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Sunday, January 03, 2010: Absolutely brutal. Damn near as bad as it gets, wind-chill-wise. You could actually die of cold out there today. And I damn near did. Being a compulsive helper-outer, I just…

Sunday, January 03, 2010:
Absolutely brutal. Damn near as bad as it gets, wind-chill-wise. You could actually die of cold out there today. And I damn near did. Being a compulsive helper-outer, I just had to pull over to assist an older gent who was stricken by an automobile problem I had never seen before: His frickin’ door blew off. Well, maybe not all the way off but he had thrown it open to get out and a gust of wind grabbed the sedan’s driver’s side front door and ripped the hinges to hell and back. It looked as if a passing truck had hit it forward. It was “ruint.” So, I tried for all I was worth to just power-bend it back to where it should be. I hoped to get the dangling door aligned enough to maybe even semi-close it. No way. Another passer-by had some rope so I very temporarily secured the twisted door roughly in place, by tying it through the window to a slightly opened rear door window. Ugly, but enough to get it home – I hoped. I was so cold that I didn’t even wait to see the fellow drive off. My un-gloved hands were white-blue from the cold. I jumped in my heated truck, which I had smartly left running, and openly moaned over my aching hands and numbed over cheeks as I drove off. Oh, to be a Costa Rican snowbird. It’s 85 down there today with super fishing and surfing. Anyone filthy rich wanna adopt me? I’m toilet trained.
Hey, I know the old saying that everyone talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it. However, it sure seems to help by even pissing and moaning about it.
Despite west winds honking to near storm-force (approaching 55 mph gusts) there have been some really high tides of late. I bring up those high tides because they’re causing some odd and potentially hazardous driving headaches. The high-tide waters backing up in the bay are either coming up through the storm drains or is blowing spray across the roadways. It is freezing instantly and creating hideous ice patches on some flood-prone roadways. This dangerous phenomenon should diminish by this evening as the bay has frozen over in many areas, so the spray danger is iced under. However storm drains might still overflow.
Obviously, blow-out tides beyond belief are on the way. The increasing ice-over might keep the blowout tide from being visible but the lows will be approaching record lowness throughout the week, mark my word. The next 6 days will see west winds with gusts dropping no lower than 20 mph with some gales mixing in.
Even though Collins Cove had no ice today (except flush against the banks), the potential for ice fishing there by week’s end is moderate to high. This is not only based on frigid night temps this entire coming week but also a lot of cloudiness. Bright sun, even during cold snaps, can hold down the ice thicknesses. Ice there essentially builds from the banks outward. I’m not fired up about ice angling, mind you. It’s just in the cards being dealt us by the sky.
Better consider keeping your faucets flowing at pencil-thickness, making sure to turn on the hot water now-and-again. Do not keep your hot water running steadily, short of a slight drip. That can burn a hot water heater element out in no time. Also, make sure to flush the toilet now and again. That often keeps water moving in pipes not affected by flowing faucets. Be very aware of upper floor freeze-ups. That’s not only one of the most common freeze-ups here on LBI (and the entire shoreline) but the most damaging when pipes burst. Remember, it’s not as much the icy air temps that matter as much as the wind-chill hitting pipes beneath the house. And we got that coming for days on end.

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