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A feast in the wings. Time to put a nail on top of the bulkhead to help the skinning process. Via Fishermen's HDQ. 


 Sunday, Aug. 19, 2012:

I will incur the wrath of the absolute minority by saying the fluking and weakfishing are borderline epic. Somehow a few anglers aren’t cashing in. Sympathies.

On the weakfish front, I remain a tad surprised at the fine size of many releases. I had fugure these layered run fo weaks would all be spikes at best.

Remember, weakfish arrive in waves, meaning we’re seemingly seeing a few influxes of sparklers. This was proven via one of the more definitive studies done on weakfish. Does anyone recall the name of the fellow who lectured locally on that study? I have to believe we are going to see insane night weakfishing near Barnegat Inlet as the accumulated biomass moves out next month.

I caught some good static. This weekend.  I had written that I felt the better surf fluking was on the south part of the Island. Three different folks got hold of me and raved about some of the best fluking they have ever seen – and it was mid-Island northward. One gal was ecstatic, having bagged out for the first time ever.  Another said, “We’ve been eating fluke every night.”

One of the more common Facebook pics shows folks who have culled out their fluke catches to take home only the biggest and prettiest.

I have often noted – from a cook’s angle – that fluke are one of those rare fish – along with tuna – where the meat is as delicious be the fish small, medium, or large.  I guess that fill the saying, “It’s all good.”


I was on the beach at Harvey Cedars where the bunker were being blasted by dolphin. The east winds have blown in 78-degree water.

Wave Note: I was crunching wave forecasts with Weather Service and things could get testy by the middle of the upcoming week. Very long period swells could show, via a developing disturbance off Puerto Rico. 



Ones of Toms fluke on his guide today 23 inches 3.8 lbs


Today I caught 84 fluke which is the most fluke I ever caught in a day. I caught 19 legal sized ones but could only keep my limit of 5 which are pictured. I think they are all between 4 and 5 lbs.. It sucks having to throw back others that were close to 4 lbs..


Polly's Dock ...





Capt. Jack’s rundown is a fine reflection on the way of the bay.

Hello All,

It might be late August and the water might be getting pretty warm, but back bay fishing continues to produce consistent ultralight action on fluke and without doubt the best weakfish run we've had in years. Fluke fishing in the bay is still pretty much a numbers game and we're generally picking through 20-30 shorts for each keeper that goes in the box, but the action is fast and the light tackle we're using makes even the small ones great fun to catch. On the other hand, the quality of the weakfish we're catching is something we haven't seen in a long time. No, we're not having the 130-150 fish days we had six or seven years ago, but we are getting several dozen fish per outing and all of them are quality fish that each would have been the highlight of the day back then.

Monday I had John Olsen up from Atlanta with his son Bill, daughter-in-law Karen, and granddaughter Annalise looking to get 8 year old Annalise her first saltwater fish. After that was accomplished in the first five minutes, Team Olsen continued to steadily bring fish over the side for the next few hours before heading off early to hit the beach. Friday I had Chip Harter and Paul Buchanan out on their annual summer trip, and we hit the back waters looking for weakfish using ultralights and soft plastics. By the time the bite shut off mid-morning, the guys had landed almost two dozen quality sparklers up to 24 inches long, with only one fish under 20 inches all morning. A couple quick drifts on the way back to the dock added three quality keeper sized fluke to the box to add a nice fat bag of filets for dinner.

As long as this fishing holds up, we're going to keep working the back bay and inlet areas for fluke and weakfish until at least Labor Day. I still have a couple of openings between now and then, so give me a call or shoot me an email if you want to get out before summer draws to a close.

Until next week.

Capt. Jack Shea
Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters


Jingles B&T: As shark week is coming to and end I do not think we have seen an end to catching sharks here from the beach. This one was caught on 18th Street in North Beach Haven.

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