tiger shark that is having a horrible day, thinking, “Anything so much as brushes into me today and I swear I’m gonna …”

Below: NO (!) you cannot keep a large sand tiger shark for its jaws ... albeit highly tempting. The fines are quite nasty ... they'll take a bite of your wallet. 


Greg Kopenhaver

Sea Bass!
Greg Kopenhaver's photo.


Below: Rte 72 ... No passing on the right -- or over top.  


Small Plane Lands on Main Drag to Jersey Shore Town



Twitter: @k__quinny

A plane landed on the main road to a Jersey Shore town Sunday morning to the surprise of people going about their day on the shore.

The small aircraft landed safely in the median along Barnegat Road (New Jersey Route 72) near Main Street in Stafford Township, New Jersey around 10 a.m., said Stafford Township Police. The road is the main route to and from Long Beach Island.

A worker at the nearby Home Depot said that it appeared the single-engine, four-seater, white-and-blue aircraft was unscathed on the grassy median.

Police said no one was hurt.


Emergency plane landing on Rte. 72 proves the dangers of using outdated information on where landing strips are located. 

"I'm tellin' ya, the strip is right here. What the hell's a Sonic doing there?! (This is for oldtimers.)

Jay Mann's photo.
Jay Mann's photo.


Watch this great white just taken off Sandy hook. Mainly, wait for the soon-to-be-famed line  "Honey, get close to its face." WTF!?



Apex Anglers!
Apex Anglers's photo.
Apex Anglers's photo.
Apex Anglers's photo.
Apex Anglers's photo.
Apex Anglers added — with AJ Rotondella and Tyler Contento.

This weekend was one for the record books. We had size, we had variety, and we had quantity, quality, and even a rarity!


I like the looks of this down-south rig for fishing sharks in the surf: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChAUj9kFXlA.


Non stop action last night with rays and sandbars. I got my biggest of the season and JT got 2 of his personal bests.

Andrew DiMatteo's photo.

LEI area shoaling takes a toll ... only injuries this time but it could have been way worse. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015 06:17PM

Four people were injured in a boating accident in Little Egg Harbor Township, Ocean County.

It happened around 1:45 Saturday afternoon in Little Egg Harbor Bay between Holgate Long Beach Island and Little Egg Harbor Township.

Officials say the 50-foot boat was travelling with 13 people on-board when it hit a sand bar.

Four people were injured.

The most serious, a woman in her 60s, was taken to Atlanticare Regional Medical Center for head and neck injuries.

Two men and a woman were also taken to Southern Ocean County Hospital for what appear to be non-life threatening injuries.

No word what caused the boat to run aground.

New Jersey State Police and Coast Guard officials are investigating.


Brown shark action .... 

James Allen added at Holgate Inlet.

Shark Fishing !!! 5 Feet of Water back Bay!!!

James Allen's photo.
James Allen's photo.
James Allen's photo.


Brett Taylor 

I had Bob Rokas of Toms River and his two step-sons John and Jay Lewis of Waretown on a 4hr Bay & Inlet Charter. With the tide, we started towards the west side of the bay and picked at the fish using the 
S&S Bucktailsroundhead jigs tipped with Gulp and fresh bait. After working one of the channel edges, Jay scored on a beautiful 28 inch fluke which weighed close to 8 lbs. We make two more drifts over the same area, and Jay picks up a 29 inch fluke weighing over 9 lbs. We worked a few more areas and picked at the shorts and ending up picking up one more keeper at 19 inches. What an awesome day considering the fishing in our area. Nice job!!
Brett Taylor's photo.
Brett Taylor's photo.

Steve George 

The First Conrad Plug , I had the pleasure of seeing this surf lure up close and its a true piece of history. There are a few stories about this plug out there and here is one of them by Russ/BassDozer ~ " Danny Pichney named the Conrad after Conrad Malicoat of Cape Cod. Conrad originally asked Danny to make it. He wanted something heavier to cast with conventional tackle to get the distance to fish the Second Rip at P-Town. That had to be in the late fifties or early sixties"
Steve George's photo.
Steve George's photo.
Nice way to start the day with a 20" 4lb Fluke caught in the Ship Bottom Surf 7:30am this morning. For you fishermen and women, white bucktail with a white teaser with squid strips on both.
Brendan DeMilt's photo.
Dance like nobody's watching ... 
(Photo credit. Pete Dooley)


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